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Intergalactic Gaming’s 2019 End of Year Report


Intergalactic Gaming’s 2019 End of Year Report

The IGGalaxy public beta was released on Christmas Eve and is now available for all to sign up to! After a fantastic year on the TRON blockchain, we want to thank all our community members. We hope you enjoy our end of 2019 report.


2019 has been an incredible year in terms of progress and development towards our vision for a social and rewarding competitive gaming economy. For much of 2019, the IG team have been working towards ensuring the foundations to our platform are firmly built to enable the scaling of users that we forecast in the coming years.

Despite the commitment to keep our heads down and build, the IG brand and community has continued to experience positive organic growth. We have expanded our network and are beginning to firmly cement Intergalactic Gaming as a leading business building on the TRON network, with real world application of the technology which we aim to use to spearhead adoption.

Intergalactic Gaming StatisticsIntergalactic Gaming Statistics

niTROn 2019

We started the year at niTROn, TRON’s first-ever blockchain summit in San Francisco where we met members of the community. It provided a fantastic opportunity to share our ideas for how we intend to establish the IGGalaxy as the new central hub for competitive gamers.

IG team meet TRON community at niTRON 2019.IG team meet TRON community at niTRON 2019.

IG Attends Esports BAR 2019 in Cannes

Our co-founders attended Esports Bar in Cannes back in February to showcase the “Intergalactic Solution” to top management esports executives and non-endemic leaders. As Intergalactic Gaming featured in the 'spotlight', it provided an opportunity to share how IG intended to shape the future of esports.

Our co-founders discuss the prospective growth of the esports industry.Our co-founders discuss the prospective growth of the esports industry.

Esports BAR was a fantastic event to introduce ourselves to the esports industry. It also allowed us to glean insightful information from others who are in or looking to get into the space. Our booth was positioned perfectly to gain exposure to the entire attendees over the course of the three days.

Alpha Development Phase

We launched the IGGalaxy’s Alpha (closed testnet) on 26 December 2018. This phase concluded following the hosting of two FIFA 19 tournaments over the last weekend of February. The Alpha Cup offered a total prize pool of 10m IG Gold (IGG) and £500 cash prize to be shared amongst the top three participants for each respective tournament.

IG Alpha Cup tournament tree and user chat window.IG Alpha Cup tournament tree and user chat window.

It was Demise’s Cowler that reigned supreme in the Xbox and new community member Manpreet Singh won the PS4 competition against VPetkov.

These FIFA tournaments provided us with invaluable feedback. Aside from a few minor bugs, were ready for the next phase of development: the IGGalaxy’s beta.

Beta Development Phase

The Beta FUT Cup Heading into April with our MVP, we hosted our second set of FIFA 19 tournaments in another game mode, FIFA Ultimate Team. Welcoming back some of our participants from the Alpha Cup, this time our developers tested the competitive gaming platform’s automation under different time constraints. The tournament itself was a success and once again provided us with great feedback for improvement to the user journey.

Launch of IGLabs: Capsules

The deployment of IGLabs occurred outside of our initial developmental roadmap. We built the ‘Capsules’ feature to reward holders for removing their IGG tokens from circulation for a fixed period. This locking mechanism supports the long-term stability of our token economy.

IGLabs will support the expansion of the IGGalaxy through engagement, innovation and reward for those that participate on our platform.

IGLabs needs you! Store your IGG in IGLabs capsules to receive ORB!IGLabs needs you! Store your IGG in IGLabs capsules to receive ORB!

Mission Statement IGLabs aims to connects gamers and teams with blockchain technology, providing a gateway to learning about the nascent technology.

The smart contract for IGLabs Capsules runs from three to 30 days. Once the storing period has passed, users are rewarded with ORB tokens (in addition to their IGG tokens minus a 0.2% burn). ORB can be used during the full release of IGLabs or sold back at a rate of 4 IGG per ORB.

IGLabs offers a great opportunity to facilitate the adoption of TRON for gamers. In exposing the TRON blockchain to a large demographic, we will look to collaborate with further TRON projects to support their growth.

IGG Lists on CoinMarketCap!

Officially launching on CoinMarketCap was a fantastic achievement for us. IGG became the first TRC20 token, and second TRC token to feature on the portfolio tracker (behind BTT). CoinMarketCap are a leading presence within the crypto community, and with our public beta already launched, we now have a product to drive utility.

