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IG’s Guide to Using MetaMask


01 Nov 2020

Blockchain & Crypto

If you are wondering how to trade on UniSwap or QuickSwap, MetaMask is your solution. MetaMask is a web3 wallet, available as a browse extension and mobile app. It is multi-chain and allows you to interact with dApps right in your browse or via the app, without running a full node.

We have provided a simple guide on getting set up with MetaMask, including some FAQs and the official contract addresses for IGG, ORB and GFT.

IG’s Guide to Using MetaMaIG’s Guide to Using MetaMa

Step 1. Install MetaMask on your browser

To create a new wallet with MetaMask you need to install the extension first. You can install Metamask for Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Opera browsers. In this guide we will be using Google Chrome as an example, but the workflow is the same for all browsers:

  1. Open or search for “Metamask extension” using your favorite search engine.
  2. Click Chrome to install MetaMask as a Google Chrome extension.
  3. Click Add to Chrome.
  4. Click Add Extension.

You have now successfully installed MetaMask extension!

MetaMask also have a mobile application you can download and use as well! Later in this guide, we will share how you can sync your MetaMask mobile app with your MetaMask extension.

Step 2. Create an account.

The next step is to create an account.

  1. Click on the MetaMask icon in the upper right corner to open the extension.
  2. To install the latest version of MetaMask, click Try it now.
  3. Click Continue.

  4. You will be asked to create a new password. Create a strong password and click Create.

  • Don’t forget to store your password for safekeeping!
  1. Proceed by clicking Next, then accept the Terms of Use.
  2. Click Reveal secret words.
  3. You will see a 12 words backup phrase. Save seed words as a file or copy them to a safe place and click Next.

Security tips: Write this phrase on a piece of paper and store in a secure location. If you want even more security, write it down on multiple pieces of paper and store each in 2–3 different locations. Memorise this phrase.

  1. Verify your secret phrase. When done, click Confirm.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your MetaMask account, with a brand new Ethereum wallet. This web3 wallet will enable you to now interact with Ethereum dApps. You will need to add the Matic network as a custom RPC (see FAQ’s below) to interact with Matic dApps.

While on your browse, your MetaMask extension will prompt you to connect to a dApp (eg UniSwap) that you visit. While on the mobile application, you can use the in-app browse to interact with dApps.

While you can send tokens to your new MetaMask wallet, it is probably quicker to import your Matic or Ethereum IGWallet with your Private Key. You will need to export this from IGWallet and import into MetaMask.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I find my wallet address in MetaMask?

To see your public wallet address in MetaMask, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open MetaMask.
  2. Click on the account name to copy your wallet address to clipboard.

  3. If you want to see details, click the “hamburger menu” button.

  4. Click Account Details.

Here, you can also rename your wallet, view the wallet on Etherscan and export the private key.

How can I set up MetaMask for Matic mainnet?

To add Matic as a custom network, you must:

  1. Click on the network selection button on the top of MetaMask.

Network selection button on MetaMaskNetwork selection button on MetaMask

  1. Select “Custom RPC” to add the Matic mainnet information.
  2. Enter in the Matic mainnet details as follows:

Network Name: Matic Mainnet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 137 Symbol: MATIC Block Explorer URL:

Once you have added the Matic network details above, click on the ‘Save’ button.

How can I sync my MetaMask mobile app with my MetaMask browse extension?

When you download the MetaMask app, you will be able to sync the app with your MetaMask browse extension. To do this, you must download the app and then:

  1. Open the browse extension on desktop/laptop
  2. Go to settings > Advanced
  3. Click on “Sync with Mobile”
  4. Scan the QR code to start syncing

How can I add tokens to MetaMask so they are visible in my wallet? By default, MetaMask only displays ETH you have on your wallet. If you have other tokens on your wallet, you need to add the token to display this information.

To add a token:

  1. Open MetaMask.
  2. Click Menu.
  3. Click ‘Add Token’.
  4. Select “Custom Token”.
  5. Enter the smart contract address of a token you want to add. Please ensure you insert the right contract address of the token you wish to add.
  1. Click Next.
  2. Click Add Tokens. That’s it! now you see a new token in the list!

Can I import my MetaMask wallet into IGGalaxy?

Yes - but you must import your MetaMask wallet to IGWallet with your Private Key and not the recovery phrase.

Official Token Contract Addresses:

You will need the following addresses to add custom tokens to your MetaMask Ethereum and Matic wallets. We have also provided the relevant links to Etherscan (Ethereum) and Matic Network block explorers.

IGG Token

Ethereum - 0x8FfE40A3D0f80C0CE6b203D5cDC1A6a86d9AcaeA Matic - 0xe6FC6C7CB6d2c31b359A49A33eF08aB87F4dE7CE

ORB Token

Ethereum - 0xa7b12e22f318762F76a9a179C86bABcb02E62734 Matic - 0x5a2fdF906ada9353eBe496Fa5D351B39f8908d19

GFT Token

Ethereum - 0xF8dd0D8e2b646589E2273803c4fEF8a7Da8D6AdB Matic - 0xc10aAcff41Af60BfCfaba3A03099c4AEdB113E15

How to Transfer your Assets from Ethereum between Matic Chain

Two bridges are available to move your assets between Matic and Ethereum. We have implemented both the Plasma and POS bridge in IGWallets via the ChainSwap feature.

Please read to this simple guide on how you use the ChainSwap feature in your IGWallet before using it!

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