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IGGalaxy IGPlay Update - More Esports Games Coming in Q4


IGGalaxy: IGPlay Update: 3+ Esports Games Coming in Q4!

Initial development and testing of IGGalaxy began towards the end of 2018, as we hosted our first FIFA 19 tournaments for PS4 and Xbox players. On 24 December 2019, we entered our public beta phase of development, opening up early adoption of IGGalaxy through offering FIFA 20 tournaments in collaboration with our partners, Mixtape Madness, as well as subsequent FIFA 20 test tournaments. In less than one year, we have scaled IGGalaxy horizontally, catering to seven popular esports titles, including: FIFA 20; PES 20; Call of Duty: Mobile; Modern Warfare; Warzone; VALORANT and Fortnite!

So far, during our public beta, we have hosted over 475 tournaments globally for PC, console and mobile gamers. With this explosive growth in competitions and the beginning of marketing to our target audience, IGGalaxy recently exceeded 100,000 registered users! IGGalaxy has already been leveraged by notable brands like Celtic FC, Mixtape Madness and Wall of Comedy, with more eager to collaborate.

It is invigorating for our team — and our community — to see this organic growth, alongside positive feedback from our users at such an early stage of IGGalaxy. We are observing players telling their friends about IGGalaxy, creation of wallets, high participation and even storing of IGG in IGLabs capsules to produce ORB for IGGalaxy!

We are thrilled with what we have achieved in such a short space of time. Looking towards the end of the year, our momentum will only increase, especially as we prepare to enhance existing competitive infrastructures in IGGalaxy and introduce support for further esports games!

The purpose of this article, therefore, will be to provide an insight into the online esports tournaments currently available, followed by an outlook of games our community can expect in the coming final quarter of 2020.

Goodbye FIFA 20; Hello FIFA 21!

From top-tier competitions, to students playing in university halls, sports games will remain relevant and deeply rooted within social competitive gaming culture. FIFA is the world’s leading sports simulator game, and though it does come with its own gameplay and server issues, by and large, the game’s longevity remains consistent in comparison to other esports titles.

FIFA has a loyal fan base and offers IGGalaxy the opportunity to provide both solo and team-based competitions for our users. It is an esport game that brands understand and provides a great entry point for the wider competitive gaming landscape.

FIFA 21 tournaments to be available in IGGalaxy upon launch!FIFA 21 tournaments to be available in IGGalaxy upon launch!

In line with the upcoming release of FIFA 21, IGGalaxy will no longer host FIFA 20 tournaments; instead, this will be replaced with FIFA 21 tournaments!

The next edition of FIFA is set to be released on Tuesday 6 October, and with this release, we will look to host our first FIFA 21 tournament on the following weekend. We look forward to sharing further details regarding FIFA 21 launch and beyond in IGGalaxy!

What about other sports simulator esports games?

We introduced support for eFootball PES 2020 through collaboration with Celtic FC. IGGalaxy hosted a PES tournament series where top players competed for IGG, customised GT Omega chairs and more exclusive prizes from Konami. Konami have partnered with a number of other top-tier football clubs and, with the positive feedback from Celtic, there is scope for further collaboration with these other clubs.

PES players, like gamers of many other segments, lack regular and relevant competitive support. We hope IGGalaxy can be the home for PES players to get together, compete, earn rewards and, most importantly, have fun! On Tuesday 15 September, Konami released the season update for eFootball PES 2021, so as with FIFA, PES 20 tournaments will no longer be available. PES players can expect tournaments for the recent release this week.

Long term, we are very bullish on the competitive component of sports games because of their innate longevity and deep integration in modern social culture. In time, IGGalaxy will naturally offer competitive support for games like NBA 2K, Madden and NHL.

Call of Duty: Mobile, Warzone and Modern Warfare!

Call of Duty is no doubt one of the most popular esports franchises in the world right now. With the recent release of Call of Duty: Mobile and Warzone, Call of Duty have undeniably strengthened their positioning in the market. For their competitive scene, the move to a franchised league model has encouraged long-term commitment and investment into the esport segment.

