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Intergalactic Gaming’s Progress Report: 20/04/2021

Josh R

20 Apr 2021

Intergalactic Gaming

Galacticans. We have reached a crucial time in our developmental roadmap.

In March 2020, we significantly scaled-up IGGalaxy’s tournament operations as we launched our campaign to begin marketing to esports gamers and teams to join our mission as early adopters. This helped us establish the foundations to our social competitive gaming platform.

We started with a little over 3,500 registration users, consisting predominantly of those already within the crypto community. To help us increase awareness of IGGalaxy’s unique value proposition, we expanded the esports tournaments on offer from just FIFA, to Fortnite and Call of Duty; two games we were confident would take IGGalaxy to the next level! In the space of a year, we launched competitive support for ten popular esports titles, which enabled us to smash through our forecasted end-of-year target!

It’s also been a historic year in crypto, something that was considered ‘funny money’, is now a trend across the world. Thanks to a combination of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and DeFi (decentralised finance) — an unstoppable force has begun with a wave of new adopters and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Here at IGGalaxy, we want to thank our fellow believers for sharing with us the vision of the blockchain world — we’re sure you’ve already been rewarded and will continue to do so. As we enter a new quarter of 2021, we would like to welcome new members to our family and to provide this update to our whole community, covering topics we know you are eager to hear about. We’re fuelling the rocket ship, and we’re ready to take this project out of the stratosphere for decades to come!

IGGalaxy Q1 Progress Report.IGGalaxy Q1 Progress Report.

Going forward, as well as releasing relevant news bulletins related to partnerships and platform developments, progress reports will be released on a quarterly basis. We appreciate that we have been relatively silent over the past couple of months, however, rest assured we are working relentlessly towards executing our mission to converge two very exciting industries in esports and blockchain.

IGGalaxy platform development updates

Since we released our beta platform, we have demonstrated an excellent product market fit. Our analytics show that we have a wider demand for a rewarding social competitive gaming platform, which has been, of course, completely disproportionate to the number of esports games on offer; tens of thousands of gamers are signing up to compete in our free entry tournaments!

As you know, we are not a project that follows blind trends and unsustainable hype. Instead, we want to create fun, exciting and meaningful experiences for our end users so that IGGalaxy will become the home for social competitive gamers worldwide!

So that we can build on our already explosive growth in Europe and Asia, we have been busy restructuring to enable us to aptly scale-up both territorially, and across the platform. Our product team has been hard at work designing, developing and testing new features, which will be deployed over the course of this year. We are now looking to double our product development capacity.

We are pleased to share an insight to some new product features stated for deployment on the IGGalaxy platform next.

Control Centre V2

The ‘Control Centre’ is a key part of the evolution of IGPlay enabling a streamlined experience, specifically benefitting IGGalaxy admins, tournament moderators and competition organisers. The control centre gives any tournament moderators additional flexibility and functionality to ensure they can effectively manage live tournaments with ease. These include:

  • Tournament audit log
  • Flexible score updates
  • Disqualifying players
  • Optimised UX
  • Player details

The need for this feature has become increasingly more prevalent over the course of our public beta, particularly as we continue to onboard new tournament moderators. The ‘control centre’ will be fundamental to both the long term and indeed short-term success of the IGPlay aspect of the platform.

One view of the ‘Control Centre’.One view of the ‘Control Centre’.

Our moderator test group has been helping us optimise certain elements of the ‘Control Centre’ in preparation for future competition organisers and moderators’ involvement with IGGalaxy. Moderators are expected to play an important role in the scaling of competition organisers in IGGalaxy, this implementation will provide the tools needed to cater to brands that have little, or no experience in organising tournaments.

T**ournament Creation Module (TCM)**

IGGalaxy’s TCM, will make it easy for users to organise competitive events, whether it’s the variety of games and a selection of formats to choose from, or the ability to host independent and seasonal series, our TCM aims to provide competition organisers all the tools they need to host successful events. This combined with the speed of light prize distribution crypto and NFTs will prove to be a galactic recipe for the gaming space.

