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Intergalactic Gaming Australia Bushfire Relief Campaign

                                                                                                                Supported by CoinSpot


The 2019/2020 Australian Bushfires continue to be one of the most devastating events in our known history. It is estimated that over 2,200 homes have been destroyed, with a reported 28 fatalities.

The ecological devastation is calculated to be more than 107,000 square kilometres. 107,000 square kilometres of land has been burned. To put this into context, the whole of England spans across 130,000 square kilometres — the sheer scale of these fires are unimaginable.

This has resulted in an estimated 480 million creatures, and up to a third of New South Wales koala bear population that have perished in the fires. The ecological loss is unprecedented, and the financial toll on the people of Australia is insurmountable as they aim to not only survive, but rebuild and recover.

Photograph of individual giving water to koala bearPhotograph of individual giving water to koala bear

Australia’s bushfire season is still yet reach its peak, and as these fires continue, it is anticipated they will eventually spread to different areas, subsequently increasing the level of damage and losses sustained thus far.

Many of our community members are in Australia. Some have been affected directly, others indirectly. So, it is with this connectivity, that we encourage not only our own, but the wider crypto community at large, to collectively do what we can to increase the assistance to those most affected.

Intergalactic Gaming is therefore pleased to announce that we will be launching a ‘Bushfire Relief Campaign' with the support of the Australian cryptocurrency exchange, CoinSpot. CoinSpot has kindly assisted us by providing their services and assisting us in gathering donations. Once all donations have been collected, CoinSpot will utilise their easy-to-use platform to convert all crypto donations to fiat (AUD) and donate the funds directly to Australian registered charities. Together, we will provide a trusted, transparent, and legitimate funnel for members of the crypto community to safely donate to those most affected using their crypto assets.


Founded in 2013, CoinSpot is one of the largest, and most trusted Australian cryptocurrency exchanges. Located in Melbourne, Victoria CoinSpot is perfectly positioned to receive cryptocurrency donations and liquidate into Australian Dollars (AUD).

CoinSpot has agreed to donate all funds deposited into the digital wallets below to Australian registered charities who are assisting with the Bushfire relief.

With support from CoinSpot, Intergalactic Gaming will utilise its social media presence, business partners and our network to drive engagement towards the ‘Australian Bushfire Relief Wallets’.

  • Maximising our outreach will be highest priority by engaging our partners and broader network to bring awareness to this effort
  • Hosting a series of tournaments over the coming months on our platform, engaging our professional esports and network partners, with all proceeds going to the ‘Australian Bush Fire Relief Wallet’.

We would like to thank CoinSpot for opening three crypto wallets specifically for the ‘Australia Bush Fire Relief’ that will accept donations of:

Bitcoin (BTC) - 14E6fV8Pt9KRPGunnVsCkBtU2VSaUyGMjr

Ethereum (ETH) - 0x2b1826d59395946840772cB98ef2B8511F1CbF5C

Tron (TRX) - TKSKNrbpwM9p8BarU6ZzMwT6CiEmwjswyT

All proceeds in these wallets will be converted by CoinSpot into AUD funds and donated to the following registered charities:

Wildlife Rescue - WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service), Wildlife Victoria & Wildlife Rescue South Coast

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners


It is important to note that as the fires continue and as the season develops, organisations receiving funds may change, but understand that all donations will go towards aiding those victims and who are working directly as a result of the fires.

The above wallet addresses are now LIVE and ready to receive donations. We look forward to sharing with you our promotional plans and fund raising events in the very near future.

For more information please visit: https://www.coinspot.com.au/firerelief



Disclaimer: As donations will be made via Crypto, they will not be eligible for any tax deduction or receipts within Australia.

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