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Intergalactic Gaming’s Q1 2020 Progress Report!


Intergalactic Gaming’s Q1 2020 Progress Report

We launched our social competitive gaming platform’s public beta on 26 December 2019, and hosted our first 32-player FIFA 20 tournaments two days later. Our developers have scrupulously tested the platform’s ability to cope with a steady increase of users interacting with both the platform’s competitive elements, as well as the freezing mechanism in IGLabs.

They have worked tirelessly around the clock and now the current state of the platform, though still in early public-development, is a testament to their hard work — and many of our new and existing users would agree!

Entering the second quarter of 2020, development and testing will only get more thorough. We have recently deployed initial competitive infrastructures for FIFA, Call of Duty and Fortnite — both hugely popular esports games — and further scheduled features from our developmental roadmap.

Check out what happened during our first quarter in 2020.

The IGGalaxy, our social competitive gaming platform.The IGGalaxy, our social competitive gaming platform.

IGGalaxy Token Economics

  • Total IGG supply: 48,280,922,153
  • Total IGG max circulating supply: 18,215,040,300
  • IGG currently stored in IGLabs: 11,166,203,268
  • Total cumulative IGG amount deployed in IGLabs: 101,515,734,925
  • Total IGG burned: 1,719,077,846
  • Total IGG burned by IGLabs: 203,031,338
  • Total IGG holders: 30,107
  • Total IGG transfers: 992,184
  • Total ORB supply: 849,771,909
  • Total ORB in circulation: 499,771,909
  • Total ORB burned: 150,228,090

IGG Token Sale and Burn Incentive!

On Saturday 22 February, we relaunched our IGG token sale to support with the execution of our roadmap whilst we continue to build on our public beta, and acquire users; this is supporting us as continue to negotiate private investment. This sale offers the opportunity to purchase IGG at a fixed price, to accumulate IGG tokens all while directly contributing to our capabilities, such as providing more attractive prize pools and hosting larger tournament series’.

All IGG available in the second round at 0.0045 TRX sold out in the last week of this quarter. We will have a short break before beginning the next round, which allocates 150m IGG for sale at 0.005 TRX per IGG. More information to follow.

Round 3 of the IGG token sale to resume soon!Round 3 of the IGG token sale to resume soon!

We would like to thank our community for the continued support. For every round completed, we will be in a much stronger position to succeed at a pivotal moment for Intergalactic Gaming and IGGalaxy. As a result, we have provided our community with a burn incentive that will reduce the total supply of IGG tokens in existence.

As Round 1 had completely sold out, 300m IGG was burned from existence, reducing the total supply of IGG. Now, with Round 2 now sold out, another 100m IGG has been burned forever!

Please note: TRX is not currently available to purchase via the IGGalaxy due to Carbon pausing their services. If you would like to participate in the IGG token sale, you can purchase TRX from a number of reputable exchanges depending on your location.


IGLabs Update: Change in ORB Distribution

First deployed in May 2019, IGLabs will serve as a tool to bridge the gap between the gaming and crypto communities. Storing IGG in IGLabs power capsules, for a fixed period of time, generates ORB tokens that will have utility later in the IGGalaxy’s IGLabs developmental roadmap.

These ORB tokens can therefore be kept until such utility has been deployed, or can be sold back to IGLabs for a fixed rate of 4 IGG : 1 ORB; the change in ORB distribution has not affected the buy-back rate. We will give 30 days notice before any change to the buy-back rate. Please also remember that we burn 50% of all ORB sold back to IGLabs on a monthly basis. The remaining 50% is retained by Intergalactic Gaming.

You can see the reduced ORB distribution rate below:

For more information on this, including how to participate, check out February’s IGLabs update!

Josh and Naeem’s first DLive stream!

To community fundraise for Nwah, one of our cherished community admins that has been battling cancer for some time now, our co-founders hosted the first episode of Galactic Battles. This involved a live stream where Josh and Naeem competed in a triathlon of esports games, and concluded with a question and answer session.

In total, through the love and support of our community, Nwah raised a total of +$2,000, which is simply fantastic! We wish him health and strength as continues his recovery; we’re all thinking about you!

Galactic Battles: Episode 1.Galactic Battles: Episode 1.

In terms of the question and answer session, our co-founders responded to questions pertaining to the future development of IG and the our social competitive gaming platform, the IGGalaxy.

We’ve chosen some questions for you:

When can we create our own tournaments?”

The tournament creation module is one of the many central features that will be key for IGGalaxy to reach our user targets. Over the past month, we have hosted numerous online tournaments for FIFA 20, Call of Duty, and Fortnite Battle Royale players. Each time, we have diligently acted on user feedback, doing our best to ensure that the platform is as intuitive and fun as possible.

We will continue to ensure we carry out sufficient testing and optimisation on the tournament feature itself before allowing users to create their own. Moreover, we must ensure that the tournament management is optimised for the public. This will include deployment and testing of our moderating feature that allows for the easy management of tournaments for end users.

What’s more, these esports tournaments have resulted in a significant increase in the total number of users we have participating on the platform. For this reason, we plan to continue to roll-out further tournaments as the weeks progress to build up our user base.

Overall, this places us in a much more strategic position as we prepare to deploy and market the tournament creation feature to our growing user base, independent organisers and brands. As we continue to host these tournaments, we will kindly request that all users on the platform continue to submit feedback to help us improve the platform where necessary.

IG is mostly known within the TRON ecosystem. How do you plan to enter the esports mainstream arena and encourage adoption amongst your target end users?”

Since first responding to this question, a lot has changed.

Now, with the increasing frequency of online esports tournaments for FIFA 20, Call of Duty, Fortnite Battle Royale the IG brand has been exposed to a much broader audience.

