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Introducing Skyweaver to the Galaxy

Beth T

13 May 2022



We could not be be more proud to announce that Skyweaver will be joining the roster of games on IGGalaxy. Skyweaver is paving the way for blockchain games and we could not be more happy to invite this community into the galaxy.

Skyweaver is a trading card game from another dimension. Learn the game in tutorials, battle against other players in Ranked matches, enter Conquests to win Gold NFT cards, build custom decks, browse the card library, and collect and trade in the Market!

Compete for Silver NFT cards. Battle against opponents to climb the leaderboard ranks and win tradable Silver cards every week.

Win-streak PvP competitions to win rare Gold NFT cards. Play until you reach three wins to earn the best rewards. Lose once, and your Conquest is over.

And now on IGGalaxy you can take advance of a double reward system and win $IGG at the same time!

Skyweaver tournaments are coming soon to IGGalaxy

Welcome to the Galaxy!




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