IGGalaxy currently supports three Call of Duty franchises in Call of Duty: Mobile, Warzone and Modern Warfare. Let’s briefly explore each of these:

Call of Duty: Mobile

Activision added Call of Duty: Mobile to the popular franchise in October 2019 as it quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading competitive mobile games. In its first seven days of release, Call of Duty: Mobile recorded over 100 million downloads — 70 million more than their closest competitor PUBG Mobile!

Mobile games currently account for 50% of the total video games market, demonstrating the huge potential of competitive mobile gaming. We see this particularly in emerging markets — Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East — where smart phone adoption is rapidly evolving; this, coupled with the accessibility of mobile gaming provides the ingredients for IGGalaxy to thrive outside of western markets.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Infinity Ward’s Warzone brings the battle royale genre to the Call of Duty franchise, allowing players to compete individually or in squads of up to four. It is a free to play game, released in March 2020, enabling cross platform play. In April, Activision announced that Warzone had reached 50 million players!

We currently provide fun solo and team based formats for Warzone across numerous regions. The main format revolves around competitors playing in a match together, competing against each other for eliminations! As a social competitive gaming platform, this dynamic provides for players in IGGalaxy to meet others. Though trios and quad-based tournaments are yet to feature in IGGalaxy, there is some degree of scope to diversify the formats on offer to Call of Duty Warzone players.

It is worth noting that a recent job listing for Activision suggests that Warzone will soon feature on mobile devices! According to the job listing — which has since been taken down meaning it could have already been filled — the candidate would be tasked with “harvesting, adapting and delivering the essential features from Warzone on console and PC into their best mobile instantiation.” The listing went on to state that the successful candidate will need to adapt Warzone into a mobile experience and to maintain the necessary aspects of what made Warzone such a success.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Like FIFA, there is usually a Call of Duty title released on a yearly basis; however, unlike FIFA, the newest Call of Duty title does not necessarily replace its predecessor. However, we do expect majority of the player base to purchase the new game and only play that.

The new Call of Duty game will be released in November and we intend to continue offering Modern Warfare tournaments as we expect demand — at least initially — to remain present. Following the release of the next Call of Duty in the franchise series, we will monitor the demand for Modern Warfare tournaments and adjust accordingly.

Prior to the launch of the new Call of Duty, we intend to host a Modern Warfare competition series, yet the format and game mode will be revealed in due course.

Call of Duty: Cold War coming soon!

The next edition in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops Cold War, will be released on 13 November 2020. It goes without saying that this game will feature in IGGalaxy upon its launch!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War tournaments coming soon to IGGalaxy!Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War tournaments coming soon to IGGalaxy!


We introduced Riot Games’ free-to-play first-person shooter, VALORANT recently, shortly following it’s release on 2 June 2020. It can only be played on PC and is a tactical First Person Shooter (FPS) game, with agents that have unique abilities. Think of VALORANT as the baby of CSGO and Overwatch.

IGGalaxy’s growing ability to effectively scale horizontally is unrivalled and therefore we decided to begin providing a competitive infrastructure around a game that looks to have an exciting and long term future within esports. Initially, we carried out Deathmatch tournaments. In these Deathmatch tournaments, the maps are large for 1v1 combat and the objective was to get more eliminations than your opponent in the time limit. As a result, we experienced gamers obtaining an elimination and then running away from their opponent.

Therefore, to ensure players have fun competing, and to add to the competitiveness, we recently opted for 2v2 Spike Rush tournaments instead. In this game mode, the Attackers place a Spike and the Defenders must disarm it, whilst competing for the most eliminations.

Looking ahead, we will add further features to enhance the experience of VALORANT players and teams in IGGalaxy. We expect to support a lot more standard 5v5 competitions once we optimise relevant components of IGGalaxy, such as team/squad creation and recruitment.


Competitive Fortnite in IGGalaxy offers solo and team-based tournaments in Fortnite Battle Royale and the Box Fight game mode. With a player base in excess of 250 million, Fortnite is one of the more popular games for our participants around the world.

