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13 Sep 2021

Intergalactic Gaming

If you’re not following us on Twitter, then you may have missed Uncle Nut’s recent review of IGGalaxy, our native IGG token, and our fantastic community. Not to worry, though, we’ve got you covered! So, if you missed this review, you can check it out right here, right now!

We want to extend our gratitude to Uncle Nut for providing such a detailed overview of both IGGalaxy — the platform — and our IGG token, and very much look forward to further independent reviews of our product especially as we progress further in our developmental roadmap.

Those familiar with Uncle’s Telegram channel ( and his Twitter account (@feelingfluffy) know that whilst the vetting process he uses is an exhaustive process - that takes him weeks to complete - the results speak for themselves. Your Uncle Nut is currently up well over 12.5x on his public portfolio (check @feelingfluffy for the latest), which has tracked his calls since September 2020. That’s over 67 picks! And 80% winners!

Each project he critiques, goes through an extensive ‘vetting’ process, with over 100 unique touchpoints. These include speaking with the founders and team, understanding the use-case, the tech, the problems it solves, the ‘go to market’ strategy, how users will be acquired, the utility of the token, the community and a massive deep dive into the research of the vertical that the project is taking on and its pros and cons. Every call he makes, he has invested in himself.

Important to remember, uncle does not take any fees for his work. His primary goal with ‘Crypto Nut’ social channels is to empower others via education in the crypto market. “A rising tide lifts all boats”. His extensive experience in the crypto universe includes holding advisory positions on many leading blockchain projects, a co-founding partnership in GROW, who amongst some their many other interests, include crypto’s premier content creation studio ( ), and ownership of the uber successful IDO launch pad Apollo-x (

Now Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into IGG

IGG presents itself in marketing material as:


“It is time for you to play, earn rewards, build your esports team, and socialise within a global gaming ecosystem built just for you!”

What is IGG?

Essentially it is a platform for gamers to create esport teams, socialise globally and play-to-earn. They have hosted over 1200+ games to date and growing rapidly. IGGalaxy is positioning itself as the home of social competitive gaming. Regardless of whether the gamer plays competitive Fortnite; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; Black Ops Cold War; Warzone; FIFA 21; Rocket League; or Mortal Kombat 11, or is a competitive mobile gamer, where one probably plays Call of Duty: Mobile, Clash Royale or PUBG Mobile would be the esports games that interest you most. IGG’s competitive gaming platform provides free entry esports tournaments will take your competitive gaming experience to a level.

This is a huge space. The opportunity is massive. The good news is the platform is already operational with IOS, Android and online versions. They have already hosted over 1,200 tournaments so there is proof of concept and new features are being released.

The project will also be launched in various territories and adapted to suit the local market requirements. I’m impressed with this. It is clearly not a one-size-fits-all solution, and the stakeholders have a clear vision to deliver what the ever-growing market wants in each territory. They want this to be great experience for their gamers all over the world. Video gaming is huge vertical. I asked myself ‘what exactly does IGG bring to the table for different users?’

After experiencing the platform myself, chatting to the community, their stakeholders, co-founder/ Managing Director and other gamers that used the platform I discovered the following: If you are running or creating an esports team, the platform makes it easy to create teams, manage, stream (new) and even create smart contracts to ensure players get paid.

The smart contract feature is not released but from what I gathered, it could be released in Q4. The smart contract is a must have feature if the platform is to succeed on a massive scale. There will also be a transfer feature when searching for a new player. Once again, not implemented at this stage but I gather this will also be tied to smart contract implementation.

Other standout features of the platform would be the Observatory (first iteration just released) and TCM. More about those later. At this point, you can build your esports brand on the platform by creating your own esports team and recruit your mates or other gamers to compete in squads under your team. You can also manage your team right now using their online, IOS or PLAY apps.

The project will include both fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens. NFT’s will be incorporated across IGGalaxy. They provide additional disruptive use cases, excellent marketing opportunities for brands and benefits for holders. From the lite paper, IGGalaxy will provide its own proprietary NFT’s, alongside integrating third-party assets.

Who is the user?

IGG’s target audience – according to their Lite Paper - will be the early adopters and key influencers between the ages of 18-to-25. This group contains the most gamers that regularly play multiplayer games to socialise and compete. Interestingly, IGG will also seek, discover, and set new trends as they strongly influence both those above and below their demographic.

This will clearly change over time as technology improves and the demographics becomes even more attractive to a wider demographic.


