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Galactican Founders Token (GFT) Sale - Round 2 Resumes

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Galactican Founders Token (GFT) Sale — Round 2 Resumes

The GFT sale was suspended during the public beta launch, but we are pleased to share the news that Round 2 has resumed, so you can now purchase this token from your IGWallet. Remember, you can also buy TRX from your wallet too.

Round 2 of GFT sale resumes!Round 2 of GFT sale resumes!

Below, have provided the key aspects of GFT and the sale, including how to purchase and the benefits of doing so.

Details of Round 2

  • Start date: 15/12/2019
  • Start time: 18:00 GMT
  • End time: until Round 2 sells out.

There will only be 250 from the 400 initially allocated for this round. The remaining 150 will be retained for testing, competitions, and reserved for future marketing strategies.

Once Round 2 has concluded, the remaining 500 allocation for Round 3 will be able to purchase for 15,000 TRX.

Who is the GFT for?

By purchasing GFT, you are directly supporting Intergalactic Gaming through the pre-purchase of services and other benefits; you are supporting Intergalactic Gaming in the next phase of the execution plan, namely the commercialisation and scaling of the platform. Having launched our public beta, this sale will specifically support our marketing strategies to acquire and retain users within the IGGalaxy.

In exchange for this support, the GFT provides a great opportunity: a lifetime premium subscription to the IG platform while also receiving multiple other benefits.

What’s more, holding a GFT provides exclusive cosmetics, in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ensuring true ownership. Over the last few decades, we have seen gamers secure gamertags and usernames to express themselves and stand out from others. Now, skins, avatars and many more customisable aspects provide gamers with a greater degree of expression.

Benefit of Purchasing GFT

The benefits of GFT are valuable to anyone who intends to use the platform. The limited quantity and exclusive benefits attached provide holders with continuous benefits, whilst still being tradable.

The benefits of purchasing a GFT include:

  • Supporting Intergalactic Gaming directly.
  • Lifetime premium membership to the IGGalaxy — premium subscription is provisionally priced at £6.99/$8.97 per month.
  • Exclusive cosmetics: unique items for user and team profile.
  • No transactional fees in the IGGalaxy’s Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE).
  • Early access to new features deployed within the IGGalaxy.
  • Access to exclusive giveaways.
  • Discounts for any of our ticketed events.

How to Purchase GFT

  1. Log in to the IGGalaxy:;
  2. Open wallet and select “Purchase GFT”;
  3. Confirm 12,500 TRX for 1 GFT. If you wish to purchase more than one, you will need to do so in separate transactions.

With the integration of Carbon’s infrastructure, remember that you can purchase TRX directly via your IGWallet. To do so, click ‘buy TRX’ in the wallet section and purchase with your credit card or Apple Pay. The fee for the transaction is 3.75%.

Please note:

  • To participate, you must have an account, an active wallet associated with your account, and TRX (including energy or TRX to cover cost) for transaction.
  • The smart contract will only allow 1 GFT purchase per transaction to prevent ‘whales’ purchasing all GFT in one transaction. This will not compromise your ability to purchase more than 1 GFT.
  • Due to the sale of tangible benefits associated with the GFT (such as the lifetime subscription), Intergalactic Gaming must pay 20% value-added tax (VAT), the above prices also include VAT.

750m IGG Token Burn Incentive

With the first 100 GFT being sold, we have reached our first milestone, so 75m of the 750m IGG incentive will be burned!

GFT Sold (%)GFT SoldIGG Burned

The table above has been updated, as we will retain 150 GFT.

Please note that this burn incentive will take place following from the conclusion of the GFT sales. You can see the 750m IGG token allocation, currently valued at $80,000+, in our burn wallet.

Redeeming the Benefits of your GFT

In order to receive the benefits of your GFT, a user will be required to deposit their GFT into a smart contract, which will soon be available on the IGGalaxy. The purpose of this will be be ensure the user has true ownership of a GFT and the benefits can only be attached to one account at a time.

By withdrawing the GFT from the smart contract, the user would no longer be able to receive the benefits.

More on this process will be revealed when appropriate.

GFT to NFT Conversion

Users will be able to convert their GFT to a non-fungible tokens (NFT) later this year.

These NFTs will allow platform users to customise their profiles with unique cosmetics, whilst also having access to the exclusive benefits associated with holding a single GFT token. These include a lifetime premium subscription to the IGGalaxy, the ability to create numerous teams and squads to compete in as many tournaments as possible, as well as much more. You can read more about our freemium subscription model here.

More information will be provided surrounding GFT and its conversion later this quarter.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

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