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How do tournaments work in IGGalaxy?


How do tournaments work in IGGalaxy?

Our social competitive gaming platform serves to provide a fun and rewarding experience to gamers of all levels, whilst seeking to uphold fairness and integrity. IGGalaxy aims to provide a new and exciting space where players, teams, competition organisers, brands and observers can come together through their passion for competitive gaming.

Let’s take a look at how online esports tournaments in IGGalaxy currently operate!

The important thing to know about IGGalaxy esports tournaments is that they are all automated. The tournament has a set beginning and end time, which cannot be altered. Punctuality is therefore essential to ensure efficient tournaments.

These five steps will give you an idea of how tournaments work in IGGalaxy. Please note, though, that this is a working document and may change subject to platform development.

IGGalaxy: social competitive gaming.IGGalaxy: social competitive gaming.

5 Steps to Competing in IGGalaxy!

  1. First up: ‘Ready’ up!
    • You MUST ready up at the start of every round, essentially checking in.
    • The ‘Ready’ button appears at the start of every round in your ‘Lobby’. Your Lobby is available on the tournament page as a tab if you’re using a desktop or a drop-down list if you’re on a tablet/mobile device.
    • If you do not ready up in the first 15 minutes of each round, you will be disqualified.
  1. Let the battle commence!
    • You will need to add your opponents online gaming username (found in the Lobby) and play your match.
    • The host is on the left or top of the fixture depending on what device you are using. Please ensure you check the specific rules for the tournament you’re playing in.
  1. Let us know the result!
    • Please enter the correct results and provide photographic evidence of your victory or defeat.
    • Please be honest and even report the result if you lose as everyone receives IGG tokens for participating anyway! If you provide an incorrect score, you may be disqualified.
  1. Claim your IGG rewards!
    • Once you have exited the tournament, your rewards will be available in ‘Prizes’ if this is your first time. ‘Prizes’ is available on the tournament page as a tab if you’re using a desktop or a drop-down list if you’re on a tablet/mobile device.
    • Simply press ‘Claim’ and your rewards will be sent to you in a flash! Following from this, any IGG tokens you earn from tournaments will automatically be sent to your gaming wallet.

  1. Repeat! We want to see you all return with your friends for more opportunities to receive IGG rewards for doing what you love to do: GAME!

Things to note:

  • Forfeiting:
    • If you can no longer participate, you can leave by pressing the ‘Forfeit’ button in your Lobby.
  • Disputes:
    • Once you have pressed the ‘Ready’ button in your Lobby, you will have the ability to create disputes against your opponent. The button to create a dispute is available in your Lobby, next to ‘Forfeit’.
    • You can create manual disputes for a variety of reasons, including: fielding ineligible teams, playing on the incorrect map, manipulating in-game mechanics, inviting another user to play with them and so on; submitting these disputes requires proof, though.
      • Once the moderator is satisfied they have reached a fair conclusion based on the evidence, they will make a decision.
    • When players submit conflicting results, an automatic dispute will be triggered. In the event of this, tournament moderators will resolve the dispute by determining the final result.
      • Providing a screenshot of your results is crucial to supporting the tournament moderators, and the overall tournament itself. Minor conflicts in results will be overlooked by tournament moderators; however clearly trying to deceive tournament moderators will not be tolerated.
  • Tournament moderators only have a round to ensure that players ready up, play their match, submit results; disputes naturally put pressure on that. Please support tournament moderators during tournaments if you are involved.
  • In the event that a player is disqualified from a tournament, they will forfeit their rewards for that tournament.
  • We will ban temporarily — or permanently in extreme cases — players that are abusive/toxic towards any other user on the platform immediately.
  • If you have any issues, you can always contact a moderator in the tournament chat (available on the ‘Overview’ area of the tournament page). You can also send us a personal message at any time by clicking the ‘messaging icon’ in the top notification bar and searching for IG_Support.

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