Now lets have a look at the experience. I signed up, logging in via desktop. I like the color treatment, layout and UX. The basic elements are there, including the all-important wallet. The speed was fine. And the platform very stable.

The mobile experience on IOS was also cool. Easy-to-navigate but it seemed to load slow. Both the IOS and PLAY are relatively new apps, and I would imagine that speed and stability is a work-in progress. There is no doubt IOS could be better in terms of speed.

Inside Intel

In terms of existing features on the platform, I chatted to actual users asking, “what current features they rated the most?” The reasons cited included, “As a player on tournaments, i would say the ease of interaction with the platform, mods and the mobile app”

‘Jagged Cloud’ said, “The ability to share my link in the lobby tab so my stream is embedded in the fixtures tab if I’m bold enough to stream my tourney. I’ve only done it maybe once or twice though cuz I’m shy and also I get pretty heated when I game haha. As a mod, I’d say using the control center, where we are able to make decisions based on games that take place/enforce the rules”

Another player ‘Colin’, who is contracted said: I’m going to say competing with others for something. I play CODM a lot but only when I’m playing a tournament, I get anxious for the win. After the match I notice my hands are shaking and my fingers turned cold. When I’m playing with nothing on the line I don’t get that.

I asked the same question to moderators. I wanted to know their UX.

Colin, said, “As a mod, helping others having a nice experience. But as I said I haven’t been a mod in tournaments this past month, since there are daily tournaments for CODM and can’t combine playing and moderating* since when you mod a tournament the players deserve your full attention.

Future Features

In terms of upcoming features (Observatory is just released), they were very excited about the following upcoming features: Colin, an IGG member of the IGG TG channel is a player and mod on the platform stated:

“The Observatory will allow users to watch streamed content from twitch. (Keeping users in the app.) The TCM will make it so there are 1000’s of tournaments weekly eventually (helps users stay in the app)

The GGE to buy sell everything IGG/Crypto related.

And the Observatory to watch other (good) players play. I share my stream link a lot and would love to watch other players to whom I’ve lost. To make sure that won’t happen again”.

The good news is that the TCM feature is ready and has been released to 2 partners to date. Based on intel, the general consensus is the stakeholders will release this over the next few months.

In terms of other future features, it’s clear that an easy FIAT offramp would be incredible. This was echoed by members of the community.

Key Notes

These are some really interesting take aways from my interaction with users and mods. Colin was contracted as a esporter because he was on the IGG platform and sharing his stream. Whilst right this moment he can’t make a full-time living from esports, he believes that in 10 months he will see a big change in what he earns.

It’s clear that the tournament prize pots on IGG – at this stage – are really just to the keep the community engaged, whilst they are busily improving and adding features. It’s going to be important to bring in the IGG subscription model. This will ensure players leave funds in their wallets.

Prize pots need to be attractive enough to provide incentive for players. This will change with TCM. A simple and easy access ‘sell/ buy’ option with a CEX for crypto savvy users and an onsite ramp to bank accounts.

The GGE would help as well because when players can buy and sell goods with their IGG it creates a demand as well.

How does the Token Flow model work?

Business Model

The Lite paper lists ‘Intergalactic Gaming’ as a UK based limited company with the following key revenue sources:

“IGGalaxy operates on a freemium subscription model allowing users to access basic features at no cost. This means that users are able to try out the platform, such as playing in free entry tournaments and earning IGG.

For access to greater functionality and premium benefits, however, the user would need to pay a recurring monthly subscription fee.”


Global advertising revenues are rapidly shifting away from traditional media to digital. We will offer brands of all sizes the opportunity to use IGGalaxy as a means to engage and grow their community. We will work with select brands in meeting their marketing objectives through the ability of using gaming and esports as a means to directly address a large and identifiable audience.

Advertising & Sponsorship

Users will be able purchasing modular services offered by us, on a one-time basis. This provides the flexibility to our users who may just want the functionality or benefit provided from that individual service.

In addition to the direct sale of services, revenue will be generated from the sale of products, such as IG merchandise. The Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE) will enable the sale of third-party products or services in the IGGalaxy, where IG will receive a small transactional fee.

Sale of Products/ Services

Additional revenue will made through a ‘service charge’ for any transactions made through third-party fiat gateways. This will also occur for IGGalaxy’s feature which allows users to transact and trigger smart contracts within IGGalaxy using IGG as a fee.

