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The IGGalaxy is the new space to play your favourite online games competitively, earn fair rewards, build your esports team, and socialise within a global gaming ecosystem built for you!

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Who said gaming wasn’t rewarding? The IGGalaxy exists to provide a dedicated environment for all gamers to be able to participate within the competitive gaming and esports ecosystem.

Our mission is to create a fun, inclusive and rewarding global community who, together, share the passion for the universal language of gaming.

We have now released our public beta, IGGalaxy v1.0. Over the next year, as we continue our development towards our full launch, we hope you can join us on this journey and help shape the future of competitive gaming.

FIFA Tournaments
Participate in FIFA 20 tournaments and leagues. The IGGalaxy supports 3 online game modes; Pro Clubs, FUT and Classic (online friendlies).
Fortnite Tournaments
Earn your stripes and improve your skills by competing in Fortnite tournaments and leagues in duos & creative modes.

Who is IGGalaxy for?

The IGGalaxy has been designed and developed to interconnect the different stakeholders within the gaming and esports industry to create an opportunity providing digital economy. These stakeholders include:


Build your online presence in the IGGalaxy through a fully integrated profile and compete in your favourite esport games against your friends or others online for rank, pride and rewards.


Join a team or establish your own and conquer the IGGalaxy in your favourite esport titles! Our squad system enables you to easily manage and diversify the games your team competes in as you recruit players to join you.


Our platform makes it quick and easy to organise public or private tournaments for supported games. Use our innovative prize pool distribution mechanism to ensure secure, immediate and cost effective rewards distribution for all participants.


Produce various forms of engaging game video content and share it with others in the IGGalaxy for exposure and rewards!


Watch streamers from some of your favourite platforms — Twitch, YouTube, Mixer — all in one place! You can also keep up with all the coverage from competitions and other video content in the IGGalaxy, too!


Activate in the IGGalaxy to increase brand awareness to a global, identifiable and highly engaged audience!


Compete in FIFA 20 and Fortnite tournaments or create your own to compete with your friends. More esport title and formats coming soon!

IG Gold (IGG)

IG Gold (IGG)

IGG represents an atomic element of the IGGalaxy, operating as a frictionless medium of exchange and as a store of value.

IGG is used to drive value exchange between market participants within the IGGalaxy and establish a decentralised token economy for competitive gaming, game video content and esports. Existing on the TRON network, IGG can be stored and exchanged anywhere in the world instantaneously.

Latest News

Sony reveal first piece of hardware for the PlayStation 5!


Sony reveal first piece of hardware for the PlayStation 5!

The release of Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5 console remains on track for a late-2020 release despite the recent Covid-19 pandemic continuing to cause major disruptions. And as VALROANT’s closed beta eventually went live yesterday, which already has over 760,000 Twitch followers, we have yet more exciting gaming news to share!

April 8, 2020

Mixer attracting more streamers than its rivals!


Mixer attracting more streamers than its rivals!

According to Streamlabs, Microsoft's Mixer has more streamers than YouTube and Facebook Gaming combined, but still trails behind Amazon's Twitch.

April 7, 2020

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 3: What you need to know!


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 3: What you need to know!

The bonus XP event for Call of Duty Modern: Warfare and Warzone has been extended for another day following issues with the event over the past weekend. Call of Duty players will now be able to earn double XP until tomorrow morning when Call of Duty Season 3 goes live.

April 7, 2020

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