Pages of the TCM looking beautiful on an iPad.Pages of the TCM looking beautiful on an iPad.

Our TCM incorporates smart contract technology to ensure prize pools are distribute simultaneously to eligible recipients, as outlined by the organiser when the event is created. The integration of smart contract technology will provide certainty to players and teams that competition organisers will pay out the prize pool they are eligible for, which as we know has been a very prevalent issue that has plagued the esports landscape at all levels.

Adding/Editing the rulebook.Adding/Editing the rulebook.

The first stage of the TCM has been a success and we are now using it on a daily basis to create tournaments. The second stage which will commence in the next few weeks, as we give access to our partners, such as Terra Virtua and Polygon, to create tournaments going forward. The third and final stage (TCM V3) will see the full public release of the feature, giving everybody the ability to create tournaments, and distribute cryptos (not just ERC20 tokens) as prizes. This week, we will be finalising testing so the TCM will be able to successfully use NFTs as prizes, along with whitelisted cryptos.

The true value of IGGalaxy’s competitive gaming infrastructure will be realised once brands and independent tournament organisers are free to utilise the platform to engage their respective ecosystems.

Tournament settings pageTournament settings page

IGGalaxy Application

As you will have noticed, IGGalaxy now uses a new domain (; now, with the desktop app ready to go, our next focus is on delivering a mobile app for both iOS and Android users. This will open us up to new markets and will enable functionality that would not be achievable through a website alone. The initial features present in the app will remain consistent with those available on our current web version, and then, going forward, we will be releasing new features and updates in line with our product roadmap.

Achieving a further milestone, the release of the IGGalaxy app will greatly benefit user acquisition, retention, and ultimately help optimise user experience.

IGWallet Optimisation

Users of IGWallet will have questioned why we have not integrated MetaMask. Well, is for those experience with crypto, not gamers. Moreover, we want to ensure that the IGWallet’s functionality constantly evolve to further facilitate our roadmap and partnerships. Our multi-chain wallet is currently interoperable with three chains (Polygon, Ethereum and TRON), and we intend to double this by the end of this year. The picture below shows that we have successfully enabled the ability to browse your own NFTs within the IGWallet.

I spy with my little eye…I spy with my little eye…

GGE (Galactic Grand Exchange)

The GGE is IGGalaxy’s very own marketplace that will allow products and services to be exchanged between parties. Whether that is NFTs, coaching lessons or merchandise; it will all be traded under one roof. We will roll this out in variations and listen to our community to ensure their shop in orbit is what they desire.


This will connect users with game video content (GVC) by providing an engaging, and seamless viewing experience. The Observatory will combat fragmentation of broadcasting platforms and allow for centralised place to watch your favourite streamers without having to switch between platforms. Through the integration of Twitch and YouTube, the Observatory will provide a dedicated space to easily follow and view live competitions in IGGalaxy.

IGGalaxy’s esports ecosystem

We reached an impressive milestone in February; we hosted our thousandth esports tournament in IGGalaxy! Now, with over 170,000 registered signups to date, and 70,097 participants having competed in almost 1,200 esports tournaments during our public beta alone, our next task will be to significantly scale up the number of tournaments and players; there are billions of gamers in the world, after all!

GG: We’ve hosted over 1,000 tournaments in IGGalaxy!GG: We’ve hosted over 1,000 tournaments in IGGalaxy!

Over the last year, our methods for organising esports tournaments were very much done on the basis of an esport title’s popularity. Fortnite and Call of Duty in Europe, and specifically PC and mobile esports titles, like Call of Duty: Mobile, Clash Royale and VALORANT, for the Asian and African regions, these have proven the most popular esports tournaments hosted in IGGalaxy to date.

We have witnessed gamers signing up to the platform and seen players returning, bringing their friends; in the first nine months we had grown IGGalaxy to over 100,000 signups — twice our end-of-year 2020 target!

