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How to use your IGWallet


How to use your IGWallet

Now you have created a wallet, you are ready to start exploring what you can do with it in our social competitive gaming platform.

Below, we have provided a screenshot of a typical wallet once created on a user account in the IGGalaxy. We have labelled particular areas of the wallet with numbers so that we can provide clear guidance on the current functionality of the IGWallet.

IGWallet Dashboard

Please refer to the screenshot while reading the table to understand what the labelled aspect of the IGWallet dashboard is for.

IGWallet operations and details outlined below.IGWallet operations and details outlined below.

1Navigate between wallets.If you have multiple wallets, click this to switch between them.
2Send, receive, buy/sell TRX and more!Perform various actions with this section, including transfers of tokens and purchase/sale of TRX for fiat (cash). You are also able to export your wallet to obtain your private key. More features to come soon.
3‘Gaming Wallet’ selection.Allows you to set a ‘Gaming Wallet’. This is where all rewards from competitions will be sent to.
4Public address (receiving wallet address).This is your public address; it is like your email address for PayPal. It is required for sending any TRON-based (TRC) tokens.
5Balance display.TRX balance, “Energy” and “Bandwidth” display.
6QR code.This is the QR code for your wallet. Scan to bring up public address and to transfer tokens quickly.
7Balances.Where your token balances are displayed.
8Add new wallet.Add another wallet to your account.

Set as 'Gaming Wallet

By selecting a wallet as your 'Gaming Wallet', you can now earn rewards by competing in esports competitions in the IGGalaxy.

Export Wallet

By clicking ‘More’, highlighted in the box labelled “2”, you can export your wallet.

You will need to re-enter your wallet password to receive your private key. Please keep this secure! You will now be able to use this private key to login to various other platforms, including:

By importing the wallet into either of these platforms, you will now be able to interact with various other applications on the TRON network, including exchanges to trade TRX and IGG tokens.

To Buy/Sell TRX

We have integrated our partner, Carbon’s fiat gateway infrastructure to support users to purchase TRX with fiat.

To do so, click ‘Buy TRX’ in the box labelled “2”. This will open up a window which enables you to purchase TRX for cash, using traditional payment methods.

To sell your TRX, click the ‘hamburger’ “1” menu to reveal more functions. Select ‘Sell’ and enter how much you wish to sell and follow the instructions.

Carbon’s integrated fiat gateway available via IGWallet.Carbon’s integrated fiat gateway available via IGWallet.

Now you can use your IGWallet, check out how to earn and use IGG tokens.


We appreciate that this new way of exchanging value is different and can take some time to get used to. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. If you have any questions, please feel free to:

  • email us: support@iggalaxy.com
  • speak directly to our team and community admins on Telegram where you can get quick help on basic issues or questions

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

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