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Last week's tournament frenzy in the IGGalaxy!


Last week’s tournament frenzy in the IGGalaxy!

EA Sports’ FIFA franchise has been the flagship title for competitive online esports tournaments in the IGGalaxy. As the world’s leading sports simulation game, year-on-year, FIFA is able to attract millions of gamers, and despite calls for EA to address in-game issues with gameplay and certain game modes, the nature of the game ensures longevity for the esport.

In line with our proposed developmental roadmap, we had planned for a further two titles to be deployed in the IGGalaxy: Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Fortnite. As of last week, these milestones have been met. We look forward to further iteration of the competitive aspects of our social competitive gaming platform, including new features, formats and more games!

Here’s a look back at the online esports tournaments in the IGGalaxy last week!

The IGGalaxy: Social Competitive Gaming.The IGGalaxy: Social Competitive Gaming.

FIFA 20 FUT Qualifiers

Considering FIFA’s Ultimate Team is the official game mode for FIFA esports, these qualifiers will give competitive Ultimate Team players the opportunity to compete for IGG rewards as well as qualification for our online Grand Finals, while live esports events have been postponed.

We have allocated eight qualifier tournaments for each console each with 16 FIFA players. The IG FUT 20 qualifiers will eventually culminate in a Grand Finals to be hosted in April; the top four players from each qualifier will progress to this stage. Do you think you have what it takes to qualify for our FIFA 20 FUT Grand Finals in April? Put your FIFA 20 skills to the test in our next FUT 20 qualifiers in the IGGalaxy!

IG FUT 20 Grand Finals in April

FUT 20 PS4 Grand Finalists so far

The first four players to qualify for the PS4 Grand Finals in April!The first four players to qualify for the PS4 Grand Finals in April!

FUT 20 Xbox Grand Finalists so far

The first four players to qualify for the Xbox Grand Finals in April!The first four players to qualify for the Xbox Grand Finals in April!

In addition to Ultimate Team, we now intend to organise tournaments for the team-based game mode, Pro Clubs. Over the next week, we will provide details of our Pro Clubs tournament series.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone

Call of Duty esports tournaments available in the IGGalaxy!Call of Duty esports tournaments available in the IGGalaxy!

Recent developmental progress relating to the ability for team-based esports tournaments meant that on Wednesday 11 March, a week before last week’s tournament frenzy, we could host our first competitive Call of Duty online tournament for Gunfight duos. With a total prize pool of 2,000,000 IGG, eight squads competed for a first-place prize of 1,000,000 IGG.

This tournament was hugely successful, and paved a path for the deployment of a further three Call of Duty tournaments during last week’s online tournament frenzy; a 1v1 Rust, a 2v2 Gunfight and 1v1 Warzone elimination. For the first two Call of Duty tournaments, Swedish-based esports team Elite Predator X dominated the competition, as PredXSwoosh claimed victory in the 1v1 Rust, and then another championship with his duo. Enzo later claimed Saturday’s Warzone championship.

These initial Call of Duty tournaments saw numerous new users join the IGGalaxy. What’s more, with the recent deployment of team-based competitions in the IGGalaxy, we can now begin to offer gamers a greater variety of formats that have, and will no doubt continue to entice further gamers to join the IGGalaxy!

Fortnite Battle Royale

On Sunday 22 March, we carried out our first 1v1 competitive Fortnite Battle Royale tournament.

Intergalactic Gaming, featuring Fortnite!Intergalactic Gaming, featuring Fortnite!

Like Call of Duty, Fortnite also has a very large player base and allows for cross-platform play offering the opportunity to host tournaments in abundance. Once again, with our competitive gaming platform’s team-based capabilities, these competitions will be extended to 2v2 and larger squad competitions. Congratulations to Denis who completely dominated the tournament and secured himself 1,500,000 IGG, and Travis, the runner-up who is the son of one of our existing crypto community members!

New users join the IGGalaxy!

On 7 January 2020, we released an introductory article detailing our journey to a million users. In the week we had hosted our tournaments, we saw an increase of 204 new users joining the platform; the majority of whom are from the gaming community.

As we continue to host FIFA 20, Call of Duty, and Fortnite Battle Royale tournaments, we expect to see this number grow exponentially.

Look Ahead

The past week was just the beginning of our next phase in our roadmap. As we begin to further test and optimise the IGGalaxy public beta, we will begin to scale the frequency and size of tournaments hosted on our social competitive gaming platform.

With the mass isolation occurring, we will be open to supporting competitions for other games. This may involve running one-off tournaments for these particular esports games. Furthermore, we will soon be releasing the details of tournaments for the three esports games supported imminently.

We look forward to seeing you compete in the IGGalaxy, and remember to do your part and stay inside: Play for Humanity!

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