So, how to build on this and improve user experience? We have carried out extensive user surveys to determine the most pressing issues for our community. We discovered that one of the main issues was that it was not easy for gamers to discover when esports tournaments were hosted, or indeed what tournaments were actually available. In response, we immediately implemented our new esports tournament format, which serves to provide easy-to-follow six-week schedules to essentially bring a better user experience and consistency to our esports players.

In our first cycle of tournaments following the new format, 25,000 solo participants had competed, and we had reached an 80% optimisation rate, which is an impressive uplift. At the same time, however, we must also acknowledge that there are some tournaments that have not performed as well during this first cycle — this is now a clear point of focus.

We are confident in IGGalaxy’s ability to assemble the biggest gaming community this galaxy has ever seen! But how can we do this?

To date, there have numerous competition series’ hosted in IGGalaxy: two held by ourselves in a FIFA 21 series for both PlayStation and Xbox players, as well as our most recent six-week InterMatic Series; two hosted by our partners Mixtape Madness, a FIFA 21 and a Warzone series, and a PES series with Celtic Esports — all of which have added remarkable value in terms of user acquisition.

As we prepare to head into a new cycle of esports tournaments, we feel the most effective way to increase the demand is to launch more esports series events. In doing so, we will carry out targeted marketing campaigns directly to these gaming communities and provide larger prize pools; this will bring more gamers into our ecosystem. We will announce more details of this over the next month, so be sure to get ready for an exciting quarter ahead.

As we prepare to head into a new cycle of esports tournaments, we feel the most effective way to increase the demand is to launch more esports series events. In doing so, we will carry out targeted marketing campaigns directly to these gaming communities and provide larger prize pools; this will bring more gamers into our ecosystem. We will announce more details of this over the next month, so be sure to get ready for an exciting quarter ahead.

Key IGGalaxy stats

User signups.User signups.

User profiles.User profiles.

Key social media stats.Key social media stats.

IGG tokenomics

IGG is the official esports and competitive gaming token that powers IGGalaxy. IGG will have multiple use cases throughout our competitive gaming and esports ecosystem, such as payments between teams and players, and payments for wider services including the creation of graphics, merchandise, other goods, third-party product and services, to staking and liquidity opportunities.

IG Gold (IGG)

  • Original IGG supply: 50,000,000,000
  • Total IGG supply: 48,132,126,676
  • Current circulating supply (***max. circulating supply minus IGG stored in IGLabs ‘power capsules’*):** 9,295,535,479
  • Max. circulating supply: 19,984,942,622
  • Total IGG burned: 1,867,873,323
  • IGG to be burned so far: 119,176,333 (IGLabs)
  • Total IGG in UniSwap IGG/ETH liquidity pool: 107,612,324
  • Total IGG in Dfyn IGG/MATIC liquidity pool: 38,019,895


  • Original ORB supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Total ORB supply: 772,052,067
  • ORB circulating supply: 722,352,067
  • IGG currently stored in IGLabs ‘power capsules’: 10,689,407,142
  • Cumulative IGG stored in IGLabs ‘power capsules’: 231,685,502,912
  • Total IGG burned from IGLabs: 464,299,473
  • Total ORB burned: 227,947,932
  • ORB to be burned so far: 14,319,209 (IGGxORB trade)

*Since migrating to Polygon Network, all token burns must be carried out on the root chain (Ethereum). Therefore, all IGG and ORB burns will take place on a quarterly basis.

Price on CoinGecko as of 19/04/2021.Price on CoinGecko as of 19/04/2021.

Galaxy Farm 2

In April, Josh joined Router Protocol’s Ramani Ramachandran and Priyeshu Garg with four other projects participating in Galaxy Farm 2, an instant and ‘gasless’ staking, and farming protocol for the decentralised finance ecosystem.

