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IGGalaxy v1.0 Competitive Gaming Platform Update 11/01/2020


IGGalaxy v1.0 Competitive Gaming Platform Update 11/01/2020

We hope everyone liked their early Christmas present, and enjoyed the roll out of IGGalaxy v1.0 public beta on the 24th December. Since then our development team have been busy tweaking certain functionality, while fixing a few minor bugs that arose while we hosted our first tournaments on the new platform. Our team sacrificed time with their families over the holidays, working restlessly to continue our momentum into 2020.

Now that the foundational infrastructure of IGGalaxy has been deployed, we are now excited to share our development as we grow. We will aim to provide platform updates as we continuously deploy features, fixes and improvements to IGGalaxy. As with everything we do, we want to be as transparent as possible and ensure our growing community is informed about some of the work going on behind the scenes.

Feedback - let’s improve our competitive gaming platform together!

Our community has provided invaluable feedback already and we greatly appreciate it. It is through this feedback system we can truly listen to our users and act appropriately. Our goal has always been to co-create IGGalaxy with our community and without them we’d be nothing.

With this in mind, no idea is a bad idea, where we encourage users to share any ideas on our feedback system on the platform. Reporting bugs/issues you encounter is also greatly appreciated.

You can access the feedback form by clicking on the feedback icon shown below:

Navigation Panel to Provide Feedback (Desktop View)Navigation Panel to Provide Feedback (Desktop View)

Navigate panel to Provide feedback (Mobile View)Navigate panel to Provide feedback (Mobile View)

IGGalaxy Public Beta - Updates

There has been several updates to the production environment since release of the public beta, fixing bugs and pushing improved functionality and features.

Below, we have provided an overview of these updates since 26 December:

  • General updates
    • Copywriting updates
    • Notification counter falling out of sync fix
    • Existing usernames with spaces to show user profile page fix
    • Existing user platforms with ‘XBOX’ in capitals fix
    • Zoom issue on mobile UI fix
    • Reduced file size of some assets to improve load time
    • Fixed issues with favicons not rendering

  • Security Updates
    • 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) Instructions provided at the bottom of the article
    • Geofencing Instructions provided at the bottom of the article

  • Launch of IG News
    • Article management system deployment
    • Article social sharing functionality
  • IG Play updates
    • Broken tournament prize view fixed
    • Dispute bug resolved
    • IGG token tournament rewards claiming UI updates
    • Improved email notification system
  • IG Chat updates
    • Integrated emoji support to chat
    • Integrated emoji support in message preview
    • Enabled users to join a tournament chat when they’re not competing
    • Enabled load-on-scroll chat history
  • IG Wallet updates
    • Fixed wallet receive panel
    • Hidden wallet freeze button until fully implemented
    • GFT whitelisting and ‘purchase’ re-integration into wallet
    • Fixed wallets using old encryption method
    • Ability to change wallet password
  • IG Labs update
    • IG Labs UI fixes
    • Resolved synchronisation issues between blockchain and database

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) - Secure your account

  1. To enable 2FA please go to your profile section on IGGalaxy and click ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ seen below:

2FA - Profile2FA - Profile

  1. Follow instructions through either Google Authenticator, Authy or similar 2FA provider by:
    1. scanning QR code or copy ‘Secret’ into 2FA provider.
    2. Enter code provided by 2FA device;
    3. Verify Token (before the code expires)
  2. 2FA will now be enabled on the platform


We have also implemented geofencing as part of our recent enhanced security measures to enhance account protection for our community. Geofencing prevents unknown IP addresses from logging into your account, adding a further layer of security. Your IP address will need to be ‘whitelisted’ by following the instructions below:

You’ll see the below message on your first login to the platform since the update, or when you’re accessing the site from a new IP:

Unknown IP login notificationUnknown IP login notification

You will receive an email like this below, where you have to click ‘Verify Login’. Please check your spam/junk folders.

Verify your IP address email - must do to login to the IGGalaxyVerify your IP address email - must do to login to the IGGalaxy

Once verified, you will see this message, where you’ll be able to log in:

IP whitelisted notification once click ‘verify login’ in emailIP whitelisted notification once click ‘verify login’ in email

Final Message

Lastly, we have a dedicated team of admins, strong community presence and now a new company email address, which will be monitored by our IT security personnel. Please never share your Private Keys or passwords with anybody, especially those claiming to be working for Intergalactic Gaming; we will never request for this information from you.

If you have any concerns about security please contact us on

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