What is a wallet and why do I need one?
How do I create a wallet?
What can I do with my wallet?
What is the difference between Polygon and Ethereum? Why are my Polygon and Ethereum wallet addresses the same?
What is my recovery seed phrase, and my private key?
I don’t remember my wallet password, what should I do?
How do I find my private key?
What is a Prize Wallet?
What is IG Gold ($IGG)?
What are $MATIC and $ETH? And, why do I need them?
I don’t have any $MATIC, or I don’t have enough $MATIC for a transaction I want to make… Where can I get $MATIC?
What is a bridge?
How do I sell my $IGG?
I transferred my $IGG to another wallet - why doesn’t it show up?
What is IG Labs?
What is a capsule? And why should I stake my $IGG?
Why am I not able to create or claim my capsule?
How do I sell my $ORB?

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