What makes Galaxy Farm truly special is the ability for users to stake one liquidity pair, then earn rewards for eleven different tokens all at the same time. This means that a user staking IGG tokens will be able to earn rewards in IGG, ROUTE, MATIC, DAO, FRONT, GLCH, NORD, RAZOR, STR, and UNN.

The hour-long Q&A session was extremely insightful, giving five of the eleven participating projects the opportunity to share a little about themselves, as well as field questions from the wider Polygon community. If you missed this, then you can watch the video over on YouTube, or check out the transcript, which has also been kindly translated to French and Spanish!

IGG available to trade on QuickSwap!

IGGalaxy has officially partnered with QuickSwap, bringing another trading area for our IGG token!

IGG available to trade on QuickSwap!IGG available to trade on QuickSwap!

QuickSwap is a permission-less decentralised exchange (DEX) that exists on Polygon Network, a layer-two scalability solution to Ethereum, and a fork of Uniswap. Using the layer-two infrastructure for transactions, QuickSwap users will be able to trade ERC20 IGG tokens at extreme speeds, without having to incur unnecessarily high gas fees.

The IGG/ETH and IGG/QUICK pairs are now live, and QuickSwap will join Uniswap and DFyn in our liquidity pool (LP) incentive programme!

1,000,000,000 IGG LP Rewards

We have allocated a billion IGG this year to go towards LP rewards as LP providers play a fundamental role in the decentralised future and are a key part of IGG’s growth. As you know, any trades made on AMMs cause price slippage, with trades that are particularly large relative to the total liquidity available causing more slippage. So, for AMM like Uniswap, DFyn or QuickSwap to function well, and to facilitate large trades, there needs to be a large pool of liquidity in place. As well as receiving fees from these decentralised exchange protocols, we also want to provide our community with additional value; that’s where our bonus LP rewards come in!

We have provided great incentives to our pools so far with over $650,000 in rewards to date across Uniswap and DFyn exchanges!

Here’s a breakdown:


  • IGG distributed: 132,544,948 IGG
  • ORB distributed: 2,175,920 ORB


  • IGG distributed: 44,910,714 IGG
  • ORB distributed: 449,966 ORB

Polygon Network

Over six months ago, we strategically decided to migrate from TRON to Matic Network, the leading layer-two solution for Ethereum. We believed in the team’s desire and extraordinary vision has made their network one of the largest and most welcoming in the crypto space.

Matic Network has rebranded to Polygon Network, has received significant recognition from those within the crypto-sphere including key Ethereum-based developers who have joined Polygon’s advisory team. In addition, there are an ever-increasing number of DApps (decentralised applications) opting for layer-two networks.

We remain firm in our belief that the sky is quite literally the limit for Polygon Network, and we are extremely excited and bullish about the network’s future growth — both from a product development perspective as well as our position as Polygon public validators.

The last step towards true decentralisation for Polygon is imminent. We call upon all MATIC token holders to look to IGGalaxy as guardians of the network and encourage you to stake and delegate your MATIC to our node. Please click here to see how to stake.

Intergalactic Content Bounty System

As part of our 10-days of IGGalaxy at the end of last year, we announced the formation of a marketing initiative that will no doubt drastically enhance our social reach and engagement. We have only formally launched one bounty contract to date, calling upon gamers to post their in-game content to Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #IGGalaxyRateMySkills.

As introduced in the initial announcement, the distribution of relevant content will become an increasingly prevalent component to the foundations of our marketing strategy; this mechanism will enable the scaling of content around targeted topics that will help develop our social presence.

Moving forward, bounty contracts will be released at the end of each month, where we will specify what is required and how long that bounty will be active for; naturally, some bounties may last longer and offer greater rewards than others.


We are thrilled to announce the establishment of our advisory board who bring a vast amount of real and hands-on expertise to the team.

They will allow us to successfully transform from a start-up to a fully-fledged and established business. With IGGalaxy gaining more force and cross continent traction, it is essential that we have a group of advisors on board to help with the company’s strategic and tactical direction, future growth and acceleration.

