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Fortnite: Battle Royale - Eliminate the Virus Cup - Details

Following the initial public beta release of IGGalaxy, we had outlined our intentions to offer competitive support for esports games that appeal to gamers outside of the competitive FIFA community.

Over the past week, we have hosted numerous Call of Duty and FIFA 20 tournaments. Now, our first competitive Fortnite tournament has gone live in IGGalaxy! Prepare yourselves for the initial deployment of our final esports game for this quarter.

This article provides the official details of our first Fortnite competition; Eliminate the Virus Cup!

Intergalactic Gaming, Featuring FortniteIntergalactic Gaming, Featuring Fortnite

‘Eliminate the Virus’ Tournament - Details

  • Game: ****Fortnite
  • Mode: Battle Royale
  • Date: Sunday 22 March
  • Entry Fee: FREE
  • Region: Europe & NA
  • Platforms: Cross-play
  • Tournament Format: Bracket - Single Elimination
  • Maximum Players: 32 players
  • Round Times: Fortnite Battle Royale Eliminate the Virus Cup Round TimesFortnite Battle Royale Eliminate the Virus Cup Round Times

  • Prizes**:** 3,000,000 IGG (currently worth ~£160) Fortnite Battle Royale Eliminate the Virus Cup Prize PoolFortnite Battle Royale Eliminate the Virus Cup Prize Pool

How to Enter

To join the tournament, you must:

  1. Create an account at www.iggalaxy.com
  2. Add your Epic Username to your IGGalaxy account via profile settings
  3. Find ‘Fortnite Battle Royale Eliminate the Virus Cup’ tournament in the Tournament section of the platform and enter
  4. In the tournament overview, click join tournament

Tournament Rules Overview

Fortnite players are competing to accumulate the most amount of eliminations within a game. The player with the most amount of eliminations at the end of the game will be the winner.

In the event of a tie in eliminations, please see the below:

  • Please submit a dispute alongside your elimination score submission and upload your Match Stats as evidence - the tournament moderator will then determine the winner on the basis of:
  1. The player with the highest 'damage to players' will be awarded the win (+1 to the final eliminations inputted in the score submission)
  2. The player with the most 'assists' will be awarded the win. (+1 to the final eliminations inputted in the score submission)

Please note: If you do not submit evidence and your opponent does then we may grant the win to your opponent.

*If neither 1 or 2 determine a winner, the match will be replayed as a sudden death with the first person to get a elimination being the winner.

The way it works

  • Step 1: The host will create the lobby and invite the opposing squad using their Epic username. Players Epic username can be found on the 'Matches' section in the Tournament Overview. Please be sure when sending friend requests in-game that you are searching by Epic username, not the device you are playing on.
  • Step 2: Once all players participating in the match are in the lobby and everyone is ready, the hosting player may start the match in a Public Battle Royale: Duos.
  • Step 3: Players will play and attempt to accumulate the most eliminations possible during their game. The player with the most eliminations during a game will be awarded the win. For tie-breaking situations, read above under the "Race To Win" section.
  • Step 4: Once the match is complete, you must report the outcome on your 'Matches' section of the tournament. If no option is seen, please refresh your page. In the event of a dispute, please submit sufficient evidence.

IMPORTANT: For evidence, please take a picture of your 'Match Stats' screen when finish game of Fortnite Battle Royale. Submit this picture alongside your results in the 'Matches' section of the tournament.


Please ensure to read the full rules in the tournament overview page and feel free to ask any questions to tournament moderators.

  • Fixtures will be generated where you will be matched against another player.
  • ALL squad members must mark as ‘ready’ - you have 15 minutes from the match start time to do so, or you will be disqualified.
  • Please ensure promptness to the tournament. We recommend waiting in a lobby ready.
  • Make sure settings.
  • Play the matches against your opponents.
  • ALL players must input the final correct score in IGGalaxy platform

Dispute Evidence: In the event of a dispute (discrepancy of results), please provide your screenshot evidence when you submit your results.

IGG Rewards:

  • You must have an active TRON wallet associated to your IG account which is set as your ‘Gaming Wallet’
  • All IGG rewards must be claimed within 14 days
  • Please be aware that any disqualifications will result in IGG rewards being forfeited.
  • All expired and forfeited rewards will be distributed back to the official prize pool wallet.

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