Furthermore, the feedback we have received from unique users on the platform — those that compete on the platform for the very first time — reinforces that we are on the right track. The IGGalaxy is shaping up to be the leading tournament hosting platform for gamers and all of us will play a part in establishing this!

You can read the full transcript of our co-founders’ question and answer session, as well as a reflection of their first episode of Galactic Battles here.

Platform Security Progress

Over the last quarter, we have seen a steady increase in users, which means we must draw attention to the security measures we want all of our users to take. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is in its very early stages, and therefore it’s complexity can sometimes lead to unwanted instances with loss of funds.

If you are new to Intergalactic Gaming and would like to set up an IGWallet, then you can check out our how-to guide. Alternatively, if you have recently created an IGWallet, we recommend you secure it with two-factor authentication (2FA). You can enable 2FA by following these steps below:

  1. Click your profile picture to find 2FA settings; 2FA provides greater security for your account.2FA provides greater security for your account.

  2. Scan QR code or copy ‘Secret’ into your 2FA provider;

  3. Enter code provided by 2FA device;
  4. Verify token (you must do this before the code expires);
  5. 2FA is now enabled on your account.

Geo-Fencing Enabled

Geo-fencing is essentially a security measure taken when trying to access any account from a new IP address. For example, you created your Intergalactic Gaming account at home; you now try and access it from your friends house — you will need to carry out the following steps.

Unknown IP login notification.Unknown IP login notification.

You must then click the button, which will verify your IP address.You must then click the button, which will verify your IP address.

Your IP address is now whitelisted and you may access the IGGalaxy!Your IP address is now whitelisted and you may access the IGGalaxy!

Your online safety is important to us. Therefore, we will remind you to always take the following safety precautions:


If you suspect that your account has been breached then we encourage you to contact support@iggalaxy.com immediately.

Platform Development Progress

To ensure we can continue to cater to our current user base, our developers have spent much of the first quarter addressing minor bugs, whilst optimising the platform’s code.

This involved improving the user experience for users managing their own profiles and any team or squad profiles, and allowing team owners to search players to recruit for their teams. We have also worked on the platform’s automatic rewards distribution that means participants can claim IGG rewards immediately after any online esports tournament has been completed.

Dispute panel available for tournament moderators.Dispute panel available for tournament moderators.

Finally, the tournament’s automation is a lot more streamline, meaning the management of tournaments are now a lot more autonomous. We have added a dispute panel for all tournament moderators to swiftly address any disputes, which for now, is used by IG tournament staff. In the near future however, as independent tournaments proliferate, tournament organisers will be able to set their own admins for this.

Overall, our main aims for this quarter has been the following: to test as many tournaments as possible on our competitive gaming platform, and to provide competitive support for three esports games. Completing these would give us a solid foundation for entering the second quarter. We have successfully met both of these aims and can confidently state that we have brought a great deal of fun to the gaming community over the last month!

Esports Tournaments in the IGGalaxy! Over the last few weeks alone, we have hosted 18 tournaments in total. We have hosted four FIFA 20 tournaments, three Fortnite tournaments, and 11 Call of Duty tournaments.

This month saw the first Call of Duty eight-duo Gunfight tournament deployed. As our first true opportunity to test a second game, the IGGalaxy did not fail to impress! Since, we have hosted subsequent Rust and Warzone tournaments that have been equally as enjoyable and successful!

Intergalactic Gaming, Featuring FortniteIntergalactic Gaming, Featuring Fortnite

In addition to this, we are soon to host Fortnite Battle Royale competitions that will allow us to host private tournaments for up to 100 players in the IGGalaxy!

The next quarter is shaping up to be packed with competitive online esports action in the IGGalaxy, with many exciting opportunities to win IGG rewards and take part in special giveaways!

Platform Analytics

The IGGalaxy’s success will ultimately depend on the number of gamers and other category of platform users we can attract and retain*. Since the platform’s public beta release, and subsequent online esports tournaments we have seen an organic growth users. Over the coming months, we will continue to encourage further users to join the platform, through a variety of online tournament formats in a range of games, whilst striving to retain the users we currently have.

*Other category of platform users includes:

  • Tournament organisers
  • Teams
  • Spectators
  • IGLabs users

Let’s take a look at the growth in our users.

IGGalaxy user growth: 26/02/2020-31/03/2020!IGGalaxy user growth: 26/02/2020-31/03/2020!

Looking Ahead

As previously mentioned, we will continue to frequently roll-out online esports tournaments over the coming weeks. We will begin to host qualifying tournament series with larger prize pools, using the opportunity to carry out further targeted marketing to increase our user base.

For an overview of the tournaments that are available to join, create your account at www.iggalaxy.com and head over to the “Tournaments” tab under IGPlay! You can then filter the tournaments according to the game you are interested in.

“Tournament” tab in IGPlay — desktop version.“Tournament” tab in IGPlay — desktop version.

In terms of development for next quarter, allowing users to create their own tournaments will be a priority, but first must continue testing tournaments at the frequency we are so the platform is optimised and ready for the influx of new Galacticans. When the time is appropriate, we will notify you of how this feature will be deployed.

As more gamers are now joining the IGGalaxy taking part in their favourite esports games, we will encourage all participants to stream their matches where possible. This gives our fantastic community the opportunity to keep up with competitions, and allows us to continue internally testing features for our Observatory!

Never miss a tournament and follow our Twitter account for updates when any competitions go live in IGGalaxy: https://twitter.com/IGGalaxyUpdates

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

Twitter Instagram TikTok Facebook Twitch YouTube Telegram LinkedIn Reddit

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