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IGGalaxy Social Competitive Gaming Platform Development Update


IGGalaxy Social Competitive Gaming Platform: Development Update

Since beginning the public beta phase on 24 December 2019, our team has been working hard to continue the momentum into 2020. Today, we are pleased to provide an update in relation to the development expected for IGGalaxy, our social competitive gaming platform.

We have broken down our update, outlining what our community can expect in the coming months, according to the key components of IGGalaxy.

IGGalaxy: home of social competitive gaming.IGGalaxy: home of social competitive gaming.

IGPlay: Esports in IGGalaxy

As you will already know, FIFA 20 is the only game currently supported in the IGGalaxy. To date, FIFA players have competed in head-to-head tournaments in FIFA’s Classic Online and FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game modes.

Throughout our developmental journey, we have clearly articulated how IGGalaxy will offer an inclusive competitive space. At present, our tournament hosting platform is only able to support the two game modes for competitive FIFA; yet this will change very soon. Pro Clubs has huge potential for competitive FIFA, and has long been regarded as EA’s unofficial FIFA esports game mode; we believe it has all the dynamics to take FIFA esports to the next level.

Fortnite and Call of Duty coming to IGPlay soon!Fortnite and Call of Duty coming to IGPlay soon!

And, though, some of you who are not FIFA players may ask “what relevance is this to me?” Well, in fact, enabling this game mode, therefore allows us to expand into our next competitive title, Fortnite and Call of Duty. After a month of working tirelessly, we are nearing the first public roll-out of the team-based competitions; who’s ready to compete in Squads competitions for Fortnite, or a two-vs-two Gun Fight in Call of Duty?!

Members of the community rearing to go!Members of the community rearing to go!

What to expect to in Q1?

Development objectives for February (2020):

  • Optimise the user journey for tournaments hosted in IGGalaxy
  • Final testing and first-phase deployment of team-based competitions
  • Roster selection for team-based competitions
  • Team management and role-assignment for teams and squads
  • Automatic prize distribution for teams
  • Resolving infrastructure scalability issues identified from the last tournament: implementing bug fixes from past tournaments

Development objectives for March (2020):

  • Internal testing and first-phase deployment of tournament creation module
  • Moderator assignment
  • First-phase release of IGGalaxy’s “Observatory”
  • KYC integration

Esports games to be supported in Q1

  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty

Q1 and onwards

As we carry out the above, we will be meticulously assessing the next esports games to introduce into the platform later this year and beyond. This will fit in line with our go-to-market strategy as the popularity of games and devices differ in different countries.

Ultimately, solid foundations will enable the quick scaling of esports games. Turnkey solutions with an agile framework allows us to quickly adapt to cater the nuances of individual esports games.

IGPlay - Competition Formats

For each esports game that we introduce, a competitive infrastructure will be built around the nuances of the title. Over time, we will implement more types of competition formats, which will include:

  • League competitions
  • Bracket-style competitions
  • Team-based competitions
  • Challenge-type competitions

IGPlay: Teams

Users are already able to establish teams and form squads.

Greater team compatibilities coming soon!Greater team compatibilities coming soon!

The team component in IGGalaxy is an important aspect, with huge potential for users, and you will see significant development of features that provide value and make the lives of the players, team owners and supporting staff much easier. This will include smart contracts between players and teams, which we will provide a separate piece to in the near future.


The function of this component is to connect our users with game video content (GVC). The Observatory aims to provide an interactive, engaging and seamless viewing experience in IGGalaxy.

By supporting the major video broadcasting platforms, we enable live and static content consumption. Through the Observatory, users will be able to follow competitions with ease as live games will be in one place.

IGChat & Social Features

Socialising, along with competition, are key motivators for gaming. As a result, it was important for us to build an in-built messaging system that is the backbone of any community. We already have deployed working chat systems for P2P, group, tournament and matches.

Over the next year, the chat system will be developed and new features will be introduced. We will draw inspiration from different social platforms with new innovative ideas that will facilitate the creation of a cohesive and engaged global community. It is the IGChat and other social features that will really bring together our community from all aspects of the IGGalaxy.


Our in-built wallet resolves a barrier to adoption of blockchain applications - requirement for browser extensions like MetaMask and TronLink.

By envisioning IGGalaxy spearheading the adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets, it is important that we provide an in-built user friendly wallet so our users can store and manage their digital assets with ease. It opens up the gates for adoption as gamers and teams play in competitions and earn a new form of reward, sparking curiosity and education.

Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE) - Marketplace

The GGE is the marketplace within IGGalaxy. It will provide a platform for the exchange of value, through the TRON blockchain. Using IGG tokens, users will be able to purchase products or services. It will allow for transactions such as the P2P trading of digital assets (IGG, NFTs and other tokens within IGGalaxy) and new ways for teams, players and others to monetise.

We expect to begin deploying the first version of this GGE in the latter half of this year. This is due to the core IGPlay components being a greater priority than the marketplace presently.

IGGalaxy App

A downloadable application of IGGalaxy is an important milestone that will provide numerous benefits, enabling new features across smartphones and computers. Who knows, this may be out sooner than you think..

Together, we will co-create IGGalaxy!

We have had some really valuable feedback so far on our journey that is always greatly appreciated. It is through this feedback system that we can truly listen to our users and act appropriately. Our goal has always been to co-create IGGalaxy with our community and without them we’d be nothing.

With this in mind, no idea is a bad idea, and so, where we encourage users to share any ideas on our feedback system on the platform.

Final message

As always thanks for being supportive on our mission to create the ultimate social competitive gaming platform. We look forward to sharing the battlefield with you all, whether that is FIFA, Fortnite, or Call of duty in IGGalaxy!

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

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