How do I browse and join a tournament?
Do I really get rewarded for losing? And, how do I get my rewards?
What is the difference between IGGalaxy, Partner and Community tournaments?
What happens when a tournament doesn’t fill?
Why do I need a wallet, and to complete ID verification, to join a tournament?
What happens after I’ve joined a tournament?
What is the ready up process?
How do I invite my opponent to a match?
How are scores verified during a tournament?
How can I get help during a tournament?
Can I leave a tournament I’ve joined?
What is the role of a tournament organiser?
How do I create a tournament?
What are the TCM Rules of Engagement?
How do I pay for my tournament prize pool, and what happens if I don't pay?
Will I get refunded if the prize pool I paid for is not used?
Do I need to pay anything, to create a tournament?
What is the Tournament Control Centre?
What are Tournament Moderators? And, why do I need one?
How can I remove people from my tournament?
Can I offer NFT rewards?
What is a tournament moderator, and what does the job entail?
What is the difference between IGGalaxy Guardians and moderators?
Who can moderate a community organiser's tournament? And what makes a good moderator?
How do I receive and respond to moderation requests?
I accepted a moderation invitation but have since changed my mind - what should I do?
How should moderators manage disputes?
Will I get paid for my moderation?

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