IGG lists on CoinMarketCap.IGG lists on CoinMarketCap.

Intergalactic Gaming is currently placed 809 in the CMC rankings, which is a fantastic achievement; however, we must now work to reach the top 500.


‘Start-Up Your Future’ at the University of Manchester!

Having the opportunity to attend the University of Manchester’s (UoM) graduate careers event, ‘Start-Up Your Future’. It provided us with the opportunity to acquire some promising talent. In addition, it was a great opportunity for brand awareness for our target market.

IG team speaking to students in Manchester, UKIG team speaking to students in Manchester, UK

The UoM have shown a willingness for future collaborations with IG. This will no doubt support recruitment and marketing drives, as well as access to students for any of the platform’s further development and iteration.

Our Invitation to the House of Lords

Intergalactic Gaming were invited to the House of Lords on 7 June for the UoM’s first alumni networking event. This event offered the opportunity to network with alumni that have gone on to work in innovative industries; for Intergalactic Gaming, that was the opportunity to outline how gaming and esports can provide socio-economic opportunities to the youth of tomorrow. Having the chance to attend such an important event was fantastic for us and we would like to extend our gratitude to UoM for allowing giving us a platform to share our vision.

Our co-founders attend House of Lords in LondonOur co-founders attend House of Lords in London

A Year on the TRON Network!

IGHQ: Office Relocation

IG team outside new HQ in ManchesterIG team outside new HQ in Manchester

In preparation for the last stretch to the deployment of the IGGalaxy’s public beta, we relocated from a co-working space to our own IGHQ. Since relocating, we have added two developers to our team, and a huge increase in floor space will support us as our team continues to scale.

Meet the Co-Founders

In celebration of our first year on the TRON network, our co-founders Josh and Naeem answered questions from members of the community. For an insight into the team, future developments in the IGGalaxy, and how we intend to keep a stable token economy, watch the video below!


The IGBountyWay

To ensure we can continue to attract new to our community, we deployed the IGBountyWay which is accessible via Telegram messenger. Bounties are an effective tool for exposure, as we demonstrated in our early days on Telegram. Since launching the BountyWay, we have seen our monthly Twitter engagements increase as IGG tokens are rewarded to members of our community!

To join the IGBountyWay and participate in active bounties, head over to our Telegram bounty channel!

TRON SR Candidacy: IG4SR

TRON SR: Intergalactic Gaming TRX rewards structureTRON SR: Intergalactic Gaming TRX rewards structure

We relaunched our TRON SR campaign offering 100% rewards for a period of three weeks. Recently, the rewards dropped to 80%, where the remaining 20% was kept for tournament prize pools.

This TRX will be distributed to participants so they can interact with the TRON ecosystem; either using IGG on exchanges, or in our IGLabs application.

Galacticans United Compete at the Copenhagen Games!

Galacticans United signed a European all-female CSGO team to represent Galacticans United at the Copenhagen Games in April. Despite the team’s talents, a lack of support has made it difficult for them to attend competitions. Since the Copenhagen Games, our CSGO roster has new players with SIGGZ and Angelka remaining.

Galacticans United sign female CSGO teamGalacticans United sign female CSGO team

Check out our coverage of the Copenhagen Games as well as some interviews we conducted with some of the attendees.


Galacticans United Sign FIFA 20 Trio

Galacticans United also has an established FIFA 20 roster in three FUT Champs verified Xbox players.

  • Sean Allen, a double vice-world champion and a FIFA professional that has previously competed for Premier League club West Ham.
  • Liam Henney, a graduate of Christian Fuchs’ NFG Esports.
  • Joseph Cowler, winner of our Alpha Cup with Demise esports, and content creator.

The dedication these players have invested into FIFA 20, despite difficulties within the esport, is fantastic. We look forward to their successes representing Galacticans United!

IG x LimeJuice Group Partnership

LimeJuice, established in April 2018, have a vast portfolio of blockchain-based games. Most recently, they have become co-owners of Blacksalt Coreuption; a fighting game coming soon to PS4, Xbox, Switch and Steam.

IG x LimeJuice PartnershipIG x LimeJuice Partnership

LimeJuice will also be supporting grassroots esports organisations, allowing them to compete under the LimeJuice brand. You can check out more about this partnership here.

