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IG x Carbon Partnership Fiat Integration into the IGGalaxy

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IG x Carbon Partnership: Fiat Integration into the IGGalaxy

It is with great excitement that we unveil a partnership with Carbon, a fintech firm based in New York. Carbon’s mission is to build a global financial framework through AI and distributed ledger technology, with the aim of providing user-friendly payment solutions within the blockchain space.

IG x Carbon partnership.IG x Carbon partnership.

With the backing of major investors — FirstMark, General Catalyst, DCG, and Plug and Play to name a few — Carbon’s underlying value resides in their stable coin, CarbonUSD, which is live on the Telos, TRON, EOS, and Ethereum open blockchains.

We will initially integrate Carbon’s fiat gateway to allow users to purchase and sell TRX, but following the public beta launch, we will extend this to IGG.

Significance of Partnership

This significance of this fiat integration must not be underestimated. With the initial platform launch taking place this quarter, we will see new users joining the IG platform to compete in tournaments; a large portion of these will be exposed to crypto-assets for the first time.

We must reduce the steps to acquire IGG (and TRX). What’s more, gamers having the ability to earn rewards that can be immediately converted to fiat and sent to their bank account — or vice versa — will be huge!

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