Why do I need to add a platform username to join a tournament?
How can I change a gaming username?
What happens, when I configure my interests?
What is an NFT Avatar?
What does it mean, to redeem an NFT Avatar? And, does the process of redeeming an Avatar cost me anything?
Can anyone claim an NFT Avatar?
How can I buy extra NFT Avatars from IGGalaxy? And, what is the pricing of the NFTs?
What is the reservation mechanism, when redeeming or purchasing an NFT Avatar?
What happens to the $IGG that IGGalaxy gets from users, when they purchase NFT Avatars?
In which capacity do I own the NFTs redeemed in IGGalaxy?
What happens if I sell an NFT from IGGalaxy?
Is there any risk associated with NFTs sold by IGGalaxy?
What are the licensing rights / IP (Intellectual property) for NFT owners?
What else do I need to know about payments and taxes, pertaining to NFT Avatars?
Who can see my IGGalaxy profile?
How can I change the content in my profile?
How is data in my profile calculated?

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