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IGGalaxy Freemium Subscription Model

Later this month, we launch IGGalaxy v1.0. The IGGalaxy aims to reduce the widening gap between casual and professional competitive gaming segments within the esports industry.

A key offering of the IGGalaxy is the freemium subscription model, which is our commitment for innovation as we add value to our free and premium services for our existing and future user base.

For Galacticans considering purchasing the Galactican Founders Token (GFT) from the upcoming sale, one of the benefits for the holder is the lifetime premium subscription to the IG platform. This article therefore serves to provide greater insight into our freemium subscription model, specifically the distinction between a free and premium user.

Freemium Subscription Model: What is it?

A subscription model offers predefined benefits on an ongoing basis in exchange for a recurring fee.

The freemium model allows users to receive basic features at no cost and can access richer functionality for a subscription fee.

Because free features are a potent marketing tool, the model allows the IGGalaxy to scale up and attract a user base without expending resources on costly ad campaigns or a traditional sales force. This is through the low barrier to entry and the indefinite free access which is compelling to users.

Freemium Subscription Model Design

The key aspects of the model:

  • Price
    • Pricing is a valuable strategic weapon because it is directly tied to three fundamental growth strategies: acquiring new customers, increasing the value of existing customers, and reducing customer churn.
    • Our subscription pricing strategy is tiered according to features and functionality, starting with two basic tiers (free and premium).

  • Acquiring customers across all channels
    • There is a requirement for a balance between value offered to free and premium users, ensuring that new users are attracted to the platform and existing users become paying customers.
    • Our process for user registration, subscription activation and payment will ensure a seamless user experience for both desktop and mobile. Automation will assist scalability as it ensures accuracy and simplicity.
  • Nurturing and developing customer relationships
    • Strong customer relationships are at the core of the subscription business model.
    • In the subscription economy the vast majority of customer transactions consist of changes to existing subscriptions: renewals, suspensions, add-ons, upgrades, terminations, etc.
    • Therefore, we will provide comprehensive and intuitive tools to help customers easily manage their accounts over the entire subscription lifecycle.
    • We will provide a 24/7 support service, as well as a customer success outreach program to ensure our customers reach their desired outcome from use of the platform.
    • We will closely monitor customer usage and adoption to mitigate churn risk. A stable, happy customer base is essential to compound growth.

  • Measure
    • Subscription businesses are constantly evolving and adapting. Therefore, it is imperative that our model allows for the analysis of key metrics to provide unparalleled insight into customer value and the financial health of our subscription model.

  • Iterate
    • As markets can evolve quickly, with customers’ needs will likely changing over time, it is critical that our pricing and packaging — a strategic weapon for driving growth — is flexible and dynamic.
    • Through our analytics and deep customer insights, we are able to rapidly iterate on pricing models and functionality to maximise user acquisition and conversions to paying customers to increase market share, while not alienating our existing customer base.

  • Scale
    • As our user base begins to grow, there is a need for reliable, enterprise-grade system with services that are built on a secure, mission-critical, and scalable infrastructure.
    • This infrastructure includes seamless integrations with commerce systems, payment gateways, and other technology systems.

Players - Free v Premium

Below, we have provided an insight into what will be available for users, depending on whether they are a free or premium user.

It is also important to note that there will be further segmentation of premium accounts with bespoke bundle of services that cater to different target users; for example, corporate or team premium accounts.

## Feature## Tier I - Free## Tier II - Premium (£6.99)
Create Account/Profile
Creation of IG Wallet
Ranked Mode
Dispute Support
Join Social Club
Chat (**P2P, Group**, Tournament & Match)
Immediate Prize Payouts
Follow & Connect
Find, Join & Play in Competitions
Username✅ Fixed✅ (1 change /month)
Create Team1 team with 1 squadUnlimited teams & squads
Team Roles S**ystem**BasicAdvanced
Join TeamSingle teamUnlimited teams
Join SquadSingle squadUnlimited squads
Apply to teamMax. of 4/monthUnlimited
Sponsored profile searchX
Player Recruitment Posts & Search FiltersBasicAdvanced
Player ContractsX
Customisable Profile ****BasicAdvanced
Create CompetitionsBasicAdvanced
Premium Season PassX
Eligible for Revenue Sharing ProtocolX
Exclusive CompetitionsX
Premium GiveawaysX
Advanced ‘Ready Up’ SystemX
Advanced AnalyticsX
Create & Sell on the Market Place (GGE)BasicAdvanced
Early Access to new featuresX

Payments of Subscriptions

Although IGG will be the central token within the IGGalaxy, it is important to outline that IGG will not be the only payment method accepted for subscriptions. Forcing users to use IGG tokens to pay for services is currently not practical for a number of reasons. The concept of cryptocurrencies are still very much nascent and, is yet to be widely understood as a viable payment option, so we must ensure a seamless transition for our end users.

Purchasing subscriptions and services directly with IGG tokens will often provide a discounted price. However, the IG platform will also have a traditional fiat currency payment system in place to ensure that purchasing subscriptions and services is as convenient as possible.


Having provided an insight into the benefits of becoming a premium user, we will look to provide further insight into the GFT sale and the benefits attached to holding the token in the coming week. The sale will begin shortly after.

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