IGGalaxy Ranks are a reflection of the overall performance and engagement of players across all game titles and tournaments



Climb the IGGalaxy ranks!

The more you engage with IGGalaxy, the higher your platform rank, and the more opportunities you have to earn rewards! There are six major ranks within IGGalaxy, each with five minor ranks (I to V).

Major ranks and total XP needed to achieve rank

However, you also need to defend your platform rank. So for example, if you are a CAPTAIN II and fail to earn 300 XP in any given month, you will fall to Commander IV, at the start of the next month.

Climb the ranks, collect badges, and share them with your community

Only the best gamers will make it to the top of our IGGalaxy ranks. Have you got what it takes, and are you ready to defend your position..?

What are experience points?

Experience points, otherwise known as XP, are earned by playing IGGalaxy tournaments. The better your performance in a tournament, the more XP you will earn, and the more opportunities will arise for you within the IGGalaxy platform.

How are ranks determined?

The total amount of XP you earn, across all tournaments, determines your platform rank. The higher your rank, the more XP you must earn to climb the ladder, and the more monthly XP you need to defend your rank!

How is XP earned?

Players earn 50 XP for each tournament round they participate in, win or lose.
The bigger your tournament, the more rounds you can play, and the bigger your XP rewards.

Bonus XP is also awarded to players who make it to the finals or play-offs:

Position 1

100 XP bonus

Position 2

75 XP bonus

Position 3

50 XP bonus

Position 4

25 XP bonus

Seasonal reset

Players’ game levels are subject to a seasonal reset. When this occurs, all players will see their game XP total reduced by given percentage that is calculated, ahead of time. Resets are designed to ensure a fair distribution of game levels across the wider platform and to keep high-performing players on their toes, while giving up-and-coming players a fighting change to overtake other players on leaderboards.This also applies to Game Levels

However, you also need to defend your platform rank, each month, by earning a minimum amount of XP. If you cannot reach the XP required to maintain your rank, by the end of a month, your rank will decrease three minor ranks!

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