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Matic Network strategically pivot to support Ethereum’s scalability issues


09 Feb 2021

Blockchain & Crypto

Layer-two scaling solution, Matic Network, has today announced that it will rebrand to Polygon in a move to help Ethereum network cope with its prominent scalability issues.

A storm is brewing: Matic rebrands to Polygon, pivoting strategy to support scalability issues on Ethereum.A storm is brewing: Matic rebrands to Polygon, pivoting strategy to support scalability issues on Ethereum.

Matic Network rebrand to Polygon!

Polygon will focus on supporting the scalability of Ethereum through a variety of additional solutions — Optimistic Rollups, ZkRollups and StarkWare’s Validium — alongside its in-house platforms.

In addition, Polygon will provide a multi-chain, interoperable, system that is compatible with Ethereum, similar to what projects like Polkadot and Cosmos offer. Polygon’s strategy, however, will revolve around Ethereum. With this focus, Polygon can provide the much-needed solution to the ever increasing number of developers and dApps on Ethereum that are suffering from the scalability issues.

The strategy will be implemented through a new Polygon SDK, which will allow developers to build their DApps on a scalable and infrastructure that is rooted to Ethereum, without having to choose any technology in particular.

In a message to the Matic community via Telegram, Sandeep Nailwal said:

“Polygon will support multiple layer 2 solutions such as Optimistic Rollups (OR), zkRollups (ZKR), and Validium, effectively making it an L2 aggregator This approach, implemented via Polygon’s modular SDK, will enable projects to select the scaling solution that best suits their needs rather than being bound by any one option.”

Polygon, in essence, will give projects greater freedom of choice when selecting the scaling solution, with a proprietary software development kit that, according to Sandeep, will be available in March.

Extremely high gas fees for Ethereum network accelerating the push for layer-two adoption?

If you’ve been involved in the crypto community, you’ll know that gas fees on Ethereum network are currently incredibly high, and so, the need for layer-two scaling solutions is becoming evermore prevalent.

Polygon’s strategy will profoundly enhance Ethereum’s ecosystem, supplementing the upcoming launch of Ethereum 2.0, providing a solution to Ethereum network’s scalability issues that are undeniably causing poor experiences amongst users and developers alike, as slow and expensive transactions continue to plague the network.

We look forward to being part of the journey through our role as validator, and fulfilling our mission to build a tokenised esports economy via IGGalaxy.

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