IGG Community:

One of the most vital touch points I research is community. This one element is underestimated by many investors into projects. I personally place substantial weight when analysing projects on how much passionate support lies within the community. It’s like having a pack of dogs sniff out any potential issues. Especially when it is a large pack (community). My observations during interactions and going over past chats in their 2,500+ TG channel is the following.

There is a strong substrate of passionate supporters AKA ‘Galacticans’. They are pushing the project via their own networks. The vast majority seem to be ‘gung-ho’ on IGG and where it will go.

I did note a minority that seemed to be questioning the transparency of the project, missed deadlines and some positive spin by the admins. This I must qualify was ‘minor’. I personally felt nothing but incredible support and by scanning over history of the project in TG, I did not sense anything major to concern.

Their Twitter community is over 15,000+ and is quite active. Discord had over 1200+ users online when I checked in and seems like a quality community. Overall, I give the community a 9/10.


Video Game Growth

In 2021, videogames are a bigger industry than movies and North American sports combined. This massive advance in numbers is due in large part to the pandemic.

The global gaming market revenue in 2020 was $159.3 billion and it is expected to reach $180.1 billion in 2021, and $256.97 billion by 2025. This growth is fueled by a continuous influx of new users.

In 2014, there were just 1.82 billion video gamers, but by 2018, that number had skyrocketed to 2.2 billion, then 2.7 billion in 2020. Gaming industry stats show that the industry is forecasted to continue its growth at a rate of around 10% from 2020 to 2025.

Blockchain technology opens up a whole new platform for gaming. We already know how big eSports is, but taking this category to a platform that offers true interoperability, commerce, and ownership (think: NFTS) advances the gaming experience to new levels. And keep in mind, gaming is much larger than the Film and Music industries.


IGG Tokens (from the Lite paper) IGG is the operational token required across IGGalaxy, used to drive value exchange between market participants to form a token economy for content, social competitive gaming and esports. It will be the token required for a range of use cases, from payment of smart contract obligations and paid platform features.

The use cases for the IGG token:

  • Pay the recurring subscription fees (once implemented)
  • Prize Pools
  • Entry fees/ Deposits
  • Establishment of teams
  • Team Player Contracts
  • Player Transfers
  • Products, Merchandise
  • Loyalty and Reward Mechanisms 3rd Party Apps and DApps
  • ORB generation
  • Transaction Fees
  • Swap assets

IG Gold (IGG) (Based on last quarters report by IGG – Medium)

  • Original IGG supply: 50,000,000,000
  • Total IGG supply: 48,132,126,676
  • Current circulating supply (max. circulating supply minus IGG stored in IGLabs ‘power capsules’): 9,295,535,479
  • Max. circulating supply: 19,984,942,622
  • Total IGG burned: 1,867,873,323
  • IGG to be burned so far: 119,176,333 (IGLabs)
  • Total IGG in UniSwap IGG/ETH liquidity pool: 107,612,324
  • Total IGG in Dfyn IGG/MATIC liquidity pool: 38,019,895

ORB Tokens (from the Litepaper)

ORB is the operational token in IGLabs and governance token of IGGalaxy. ORB only enters circulation through distribution via IGLabs. ORB is generated by storing IGG in ‘Power Capsules’ for a fixed period of time; this is the only way it enters circulation.

The core use cases for ORB include:

  • Enabling participation in community voting and governance, such as introduction of new games and IGGalaxy Improvement Proposals (IIP).

  • Operational token in IGLabs — NFT creation, processing resources, establishing

clans and taking part in quests.

  • ORB can also be sold back to IGLabs at any time for a fixed rate. This currently 5

IGG per ORB token.

The Deflationary mechanisms provide value to the IGGalaxy tokenomy through reducing the overall token supply. This will happen over time. As the number of users increase and platform activity grows, the benefits will be seen in the ecosystem and pricing. Internal usage of the IGG token via interacting with their smart contracts etc. will see more usage.

IGG management claim (in their Lite paper) that they are aiming for 50% less IGG tokens via deflationary methods over the next 5-10 years. As the lite paper is a year old, that’s 4-9 years. This type of commitment is respected by me and provides ongoing proof (as it is actioned) and brings much confidence to investors of the IGG token.

IG ORB (ORB) (Supplied by IGG)

  • Original ORB supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Total ORB supply: 772,052,067
  • ORB circulating supply: 722,352,067
  • IGG currently stored in IGLabs ‘power capsules’: 10,689,407,142
  • Cumulative IGG stored in IGLabs ‘power capsules’: 231,685,502,912
  • Total IGG burned from IGLabs: 464,299,473
  • Total ORB burned: 227,947,932

ORB to be burned so far: 14,319,209 (IGGxORB trade)

*Since migrating to Polygon Network, all token burns must be carried out on the root chain (Ethereum). Therefore, all IGG and ORB burns will take place on a quarterly basis.

