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Importance of Competitive Gaming Platforms to Esports


Importance of Competitive Gaming Platforms to Esports

Competition, at any level, has always played a key role in driving the video games industry forward. It is the intrinsic desire from a large number of gamers that has conceived the electronic sports, or esports industry.

When it comes to esports, the way people compete has changed as technology has advanced and the video games industry has matured. Esports is now the fastest-growing segment within the video games industry. This is unsurprising considering the demand for competition continues to increase. With the maturation of the internet, and accessibility of video games as an entertainment activity, the global competitive gaming infrastructure has evolved, growing at a rapid rate.

Competitive gaming platforms play an impactful role in the modern day esports industry. The objective of this article is provide an insight into the importance of competitive gaming platforms on the esports industry.

How the esports industry works

To provide an understanding of the important role that competitive gaming platforms plays in the esports industry, it is worthwhile to provide an overview of what the esports value chain looks like.

Esports EcosystemEsports Ecosystem

The esports industry, just like traditional sports, is composed of various stakeholders that interact and exchange value with one another. For an esport ecosystem to thrive, this value chain must be considered and nourished at all touch-points.

Esports Competition Organisers

Teams and individual gamers play esports titles competitively in the form of leagues and tournaments. These competitions are organised and managed by event organisers who can organise both live or online competitions for particular esport titles. The event organisers can be game maker themselves or third-party event operators.

The third-party event operators are usually independent companies who license the ability to host competitions from the game maker. Not only do esports competition organisers host events, but they also plan and produce coverage around them. The serving of these esports tournaments and leagues to fans via broadcasting platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, has been a key driving factor for the growth of the industry. Generally, esports events are free from the financial constraints of traditional sports, not locked behind a subscription fee, and consumable both live and on-demand.

The rights for the broadcast of events with large viewership are sold to brands competing in the game video content (GVC) market, with a focus on exclusivity. With big players fighting for market share within the multi-billion dollar game GVC industry, we can expect to see more exclusivity deals in 2020.

So, what is a competitive gaming platform?

A competitive gaming platform allows players and teams to register in order to compete in their favourite esport titles. The primary purpose of these platforms are to provide enjoyment and an environment for competitors to prove themselves against others.

Competition on these platforms can take place in various formats, such as single matches, tournaments or leagues. Behind each victory, users can find themselves improving their ranking and earning a monetary reward for performing well. It all depends on the platform at hand.

What type of games can you find on competitive gaming platforms?

Esports can involve any type of game that has some form of competition. Typically, however, you will see between two-to-10 games on each platform. In most cases, the supported games on competitive gaming platforms are the biggest game titles when it comes to esports.

The most common games that you will find are CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and PUBG. However, there are other competitive games that are still very popular like Fortnite, Street Fighter, Tekken, FIFA, Call of Duty, etc.

Competitive Gaming Platforms Impact on Esports

Competitive gaming platforms are an important institution within the esports industry that provide a number of positive impacts, which includes:

  • Connecting people all over the world with the common passion for competitive gaming.
  • Strengthening existing communities and build new ones.
  • Helping form professional players out of amateurs.
  • More tournaments & leagues hosted globally.
  • Skillful players have a chance to earn some real cash rewards.
  • Portal to the esports industry.

Insight into the Future of Competitive Gaming Platforms

Esports is growing at a rapid pace and can no longer be considered a joke. New games are being released and being developed with “esportsification” in mind as the fight for the best competitive esports game continues. However, there are a few games that have set down their roots by investing heavily into their esports infrastructure and are defining esports as we know it.

This definition certainly applies to competitive gaming platforms. We expect to see and have seen an increasing number of competitive gaming platforms due to the immaturity of the market. The opportunities to cater to such a vast, but, fragmented market are attractive and has a low barrier to entry presently. Despite this, we anticipate that over the next decade, as the esports industry itself matures, we will begin to see consolidation of competitive gaming platforms.

IGGalaxy: Social Competitive Gaming Platform

Here at Intergalactic Gaming, we understand the importance of a well-designed and developed competitive gaming platform that enhances the value provided to gamers and teams.

We have been developing the IGGalaxy for over one year now, releasing our public beta v1.0 on 24 December. Currently, the platform supports FIFA 20 but we will be introducing a competitive infrastructure for Fortnite, Call of Duty and Blacksalt Correuption.

Our approach prioritises providing the tools and environment to receive constructive feedback about the IGGalaxy. This is with the objective of taking things on the next level through co-creation. This is how most new features will be decided and implemented. By listening to the community, we will allow for a great and long-lasting relationship.

As technology advances, the landscape evolves and the world as we know it changes over the next decade, we will see the dominance of a handful of competitive gaming platforms that are able to adapt to the shifting landscape. We aim to lay strong foundations to ensure that the IGGalaxy is the dedicated environment for the communities that exist around the esports games we select to support.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

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