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IGGalaxy: Our Journey to 1 Million Users


IGGalaxy: Our Journey to 1 Million Users

In November, we released an article providing you with an insight into the value of IG Gold (IGG). This outlined how our system will create demand. If you have not read this, you can find the link at the end of this article.

The IGG token economy benefits from the network effect. The intrinsic value of IGG increases as more users join the IGGalaxy, and find utility in the token. For this reason, we aim to provide our first insight into our journey to Intergalactic Gaming’s first million users!

IGGalaxy v1.0: Social competitive gaming and esports

After just one year of development, we launched v.1.0 of the IGGalaxy on 24 December. This public beta is the foundation to our social competitive gaming platform.

It allows testing of initial core features and scaling in a controlled public environment, whilst receiving valuable feedback from our users.

This is all fundamental to our long-term success. This process is important as we remain dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of our target market. The gaming, esports, and wider entertainment landscape is rapidly evolving.

The IGGalaxy has been constructed to give our developers flexibility to continuously iterate and innovate. As new games and technology emerge, we will be well positioned to take advantage of opportunities to acquire further users.

Google Analytics: IGGalaxy active usersGoogle Analytics: IGGalaxy active users

In one week, we have grown our user base from just over a thousand monthly active users (MAU) to 2.6k (+160%). By the end of 2020, we forecast capturing approximately 0.3% of the service addressable market as we conservatively aim to increase our monthly active users to over 50,000.

Esport titles supported in the IGGalaxy

Our social competitive gaming platform will initially support two esport titles: FIFA 20 and Fortnite. Once we have firmly established a presence within these esports, we will begin to add more esport titles.

These two titles are market leaders within their respective genres. FIFA 20 is the most popular sports franchise and Fortnite, the hugely popular battle royale, has amassed over 250 million registered accounts!

The popularity of games played and devices used differs across regions. Therefore, additional esport titles to be supported will be chosen based on our go-to-market strategy. We have prioritised the implementation of particular features that are needed for most esport segments. This will make the process of supporting further esport titles streamline.

The table below shows the scale of some of the popular esport titles across devices.

GameTotal Players (approx.)
Arena of Valor200m
League of Legends100m
Apex Legends50m
FIFA 1945m
Call of Duty: Black Ops 440m
Call of Duty: Mobile40m
Dota 213m
NBA 2K9m

Acquisition of competitive gamers and esports teams

In order to be successful in our journey to our first million users, we must acquire new competitive gamers and esports teams. Our user acquisition strategy is based on targeting segments within the gaming industry in an authentic manner. With the objective of creating sustained organic growth, we will highlight the features and benefits of joining the IGGalaxy for our target users.

The initial launch will focus on the millennial gamers of our supported titles, FIFA 20 and Fortnite. Millennials are early adopters and have grown with the internet, gaming, and social networking. They are considered digital natives, and so, are set to be the first generation of life-long gamers:

  • They represent the key early adopters and influencers in our market
  • These individuals are going through a life stage in which they are very social
  • They spend significant time playing video games with friends and growing a social network.
  • 7/10 believe it is their responsibility to share feedback with brands when they have a good or bad experience.
  • They actively seek, and are willing to adopt new and disruptive products.
  • They are considered most attractive to advertisers and sponsors.

We will also bring in users beyond gamers and teams through the integration of features to cater to these markets. For example, the Observatory allows for viewers to easily follow esports competitions and view matches in the IGGalaxy. They will also be able to follow their favourite players and teams on the different broadcasting/streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch.

Retention of competitive gamers and esports teams

We must not only acquire users, but also build the IGGalaxy to retain users and minimise the churn rate. There are a number of product characteristics that are highly effective in ensuring user retention. These include:

Compelling product The IGGalaxy platform and token economy creates a compelling product and rewarding experience for competitive gamers and esports teams. They can compete in some of the most popular esport titles, with rewards guaranteed by blockchain technology. They can use the global network of the IGGalaxy to begin building their brand and community.

The platform will provide users with a dedicated environment to socialise, build teams and earn rewards for engaging with the ecosystem. It also provides the technical infrastructure for all types of competition organisers to leverage in order to host seamless and enjoyable tournaments for some of the most popular esport titles.

Stickiness To deliver our user targets, it is vital that we recognise the importance of user activity and user retention. Engagement drives stickiness, and so, the key features of our esports platform are therefore specifically designed to drive daily active use. This becoming a seamless extension of our users’ lives. It is this habit-forming pattern of use that we know to be a key factor in driving retention.

As the number of users and competitions increase, we will begin to implement additional features that encourage retention on the platform, such as ranked modes, leaderboards and bounties to name a few.

Final Note

We would like to thank our community for their continued support and patience. The launch of our public beta on 24 December was only the beginning of our journey. We look forward to sharing more insights into our journey to 1 million users.

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