Market Cap

At the time of writing, Max. circulating supply (market cap): 19,105,953,921 IGG ($14,093,315) This falls well into Uncle’s exciting green zone (tokens with under 30M MCAP). These tokens are my ‘rocket ships to Mars’ if they check out.

Impressive and functional UI/UX make using the IGG platform fun.

Technology Partners

Powered by @0xPolygon

Matic Network (Polygon) is a leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, which can eliminate the current bottleneck with only a small fraction of the transactions will be processed and validated by the main chain.

IGGalaxy’s token economy, smart contracts and blockchain architecture is powered by the Polygon network. Polygon provides incredible scalability, throughput, and cost-effective transactions which will enhance the Intergalactic experience. Polygon provides IGGalaxy increased scope for collaboration, development tools and future use cases.

IGGalaxy will also operate as a Validator node on the Matic network, maintaining the security an efficiency of the Matic network for over 80+ DApps. As IGG has confirmed interoperability between chains as a key driver (and necessary IMO) moving forward, they will clearly need other technology partners to get them there.


Josh Robson - Joint Founder and Managing Director Naeem Shabir - Joint Founder and Managing Director (Recently stepped down) Jamie Bell - Lead Developer Simon Gatenby - Senior Developer Jane Gong- Developer Musa Saidy - Communications Avanti Sukma - UX/UI Designer Match Seinkiewicz – Graphic Designer

Josh the joint founder and managing director. He is an experienced gamer and with a great sense of business and what is required for this space. He and his team have toiled hard for over 3-years to get to this stage.

I asked a lot of Uncle Nut’s typical direct questions to Josh in order to provide me with a clear vision of where the team and project is at. What I learnt is:


Josh and the IGG team seriously value their community and players. “Our player and token communities come first, and we are working on ways to enhance our communication with both, and as part of our growth strategy, news on how we will be doing this is imminent. We, like our community will only be rewarded by the commercial success of the business and the IGG token, so this is always our primary focus and IGGalaxy’s success will be obvious and there for all to see.”


The all-important question, is related to funding. After all, you can dream as big as you wish, but without the DeNiro’s to pay, you can’t play!

Josh told me,

“As you may well have gathered, your timing is excellent as this is a seminal moment for the business where we are now scaling; the number of staff that we have, product capability and the number of our monthly active users. We have already have the funds to make sure that we have the financial resources and long runway in place to do just that.”


Regarding the platforms development, Josh stated,

“As you know we have an established and very competent development team which we are continuing to grow internally as well as building our available contractor resource. The result of this effort can be seen in the existing platform and will further manifest itself with additional product enhancements being announced over the coming weeks.”

“We have developed a carefully thought-out long-term strategy for both the growth of the product and our monthly active user base. So far, we have created and delivered a solid platform to which we can readily add new features and functions, thus delivering to user demands and allowing us to keep the product fresh and exciting as we move forward.”


Uncle Nut places a lot of importance of advisors. Their experience – if active - can be the difference between a project being uber successful to just so, so. I have researched two IGG advisor members backgrounds and discovered this:

Jonathan Ellis

According to IGG’s latest report, he has helped Intergalactic Gaming’s founders get to where we are today. Which is no surprise to me as his well-documented commercial experience helped make Sony a household name in gaming.

He was the owner, founder and CEO of Psygnosis, a world leading and award-winning Video Games Publisher. Awards such as Software Publisher of the Year, Software Developer of the Year, Software Title of the Year, as well as a Queen’s Awards for Technology and another for Export. The company was sold to Sony.

He was the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe with responsibility for commercial exploitation of PlayStation, and third-party publishing for Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia together with running Sony Psygnosis software development, publishing and licensing business around the world.

PlayStation in their full year post launch, captured 80% market share, which represented the majority of Sony’s total profits at the time.

Phil Watkins

One of the IGG’s ‘OGs’ he provided advice and support to the founders to date. He has been in the blockchain space for many years. He holds a senior management position at one of the world’s largest mining and logistics operations based in Australia. The company is multi-billion-dollar business.

