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IG Co-Founders' First DLive Stream!


IG Co-Founders' First DLive Stream

Josh and Naeem hosted their first DLive stream on Sunday night, which was fairly eventful to say the least…

What is DLive? Founded in 2017, DLive is the world’s first, and largest, streaming platform built on blockchain technology. In September 2018, the decentralised streaming platform eventually launched. DLive users are currently rewarded in Lino Points (known as Lemons); like IGG, TRX and other digital assets, it is a digital currency utilised within DLive’s ecosystem.

In contrast to popular centralised streaming platforms, DLive follows the trend of offering a greater percentage of viewer donations and subscriptions to content creators.

DLive’s current earnings distributionDLive’s current earnings distribution

And for content consumers, DLive’s treasure chest feature is a mechanism used to reward members of the community for supporting content creators: the more consumers engage with streamers, the quicker the treasure chest accumulates Lemon. Once a chest has more than five Lemon, streamers can distribute chest rewards to the community, with the option of adding their own Lemon to the chest rewards if they choose to do so.

The Future of Decentralised Streaming: DLive Joins the TRON Ecosystem!

As 2019 drew to a close, Justin Sun and TRON ended the year with huge news: DLive will soon migrate to the TRON blockchain!

DLive and BitTorrent, the two decentralised streaming platforms, will initially collaborate t o bring peer-to-peer (P2P) content sharing and live streaming to end-users. The idea is that DLive will utilise BitTorrent’s File-Sharing System (BTFS), a distributed file sharing and storage system. DLive will continue to operate on the Lino blockchain until it has fully migrated to the TRON network, and merges with BitTorrent, eventually rendering all of DLive’s content truly decentralised.

In terms of exposure and growing infrastructure, this is huge news for the mainstream adoption of the TRON protocol. It was only last April that popular streamer PewDiePie migrated to DLive’s streaming platform after all. **So, the future of TRON’s decentralised entertainment platform is looking very promising indeed.

According to Justin’s livestream yesterday, DLive’s migration to TRON will occur around the 15 April 2020. At this time, the Lino blockchain will no longer be live as the support will be discontinued. You can read more about yesterday’s update here, which includes further information surrounding BTT’s integration into DLive.

TRON’s Secret Project

According to a Tweet recently posted by Justin Sun, a secret project involving BitTorrent and DLive is in the works, which will compete against the likes of Twitch, Periscope and YouTube, and Netflix. For now, all we can do is speculate, but one thing is for certain: all eyes will be fixed on what materialises from this “secret project” that will create “at least multibillion benefits’ and ‘attract at least another 100 million new users.”

Episode 1: Galactic Battles

Galactic Battles: Episode 1.Galactic Battles: Episode 1.

The format for Galactic Battles: Episode 1 involved our co-founders competing in three titles to establish who was the better competitive gamer. Whilst the title of best competitive gamer brings with it its own bragging rights, the loser would in fact have a forfeit: a shaved head.

If you don’t laugh, you’ll most definitely cry.If you don’t laugh, you’ll most definitely cry.

With a lot at stake, Josh and Naeem would compete in a best-of-three in Mortal Kombat 11, FIFA 20, and Fortnite. Unfortunately it was not Naeem’s day, and he ended up losing the head-to-head — and his hair.

Unlucky mate.Unlucky mate.

Catch up with some of the content on YouTube!

Co-Founders Respond to the Community’s Questions

Here were some key questions from Sunday’s Q&A.

When can we create our own tournaments?”

While the ability for users to create tournaments is important for the proliferation of competitions in the IGGalaxy, we must first ensure the user journey is as streamline as possible. The tournament creation module has been tested in-house thoroughly, specifically, we must ensure the automation of the tournament is perfected.

Once this has been fully optimised, we will then deploy the tournament creation module for the FIFA 20 esport title. This includes not only single-player, but also team-based FIFA tournaments. Following from this, the feature will receive updates, such as new titles and formats.

