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ChainWars Enters The Galaxy

Beth T

22 Apr 2022


ChainWars | IGGalaxyChainWars | IGGalaxy

As we all know, the key to going intergalactic is building strong alliances and partnerships. It is with great pleasure we welcome ChainWars to IGGalaxy. A strategic play-to-earn card game that is incredibly addictive, with an awesome narrative to go with it.

ChainWars is an ever-evolving story of galactic warfare. The story centres around the rise of machines as they breach the barriers of servitude to humans, forcing humankind to flee their origins and rebuild on another planet.

The main goal of the game is getting and selecting a strong, diverse deck of cards so you can compete with the best players in the game. Apply your strategic choices before you even enter a game by mindfully picking your deck, then use your quick thinking in game. Keep your taunts alive so the enemy cannot get to your hero card... Or make strategic sacrifices to beat your opponent before he can get to you.

In the immediate future, ChainWars will be sponsoring some of our existing tournaments, contributing their token ($CWE) to IGGalaxy prize pools. We will also be bringing you more insight into their NFTs and how they function in game.

We hope to bring ChainWars tournaments to IGGalaxy within the coming weeks as we work with the ChainWars team to ensure a seamless experience from their arrival.

Find out more about ChainWars using the links below:





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