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This is where you will deploy your IG power capsules. All power capsules can be deployed for a maximum of 30 days. You will be able to deploy as many power capsules as you wish, but each must hold between 100k and 10m IGG.

0.2% of the IGG deployed from a power capsule is burned from the total IGG circulating supply.
After the specified period, IGG stored in the capsule will be returned, minus the burned amount, and ORB energy will be rewarded.

The rate of ORB energy generated is determined by the amount of IGG stored and duration. Orbs can be sold back to IGLabs at any time for IGG.

Please double check the details before you deploy your capsule, once the Orbital is in progress, you will not be able to unlock your power capsule until the date set.

You will be required to hold TRX to cover the fee set by the TRON network; this will either be covered by the energy for freezing TRX, or a cost of ~3 TRX per capsule.


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