As previously outlined, users will have the option to add prize pools to their tournaments, which will operate through a smart contract. Tournament organisers will initially offer IGG or TRX prize pools, allocating the prize distribution to first, second, and third-placed participants; the remaining pool of rewards will be calculated on our platform’s backend, and distributed to the remaining participants.

What’s great about this feature is that it is not exclusive to gamers. The tournament creation module, and more generally IGGalaxy, allows anybody to participate in the esports economy, offering the ability to earn residual income from the creation of competitions, establishment of teams, or even moderating competitions.

Will IGLabs be ready this year?

Yes, but IGLabs will not be deployed in its entirety this year as it will be a long term development project. It will be steady process for deploying features when our competitive gaming platform begins to mature.

Realistically, we will spend the year iterating the application’s features, so by the end of the year, in line with our forecasted 50,000 user base, is when we expect utility for ORB begin to come into effect. At this point, we can expect our mission to converge the overlapping gaming and blockchain industry to be more effective.

In relation to the trading of ORB and the IGG trading area in general, TronWatchMarket ceases to exist. As a result, there is presently no place to trade partner and ORB tokens. However, we will be working on numerous solutions over the year, including more IGG trading areas in partner exchanges. Furthermore, we have always intended to have a digital asset exchange within our marketplace.

We thank the community for their patience with this and will keep you informed of any updates.

IG is mostly known within the TRON ecosystem. How do you plan to enter the esports mainstream arena and encourage adoption amongst your target end-users?”

We agree that this has been the case, but over the last few months, particularly with the launch of our public beta, our Galacticans United FIFA players’ followers, and most recent partnership with Mixtape Madness we have witnessed an influx of gamers entering the ecosystem.

To attract users outside of the crypto space, creating something with real-world utility, a good product market fit and a large total addressable market is key. Esports is a very nascent industry with a large addressable market, and considering the positive reception our first FIFA 20 tournaments received, this validates our value proposition further.

If we look to the current competitive FIFA landscape, there is an absence of a dedicated reliable platform. As we continue to iterate the IGGalaxy, we will strategically deploy features that will ensure we cater to the needs of the gaming community. The important factor here is that we create a product that is not only centred around the gamer, but bespoke to the nuances of the fragmented competitive gaming industry at large.

With regards to adoption, we must ensure that the foundations are set in place so we can actively market the IGGalaxy for maximum efficiency, so expect influencers, further tournaments and content strategies; this is what we believe will support this adoption.

Your partnership with Mixtape Madness seems a little one-sided. How come they have not been vocal about this partnership?”

We have been in communication with Mixtape Madness for some time now, and can confirm that they are excited about this partnership as much as we are — their activation was immediately followed by the deployment of our public beta after all.

Whilst we can appreciate that there have only been a few details released, the scope of this partnership is vast as we bring together two very exciting industries in competitive gaming and music. In line with our marketing drive to acquire further users, and platform optimisation of course, we will see the fruits of our partnership with such an exciting brand.

Nwah’s Story

Intergalactic Gaming is community-driven; without our community, we would not be where we are today. Nwah, an active member of our community from the very first day is unfortunately battling cancer. To support him during this truly difficult time, the first episode of Galactic Battles aimed to support his fundraiser. It was incredible to see the community raise $1,500 to support Nwah and his family.

Read more about Nwah’s battle and help in whatever way you can — even a share can go a long way!

Follow IGGalaxy on DLive!

There were many positives to draw from Sunday’s first episode of Galactic Battles. First and foremost, as our co-founders’ first live stream, it was an opportunity to test what worked well, and what we could potentially expand to maximise exposure, excitement, and engagement. In terms of the Q&A, we appreciate that there may have been some of you that did not have time to submit questions. For this reason, we will leave the form active, so those that may have missed out can still submit questions that our co-founders will answer in the next Q&A.

Follow us on DLive now; who knows who will feature next in our Galactic Battles series!

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