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News > Official VALORANT launch date confirmed: 02/06/2020!

Official VALORANT launch date confirmed: 02/06/2020!


Official VALORANT launch date confirmed: 02/06/2020!

Riot Games have officially announced a release date for VALORANT, their new 5v5 team-based shooter! The game entered its closed beta at the beginning of April, giving players in specific regions early access to the highly anticipated game. After two months of waiting, the game will exit its closed beta on 28 May in preparation for the official launch.

And then on 2 June, VALORANT will be available on PC for free across the majority of regions worldwide!

VALORANT official launch date: 02/06/2020!VALORANT official launch date: 02/06/2020!

For players that have been playing VALORANT during the closed beta, Riot have confirmed that all progress will be reset, so they can “start fresh, progressing from the same starting line as they compete with players around the world.” With the official launch, VALORANT players can also look forward to an additional character, game modes, and maps shortly after. What’s more, the developer has confirmed new servers in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid and Warsaw to accommodate for new players.

What to look forward to in VALORANT?

Riot have already confirmed a VALORANT ranked mode on launch, and some leaks have given us a small insight into what features and modes could be available for VALORANT.

At the beginning of the month, a leak account had identified a line of code referring to “Team Deathmatch” and “TDM,” which according to VALORANT Leaks, will feature at launch.

And again, new files point to another game mode that could be on the way. FloxaY, a prominent data miner that leaked VALORANT’s ranked mode back in April has revealed the name of a new VALORANT game mode: ‘Spike Rush’.

In Riot’s latest blog post, they commented on how VALORANT’s game modes can be quite intense, and as such, having an alternative at — or just after launch — would be a primary focus. Despite this, Spike Rush has not been actually confirmed by Riot, so we may have to wait until the launch, or for when more information on the leak is released.

VALORANT esports in IGGalaxy!

Considering Riot Games have already released their tournament guidelines for VALORANT esports, we can confirm that this will be the next esports game supported in IGGalaxy. However, this will require slight adjustments to our competitive gaming platform’s tournament infrastructure as we must take into consideration the nuances of competitions for VALORANT. As with all esports games supported in IGGalaxy, each title will evolve to provide an exciting and rewarding competitive infrastructure for gamers of all skill levels.

Whilst we understand that many of you will be excited to hear more on this, please stay tuned for more information on this development.

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