Needless to say, I am well impressed with the quality of the advisors. Future Opportunities, Tokenomics, and News:

Josh stated,

“Over the coming weeks and months, we will be making significant announcements regarding the management and direction of our tokenomics, which will go hand in hand with the commercial and product development of the business. As I am sure you will appreciate all these things have to timed and carefully co-ordinated to optimise and not waste the opportunities available to us.”


  • Due to the infancy and nature of both the esports and blockchain industries, regulations are very vague.
  • The company behind the project - Intergalactic Gaming - needs to stay profitable.
  • Competition – eg) Exeedme which is at an advanced stage of building a platform with a strong focus on NFT’s.
  • Building a team with the right credentials to build out the product to meet with what users expect.
  • Technology – will they move with it and have the resources to do so?

CONCLUSION (Don’t bore us, get to the chorus)

IGG is providing a space for competitive gamers of all levels to test their skills, meet up with other gamers, socialise, and earn rewards for doing something they already love. With over 1200+ games hosted to date, they are well on track and this is without the plethora of additional features planned.

The ‘play-to-earn’ gaming space is hot and I believe IGG is a great long-term bet. If you are a speculator, stay away. P&D groups, ditto! However, if you want ‘A Sleeper in your Portfolio’ this is an amazing bet. These guys are solid and super smart. They understand the need to focus on the gamers (product) and community.

Over the course of the next year, many features I have outlined will be released. Some of the big ones that I believe will create massive price appreciation would be:

  • Subscription Model
  • Launch of the TCM (it’s already built and in test mode)
  • Observatory Feature (Just launched)
  • Off ramp for FIAT
  • Launch of NFT’s

Key staff acquisition (think: experienced senior management that can unlock the value of IGG) The following comment by Josh, whom I consider a ‘reserved and conservative’ leader of blockchain project is telling.

“As you know we have an established and very competent development team which we are continuing to grow internally as well as building our available contractor resource. The result of this effort can be seen in the existing platform and will further manifest itself with additional product enhancements being announced over the coming weeks.”

The ‘MP’ or ‘Mewning Potential” of the future features are obvious. However, for me, once the paid subscription model needs kick in, non-crypto folks will also have a reason to buy IGG and they can monetize off potentially millions of users.

The NFT feature is also going to be another epic moment. Gaming and NFT’s go hand-in-hand. I am also excited by the fact that the price action in April this year was up around $0.0042 and a healthy volume of $2.4M. That is a great indicator that there is support for this project. It also indicates that from the current pricing of $0.00068263 there is a ton of X’s to be made in time. Especially given the features to be rolled out and what they will mean in terms of business.

No doubt we are extremely early for this one. That’s a great thing. And whilst Facebook is currently investing billions in the Metaverse category (think: Oculus), this is a great sign for projects like this. esports have exploded and will continue to.

IGG takes advantage of all those games and a one-stop-solution for esports management. The users in these games already exist! There is no need to re-invent the wheel. This capitalizes on the ‘existing growth markets’ of games.

IGG clearly solves a major issue within the esport space. It marries crypto to esports. I love the manner in which their community is supporting the project. And after all the research into this project, your Uncle Nut has made his call on this project. It’s a solid buy for me. And I’m willing to let this sit long term in my wallet. I can see this being that ‘sleeper’ that will provide me with some very happy moments along the journey – and lots of X’s in price appreciation - as IGG deliver on their promises.

Remember, we are VERY early on this one. Patience is key. “The day you plant the seed is not the same day you eat the fruit.”

As the IGG community would say,




13 Sep 2021

One final note, I thank the IGG community, Josh Robson, and the many others that helped my research into this exciting project.

Links to IGG’s communities: If you have an insatiable appetite for further information, please read IGG’s Lite Paper:

If you like my deep dive reports, you will love my free TG group, Twitter and YT channels. Please join and share my channel details and this report with others. Don’t miss any calls!

Don’t miss Crypto Nut’s calls, strategies, and reports: Telegram Channel: Twitter: @feelingfluffy YouTube: Want to get ‘Alpha’ first?

Crypto Nut’s ‘Uncle’ channels offer top GEM calls, insights, and strategies to help turbocharge your portfolio. Uncle is one of the very few influencers on Twitter who transparently lists each of his calls prices for all to see. His current performance is up well over 12.5x since September 2020. Of course, nothing of what Crypto Nut or ‘uncle’ say is investment advice. Entertainment purposes only. Always DYOR. And remember that his past performance does not guarantee future success. Finally, always diversify your portfolio, as crypto is an extremely volatile asset.

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