Jonathan Ellis

Some, but not all are aware of Jonathan Ellis, our very first advisor. Jonathan has played an integral role, and offers decades’ worth of experience and has acted as a great mentor to help Intergalactic Gaming’s founders get to where we are today. He needs no introduction but for those unsure - his commercial experience helped make Sony a household name in gaming. We’ll share just a couple of his many great achievements.

Psygnosis - Owner & CEO – Video Games Publisher

Jonathan was a founder and CEO of Psygnosis; the Liverpool-based games software developer and publisher. Psygnosis very rapidly became a world-leading publisher renowned in the industry for its innovative approach to its product, sales, marketing, and distribution with development studios and publishing offices throughout Europe, North America and Australasia and won many industry awards, including, Software Publisher of the Year, Software Developer of the Year, Software Title of the Year, as well as a Queens Awards for Technology and another for Export.

Psygnosis was then sold in a competitive auction to Sony.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe - CEO – Founder member

Following the sale to Sony, Jonathan with business partner Ian Hetherington became founder members of Sony Computer Entertainment, (the PlayStation division), wrote and were instrumental in instigating the business plan, contributed to the product design, provided all the development equipment and much of the launch software, culminating in the launch of one of the world’s most successful consumer products.

He took the position of President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe with responsibility for commercial exploitation of PlayStation, and third-party publishing for Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia together with running the Sony Psygnosis software development, publishing and licensing business on a worldwide basis.

In its first full year after launch, PlayStation captured 80% market share, which accounted for the majority of Sony’s total profits at the time.

Phil Watkins ****

IGGalaxy is a community-centric project, where team members have been brought through the community and now part of our team. One, though, Phil Watkins has been brought through as an advisor. He has been one of the first ‘OGs’ that did not only buy into the vision but provided advice and support to the founders throughout their journey. Phil has been in the blockchain space for many years and is very much at the forefront of the technology and the opportunity it brings, thus providing advice and guidance on meaningful partnerships and business applications for IGGalaxy. His experience in business improvement and operations sits at one of the world’s largest mining and logistics operations based in Australia, a multi-billion-dollar company, where he oversees and is trusted with 10’s millions of dollars of assets and deliverables each hour. These operational processes, approaches and disciplines are being embedded into many aspects of IGGalaxy to ensure efficiency and scalability.

Advisor X

The latest addition to the team will be named in the coming weeks, who is guiding the marketing team at a strategic level. He has already brought in new experienced heads who have previously worked in companies such as Unilever, will continue to develop and evolve the IGGalaxy brand whilst securing ourselves as a leading name in the gaming space. Before working as a senior vice-president at an international airway, he was marketing director at one of the leading European airlines and was instrumental in deploying the first of its kind booking application. He also gained significant experience at both Dominos and Audi.

An outlook on the year ahead

IGGalaxy is poised, prepared and ready for an extremely impactful journey ahead. You will see a step-change in the development of the business in all its aspects.

As you will have read in this report, platform development is progressing tremendously well, and we will of course make sure that we maintain and build on this momentum. Our plans are aggressive, and you will see us investing heavily on all aspects of the business. As well as the doubling of our development capacity, we will be supporting this with the considerable growth, reach and experience of our commercial and marketing team, ensuring that we optimise the opportunity provided by the deployment of new platform features, development of new partnerships, growth in our existing territories and expansion into new ones.

Most importantly we must thank you for your patience and support. We couldn’t have got this far in our journey, without you. We promise to redouble our efforts as we work towards establishing IGGalaxy as a global household name that will be synonymous in the crypto and competitive gaming worlds. Again, our thanks to each and every one of you for your support.

As a team, we remain dedicated to executing our vision for a tokenised competitive gaming ecosystem that solves many of the pertinent issues within the current esports landscape.

Finally, we would like to re-assert our total belief in, and commitment to realising the astronomical potential and opportunity of IGGalaxy.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels: Twitter Instagram TikTok Facebook Twitch YouTube Discord Telegram LinkedIn Reddit

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