Fortnite currently has two key competitive game modes available; these are:

  • Fortnite: Battle Royale
  • Fortnite: Creative

IGGalaxy presently provides competitions for both the Battle Royale and Creative Mode, however, we intend add to this over time to provide more value to the Fortnite players and teams in IGGalaxy.

At least 3 new esports games to feature in IGGalaxy in Q4!

As we near the first-year anniversary since the launch of IGGalaxy’s public beta, we are excited to announce our intentions to implement competitive support for a minimum of three additional titles in Q4! These are in addition to FIFA 21, CoD Black Ops Cold War and Black Salt Coreuption.

A few potential contenders to be introduced in IGGalaxy during Q4:

  • Rocket League
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Star Wars Squadron
  • Chess
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Clash Royale
  • Wild Rift

The games that are selected will be based on numerous factors, with a focus on expanding our user base and value provided. We will determine the games to be supported in the coming weeks, but we are always keen to hear from our community. Which game would you want to see added to the growing list of Intergalactic games?

What else can you expect?

Excluding Europe and North America, IGGalaxy has predominantly focused on solo tournaments. Although players do have the ability to create their own teams and squads, it is important to note that the team creation feature is still in the MVP phase. We have listened to user feedback and understand where the team and squad creation user journey should be optimised to ensure our players can interact with this feature seamlessly.

We have introduced the first version of the Moderator component to IGGalaxy, growing the pool of Moderators to over 20! There will be enhancements to the tools Moderators have at their disposal to ensure efficient tournament operations and a welcoming IGGalaxy.

Furthermore, as our user base grows and demand for competitions increases across the board, we will evolve the way that available tournaments are communicated to users. We will also improve the dashboard to view and find tournaments in IGGalaxy, along with the tournament cards themselves. These changes will be in line with updates we have made to our tournament creation module and will enable users to filter tournaments by parameters such as the game and type of competition.

There is a lot more to come for IGPlay and IGGalaxy in Q4 and beyond. From enhancing existing features to more brands leveraging IGGalaxy, more games, more formats, the public release of the tournament creation module, IGGalaxy app v1.0 release, Observatory release and much more! We look forward to sharing this journey with our growing community of early adopters.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

Twitter Instagram TikTok Facebook Twitch YouTube Discord Telegram LinkedIn Reddit

Relevant News

IGLabs Update: 16/10/2020


IGLabs Update: 16/10/2020

Last month, we announced that we were migrating IGGalaxy’s blockchain infrastructure from TRON to Matic Network, Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution. Our developers have since been implementing the necessary features for TRC20 IG Gold (IGG) holders to convert their tokens to the ERC20 standard, so we can begin the next phase of our journey on Matic’s thriving ecosystem.

October 16, 2020

IGGalaxy esports tournament schedule: 12/10/2020-18/10/2020


IGGalaxy esports tournament schedule: 12/10/2020-18/10/2020

This week, we host our first FIFA 21 tournaments for PS4 and Xbox players in Europe as we carry out our final preparations for our upcoming IGGalaxy esports tournament series! Also, don’t forget that we’ve already confirmed a brand new game to feature in IGGalaxy this month: Rocket League, which we expect will go live towards the latter end of next week!

October 12, 2020

Intergalactic Gaming’s Progress Report: Q3 2020


Intergalactic Gaming’s Progress Report: Q3 2020

As we progress into the final quarter of a very explosive year for IGGalaxy, we want to thank our community who have remained passionate about what we are building while we continue to take vital steps towards establishing IGGalaxy as a globally recognised social competitive gaming platform.

October 7, 2020

IG LitePaper v2 0 Released | Q&A on Thursday 8 October!


IG LitePaper v2 0 Released | Q&A on Thursday 8 October!

We concluded the weekend with the release of our IGGalaxy LitePaper v2.0, a document that serves to provide a greater insight into what we are building, and should be viewed as supplementary to our ‘IGGalaxy Token Economics v1.0’ document.

October 6, 2020


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