Proton Gaming Sign World Champion

Proton Gaming sign Perfect LegendProton Gaming sign Perfect Legend

Beginning his competitive career in 2005, Perfect Legend has competed in numerous local fighting tournament events. Perfect Legend has established a strong reputation amongst the fighting community having competed in Dead or Alive 4, the Dragon Ball series’ and Mortal Kombat. He secured his first title in the Dead or Alive 4 World Championship in 2006 — a year into his competitive career.

With a total following of 1.2m across his social media channels, we want to congratulate Proton on such a fantastic addition!

IG x Carbon Partnership

IG x Carbon PartnershipIG x Carbon Partnership

Carbon, a fintech company based in New York, partnered with IG towards the end of October. Considering our long-term plans for facilitating the adoption of blockchain technology to a large demographic, this partnership will undoubtedly feed into this. Integrating Carbon’s fiat gateway will allows for users with an active wallet to purchase and sell TRX.

At a later date, we will include the possibility of using this fiat gateway for the purchase and selling of IGG. You can read more about our partnership with Carbon here

IG x Mixtape Madness Partnership

IG x Mixtape Madness PartnershipIG x Mixtape Madness Partnership

On the first day of the IG 10-day countdown, we revealed our partnership with UK-based music brand, Mixtape Madness. Mixtape Madness have a vast user base, with just under a million subscribers on YouTube and just under 30k Twitter followers! Understanding current trends, and the great potential of music and gaming, Mixtape Madness are keen to diversify their brand into esports.

Mixtape Madness’ activation into the IGGalaxy was marked by our first FIFA 20 tournaments for PS4 and Xbox players. We look forward to a great and successful partnership; welcome to the IGGalaxy, Mixtape Madness! You can read more about this partnership here

IGGalaxy Competitive Gaming Platform Public Beta Release!

IGGalaxy revamped website launched with the public beta releaseIGGalaxy revamped website launched with the public beta release

The IGGalaxy went live on 23 December. We released our revamped landing page, and a day later, users were able to log in for the first time to create their accounts.

Intergalactic Madness FIFA 20 Tournaments!

On 26 December, we announced our first FIFA 20 public beta tournaments to take place a few days later. These competitions were hosted with the objective of initially activating our new partner, Mixtape Madness into our ecosystem. This involved 63 FIFA 20 players competing: 32 PS4 and 31 Xbox players. Once the IGGalaxy went live in the production environment, there were small issues with the platform’s cloud infrastructure. However, as a public beta, this was expected and was resolved effectively by our development team.

Overall, the reception this tournament received from players and spectators alike was fantastic! Players’ feedback on the platform’s aesthetics was hugely positive. We can confidently say that all members of the community are optimistic for the future of the IGGalaxy!

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to a new year ahead, 2020 is set to be huge for Intergalactic Gaming! Now our public beta is released, our developers will begin to release further features that will support our scaling.

As per our Tweet, we confirmed that our partners LimeJuice’s Black Salt Coreuption and Call Of Duty will be the next games supported in the IGGalaxy. Look out for further information about what to expect in the coming year.

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5 IGG Swap Pairs available now on TronWallet!

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May 7, 2020

Intergalactic Gaming's Progress Update 05 03 2020


Intergalactic Gaming's Progress Update 05 03 2020

We are now heading into the fifth month since we launched our competitive gaming platform’s public beta and we are extremely pleased to share that we have exceeded 10,000 signed up users in IGGalaxy!

May 5, 2020

Intergalactic Gaming’s Q1 2020 Progress Report!


Intergalactic Gaming’s Q1 2020 Progress Report!

We launched our social competitive gaming platform’s public beta on 26 December 2019, and hosted our first 32-player FIFA 20 tournaments two days later. Our developers have scrupulously tested the platform’s ability to cope with a steady increase of users interacting with both the platform’s competitive elements, as well as the freezing mechanism in IGLabs.

April 1, 2020

Fortnite Battle Royale Duos Tournament in IGGalaxy!


Fortnite Battle Royale Duos Tournament in IGGalaxy!

This article provides the official details of our next competitive Fortnite event; Duos Elimination Dash! In this tournament format, you will enter IGGalaxy and establish a team with a Fortnite squad. You can then invite your friend(s) to your team once they have created an IGGalaxy account. You need 2 members in your Fortnite squad to enter the tournament.

March 28, 2020


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