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IGGalaxy partners with Terra Virtua!


28 Dec 2020


We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Terra Virtua, a truly immersive collectible platform. Terra Virtua can be accessed through PC and mobile, combining AR with unique social, gaming and creative experiences. Terra Virtua provides an innovative approach to collecting, showcasing and trading rare digital collectibles!

Following a number of promising discussions with the Terra Virtua team over the past few months, we are deeply impressed by the progress they continue to make. And, now, as we look to embark on a new chapter in our IGGalaxy development, we believe this partnership will no doubt add significant value to our growing competitive gaming ecosystem, offering the ability for us to provide a new value proposition to our Galacticans!

IGGalaxy partners with Terra Virtua!IGGalaxy partners with Terra Virtua!

Gaming, esports and NFT’s: The synergy

With a focus on pushing blockchain, crypto and NFT’s into the mainstream, IG and Terra Virtua are aligned in interests and values.

Esports is in a period of exponential growth, with new opportunities around social, rewards and merchandising. We believe that NFTs have a huge role to play with this, changing the dynamic between games, the player and the wider community. Our partnership will use NFTs to allow IGGalaxy’s users to earn more rewards, share and showcase their rewards in Terra Virtua and engage with them to add even more value to IGG.

Gary Bracey, CEO of Terra Virtua commented “It makes sense for the disruptive new platform in the blockchain space to partner with the most innovative platform in the esports space. The combination is formidable and we welcome the opportunity to work with our Galactic friends!”

Naeem Shabir and Josh Robson, joint CEOs of Intergalactic Gaming said, “We are thrilled to be working so closely with the extraordinary team at Terra Virtua; to be breaking new ground and expanding our user experience by bringing their truly innovative product as rewards to our community. We are looking forward to working together further, to develop more exciting innovations for our users.”

About Terra Virtua Terra Virtua are building an exciting world where you can choose amazing digital merchandise from some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Terra Virtua is also one of the first to tokenise major entertainment IP and bring them to the blockchain world.

Examples of the brands and partners that Terra Virtua have are Paramount, Legendary, movies such as The Godfather, Top Gun and Pacific Rim and TV Shows like Lost in Space.

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IGGalaxy is a new and exciting social competitive gaming and esports platform with over 140k registered users, hosting over 600 tournaments for over 10 esport titles. Whilst still in early beta, IGGalaxy promises to bring together key components and stakeholders of the esports ecosystem in new and exciting ways.

Great NFT rewards will also be available to Galacticans that participate in IGGalaxy tournaments!Great NFT rewards will also be available to Galacticans that participate in IGGalaxy tournaments!

IGGalaxy provides a dynamic competitive infrastructure dedicated to players and teams of all skills through unique rewards distribution infrastructure that ensures all participants are rewarded fairly. IGGalaxy is the first esports platform with an in-built multi-chain digital wallet that allows gamers, (many for the first time) to store, manage and earn crypto-assets! The platform provides a unique approach to increasing awareness and adoption for the nascent technology.

10 Days of IGGalaxy: Recap!

Day 1: IGGiveaway on Instagram! Day 2: First collection of merchandise released! Day 3: Rollout of IGGalaxy’s TCM and launch of IGGalaxy test group! Day 4: IGGalaxy PS5 giveaway! Day 5: PUBG Mobile tournaments coming to IGGalaxy in Q1 2021! Day 6: IGGalaxy Content Bounty System launched!

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