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First Call of Duty Tournament in IGGalaxy


First Call of Duty Tournament in IGGalaxy - Gunfight 2v2!

We are pleased to share details of our first team-based Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tournament in IGGalaxy, our social competitive gaming platform.

This article serves to provide the initial details of this competitive gaming tournament taking place early next month. Please note this is the very first Call of Duty tournament to be hosted using our public beta.

We will gradually increase the size and frequency of competitions as we continue to optimise the user experience. Following optimisation, we will enhance the Call of Duty competitive gaming experience through increased formats, features and dynamics to competing on our competitive gaming platform.

Competitive Call of Duty in IGGalaxyCompetitive Call of Duty in IGGalaxy

Call of Duty Tournament Details:

  • Date: Wednesday 11th March 2020
  • Entry Fee: FREE
  • Region: UK & Europe

Please note: This is to ensure maximum enjoyment from participants by reducing likeliness of poor latency. We will host a subsequent tournament for those in North America.

  • Platforms: Cross-play (PC or Console)
  • Tournament Type: Single Elimination
  • Tournament Size: 8 squads
  • Squad Size: 2 players
  • Games Per Round: Best of 1 game.

All matches are played with one game to determine winner. The finals will be best of 3.

  • Game mode: Gunfight
  • Map: For this tournament, there will be a specified map that must be played on across all matches in that round. Please see round times below for the specific maps to be played per round.
  • Round times: Call of Duty Tournament Round Times - 11/03/2020Call of Duty Tournament Round Times - 11/03/2020

  • Prize: IGG reward distributed to players of squad equally, dependent on placement:

Call of Duty Tournament Prize Pool - 11/03/2020Call of Duty Tournament Prize Pool - 11/03/2020

How to Enter

The tournament has not gone live in IGGalaxy, just yet. This update will be pushed to live production next week, along with other planned features and upgrades.

We will provide further communication through our usual channels in the next few days when we push the tournament live. The tournament will operate on a first come first serve basis, so make sure you are ready with your squad of two!

To participate, you must:

  1. Create an account at www.iggalaxy.com
  2. Add your gamertag and Activision ID to your profile ( eg Galactican#4316555 )
  3. Create your own team in IGGalaxy, or join a friends
  4. Create or join a Call of Duty dedicated squad within a team
  5. Player in squad with relevant permissions (owner/captain) must enter the tournament with the squad

Please note: teams are the overarching organisation established on the platform and a prerequisite to creating an esports game specific squad. A team can have multiple squads that compete in different esports games supported in IGGalaxy.

How it Works:

Following joining the tournament, you will now be ready to compete in our first Call of Duty tournament!

  • Fixtures will be generated where you will be matched against another squad.
  • ALL squad members must mark as ‘ready’ - you have 15 minutes from the match start time to do so, or the squad will be disqualified.
  • Please ensure promptness to the tournament. We recommend waiting in a lobby with your squad-mate on Call of Duty, ready to battle your opponents.
  • The host squad (on the left hand side of the bracket) must set up a private match on Call of Duty.
  • The host squad captain must add the opponent’s squad captain - the opponents Activision ID will be visible in the ‘Matches’ section on our platform.
  • Invite the opponent squad’s captain to the private match lobby.
  • Make sure settings and map are correct.
  • Play the match(es) against your opponents.
  • ALL players have the option to input the final correct score in IGGalaxy platform, but for the squad captain it is mandatory!

For captains, it is recommended to submit photo evidence along with your scores in-case of a discrepancy in results submitted.

Any discrepancy in results will lead to a dispute which will be handled quickly by a moderator. If you are found to report the incorrect results, you may forfeit all rewards for participating and may have further penalties enforced.

Tournament Rules Overview

Gunfight settings should remain default. Map selected must match the specified maps for each round.

The hosting team is responsible for setting up a private match with the correct settings and the correct map. If the hosting team starts the game with the wrong settings, it will result in penalties.

Dispute Evidence: In the event of a dispute, please provide your screenshot proof when you submit your results.

The issue must be clearly stated as well as the time in the video in which the issue occurred, and/or what the tournament moderator should be looking for in the picture/video.

Call of Duty Gunfight Game Mode

This game mode is essentially a 2v2, multi-round team deathmatch. Round times can be very short, with team size of only two players and one life each.

A team must win 6 rounds to win the match. To emphasise the even playing field in Gunfight, players always have the same loadout. However, the game will force you to use different weapons and play-styles by changing the default loadout every 2 rounds.

That means that you will use at least 3 different loadouts in a game, and as many as 6. Typically, a loadout will include a Primary weapon, Secondary weapon, Tactical grenade and a piece of Lethal Equipment.

Once the time limit elapses in a round, the game shifts into Overtime. If anybody is still alive at this stage, a flag will spawn and players have 10 seconds to capture it (it takes 3 seconds to capture). Capturing the flag wins you the round. If, at the end of Overtime, there are still players alive and the flag has not been captured, the round ends and the team with the most remaining health wins.

Final Note

We are extremely looking forward to this historic moment where we host our first team-based esports tournament on our social competitive gaming platform public beta.

It is another positive step forward as we continue building IGGalaxy to provide the most value to gamers and teams. It is the first step for Call of Duty and we look forward to sharing with you our article introducing competitive Call of Duty to IGGalaxy. This will provide greater insight into the direction in which competitive Call of Duty will evolve from its initial introduction.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

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