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FIFA pros call out EA Sports over current state of game


FIFA pros call out EA Sports over current state of game

Following his FUT Champs quarter-final victory over Pedro “Resende” Henrique Soares, “Tekkz” gave a brutally honest assessment of the current state of FIFA 20, claiming that the game is "unrewarding" and that "anyone can win."

Fnatic “Tekkz”, a five-time FUT Champs Cup winner, lost on penalties to rival “MsDossary” in the Xbox console finals, before “Zezinho” eventually claimed the championship in a 3-1 aggregate win over the Saudi Arabian FIFA player.

FIFA pros have had enough!

Following its release in September last year, FIFA players still contend with issues gameplay inconsistencies, poor server performance and other glitches; it seems as though EA have once again failed the competitive FIFA scene.

Credit: Futhead.Credit: Futhead.

In a fairly uneventful game of very few chances, “Tekkz” was able to overcome “Resende” in a 2-1 victory. Many FIFA players have voiced their concerns with FIFA 20’s ‘Overload Ball Side’ tactical instruction, which is essentially an overpowered strategy similar to parking the bus, but has proven to be popular amongst players of all skill levels.

For “Tekkz”, and many competitive FIFA players, FIFA 20’s new meta make it extremely difficult for attacking players to overcome this tactical instruction — it has effectively compromised the fun elements of the popular football simulation game. The five-time FUT Champs winner commented:

“Every game on FIFA 20 is a 50/50, he’ll win this one, I will win the next one,” he continued that “because the game is so unrewarding, anyone can win, guys who aren’t good can win on FIFA 20.”

Whilst there is some truth in the post-match interview by “Tekkz”, EA Sports are too happy with the 17 year-old’s comments, and the public manner in which he made them; something that Twitch streamer and former FIFA professional “Kurt0411” will be all too familiar with.

“Kurt0411” had previously suggested that FIFA 20 had reached a point of no return and that EA’s FIFA franchise could not be saved. Following these comments, EA effectively launched a series of copyright strikes against his channel, also banning him from participating or attending any FIFA Global Series events or future competitions.

After discovering the copyright strikes, the FIFA community appear to be right behind the former FIFA pro as “Kurt0411” Tweeted of EA Sports’ “tyrannical” nature:

FIFA Ultimate Team: More Money, More Problems

Since its launch in FIFA 09, FIFA Ultimate Team has been a gold mine for EA Sports, which resulted in a great deal of criticism for the publishers. The FUT game mode allows FIFA players to build their dream team of players from across the leagues, and compete in various online and solo challenges for weekly rewards.

FUT alone, brings in more revenue than the physical sales of EA Sports’ other titles. As per the publisher’s financial report for 2019, FIFA Ultimate Team recorded a net revenue of $1.38bn, accounting for 28% of the total revenue share; it is no wonder FUT is regarded as a cash cow for EA. What’s more, countries like Belgium and the Netherlands have banned the game mode, viewing it as little more than gambling, and most recently, EA Sports have had a lawsuit filed against them in France.

The income EA has generated from the game mode has undeniably placed FIFA Ultimate Team at the forefront of competitive FIFA esports scene. Yet, considering the income generated, many fans have voiced their disappointment at FIFA’s reluctance address the game’s ongoing issues.

Pro Clubs as the official FIFA esport?

FIFA’s Pro Clubs game mode offers much potential to the FIFA esports scene. The game mode involves a team of up to 11 players using their own created players; first and foremost, it is the closest a football simulation game can come to real-world football.

Bringing the team-based elements to FIFA esports will undoubtedly be far more engaging for players and spectators alike. The game mode will require a much greater skill level, as all players will be controlled so AI input would be much lower, and there would be greater emphasis placed on communication and teamwork — not just individual skill.

On a separate note, it would definitely increase the competitive elements of the game, which is something the FIFA community is great in need of; toxicity amongst players will be reduced, and would minimise players resorting to boring tactics of keeping the ball between the goalkeeper and defence.

Logistically, single head-to-head competitions may be easier to organise, yet with the capital behind EA, they more than likely have the resources behind them to make this a success. Unfortunately, though, with the revenue FUT brings in, it is less than likely EA Sports will actually prioritise Pro Clubs; money does talk after all.

With many players already given up on the game, all eyes will be fixed on EA Sports to see if they will do anything to salvage their competitive circuit, especially seeing as though one of the game’s greats have publicly condemned the publishers. Notwithstanding, if they are to entice players back, FIFA 21 must be significantly better than its predecessors.

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