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IG x Mixtape Madness Partnership Announcement


IG x Mixtape Madness Partnership Announcement

A very much prominent entity in the UK’s music scene, we extend our warmest of welcomes to Mixtape Madness to the IG family!

With this partnership, we look forward to working towards further converging music and gaming, while pushing forward competitive gaming in the UK and globally.

IG x Mixtape Madness partnership.IG x Mixtape Madness partnership.

About Mixtape Madness

Mixtape Madness started as a passion project to help young people digitally share their music. Over the last nine years, it has grown into a music discovery platform that has become paramount infrastructure for empowering emerging artists within the UK’s music scene.

They have played a leading role in music discovery, talent acquisition and content curation for UK artists, which are now thoroughly woven into the fabric of the UK’s youth culture. In recent times this has been showcased via talents such as M Huncho, SL, Deno, EO, J Hus and Headie One at the early stages of their careers.

“We are extremely excited of our partnership with Intergalactic Gaming and the IGGalaxy; where gaming and music become one.”

Eddie Agyeman - co-founder of Mixtape Madness

Intergalactic Gaming x Mixtape Madness: The Opportunity ****

Competitive gaming, as you will already know, is hugely popular. The owners of Mixtape Madness (MM) themselves, alongside the majority of the artists they support regularly participate in games like FIFA, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. With MM’s long-term ambitions, entry into gaming and esports presents a fantastic opportunity to converge two very exciting industries in music and video games (competitive gaming, esports and game video content).

After months of discussions with MM, it is clear they have a passionate team who’s brand values are aligned with that of our own. This includes; inclusivity, honesty, passion and then helping providing exposure to grassroots talent, whilst supporting them to access and navigate a very dynamic industry. What’s more, they have an understanding of emerging trends and so their adoption of TRON will be great for the network, but also the wider blockchain community. With such a national presence, they are ideal advocates for the mainstream adoption of the technology.

Intergalactic Madness FIFA 20 Tournaments Coming Soon!

Very soon, we will reveal details of the inaugural tournaments of the IG platform that will activate our newest partner into the IG competitive gaming platform. Allowing all players and esports teams to participate!

Mixtape Madness’ Socials

Make sure to check out MM’s online platforms, including their YouTube which has amassed over 840,000 subscribers!

Website Twitter Instagram YouTube

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

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