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Q2 report


Hello and welcome to the 2021 Q2 report.

In this report, we cover progress made in Q2 including core achievements, and product and marketing updates. We will then look forward by giving you an insight into the IG business strategy including team development, and finally discuss IGG tokenomics and future reporting.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the many new members of our community across all our social media platforms and IGGalaxy.

Q2 Achievements

It has been a busy few months for the IG team, which have culminated in the release of our application on both Apple and Android devices. This puts us in an excellent position to now scale the commercial side of the business, as we target the 2.7 billion (and growing) gamers across the globe. Significantly, we can now deploy further features and greater functionality in a manner that was not possible in previous web versions of IGGalaxy.

Behind the scenes we have been working hard to prepare the business for its next major advancement - commercial and user growth - by making sure that the product is ready, and that we are financially robust and capable of delivering our detailed commercial strategy.

Since inception, we have strived to assemble a great team, build a great community, and establish a reliable competitive gaming platform and esports token. We are now ready to aggressively build on that foundation as we set forth to make IGGalaxy a truly global business.

In concert with this we will continue to focus on our product and to innovate and build on the momentum we have already achieved, as we continue invest on all aspects of the business.

Development updates

It is clear from analytics and user response that our platform demonstrates an excellent product to market fit, with new sign-ups disproportionately outnumbering the number of esports games on offer. As we now accelerate the rollout of the product, this constraint will of course be addressed.

Our product team has been hard at work designing, developing and testing new functionality, which will be deployed over the course of the coming year. Such feat will require us to double our product development capacity.

We are pleased to share an insight of new product features now staged for deployment on the IGGalaxy platform.

IGGalaxy Application Live!

We targeted a Q2 release for our highly anticipated IGGalaxy app, and we are pleased to say that we delivered as promised. After countless sleepless nights for the team, large Dominos and caffeine bills, and many battered keyboards, the IGGalaxy app is now publicly available to download on Apple and Google Play stores.

The primary objective of this release was to provide the IG commercial team with the product they needed to drive user acquisition and retention, by providing a compelling, multi-platform experience for our users. With 2.3 of the 2.7 billion gamers in the world being mobile gamers, we understand how vital it is to ensure that we have a truly relevant mobile application.

Access and ease

A straightforward and seamless user experience has always been a high priority, and the IGGalaxy app has gone a long way in achieving that goal. The addition of biometric face scan and one-time IP verification requests enable Galacticans to enter and join tournaments within seconds of them going live.

Push notifications

With the addition of push notifications, not only can we share when tournaments go live, but we can also enable our group of Guardians (moderators) to quickly deal with any disputes that arise in the platform.

In the future, we plan to allow users to tailor their communication preferences, including options to only hear from us regarding particular game titles, or selectable channels (such as emails and/or through the app itself).

Launch Pad

The IGGalaxy Launch Pad provides a personal dashboard to gamers, moderators, and tournament organisers, giving them the ability to see both upcoming and historic matches. This feature enables tournament organisers to see tournaments they have created, and allows Guardians to view the tournaments they have been requested to moderate. You may also notice a new ‘Create a Tournament’ button, that is currently enabled for our select partners.

Design overhaul

Anybody that visits the new platform via their phones will notice an overhaul of the UI/UX of the IGGalaxy app. We have updated the top and bottom navigation bars, eliminated key pain points and optimised the end-to-end user journey.

Chat updates

To ensure we provide safeguards for our community, IGGalaxy admins and moderators can now remove spam messages posted by users in both the Galaxy and Tournament chats. Users now have the ability to block anyone who is unfriendly, and can delete messages if required.


Parallel to the launch of the app, we have also completely overhauled the website. This provides us a more effective way to communicate our vision, product and progress on our journey. We also believe that our new website will continue to instil confidence and excitement in potential users and partners.

Tournament creation module (TCM) modifications

After much testing, we are now satisfied with the performance of the TCM and, pending a few adjustments to the UX, will be releasing this feature publicly. We have created over 500 tournaments using this functionality, and have received positive reviews from key partners including Polygon and Mixtape Madness. With automatic distribution of virtual currencies and NFTs, we believe that the opportunities presented by an integrated TCM will be huge for world of gaming crypto.


As mentioned in our last report, the IGGalaxy Observatory will connect users with game video content (GVC) by means of an engaging and seamless viewing experience. IGGalaxy’s Observatory will resolve the division of broadcasting platforms, creating a centralised hub to watch much-loved streamers without having to switch between platforms. The Observatory will also provide a dedicated space to easily follow and view live competitions in IGGalaxy.

Sneak peak of ObservatorySneak peak of Observatory

Q2 Marketing Updates

IGGalaxy has the opportunity to assemble a considerable and powerful gaming community. To do this, we require a robust strategy (see Business Strategy, below) and close working relationships with key partners.

Accordingly, numerous competition series have been hosted on IGGalaxy from the InterMatic Series to our partner Mixtape Madness. What’s more - the Celtic professional football team have also used our platform  (!) - feats that have allowed us to explore various exploitation strategies, whilst facilitating remarkable value through user acquisition.

As we enter a new cycle of esports tournaments, we will launch more esports series events with targeted marketing campaigns across existing and additional territories. Our upcoming events will offer larger prize pools, and will be designed to attract more gamers and holders into our digital ecosystem.

Two new esports games supported in IGGalaxy

As highlighted in our IGGalaxy Q1 Progress Report, the European and Asian markets constitute out primary strategic focus. As we subsequently expand into additional territories, we aim to add new titles to our portfolio.

During Q2, we integrated competitive support for NBA 2K and NFL Madden - two esports games that we believe will significantly contribute to the growth of our US and Canadian user bases. These titles are hugely popular and, as we look to develop our North American user base, we plan to host tournament series events for these titles in particular. With the imminent launch of the latest versions of these titles (NBA 2K22 and Madden 22), we expect to roll out such events in mid-to-late August.

As always, we will communicate further information closer to the date of our releases, that will provide specific details of these (and other) competition series events.

Business Strategy


The IGGalaxy business strategy is to follow a straightforward pre-market path from platform design, product development, testing and optimisation, through to fundraising and finalisation of the brand and go-to-market strategy. Subsequently, we aim move through to full-blown sustainable and scalable market development.

Additional and more detailed strategies also exist for individual territorial testing and roll out phases whereby, in each territory, we look to acquire, retain and monetise users and partners, leading to further market development and product optimisation.

To date, we have achieved several significant milestones, including:

  • Development of the IGGalaxy platform and its associated viability
  • Raising of funds
  • Pre-Launch activities:
    • Hiring of our core team
    • Creation of a compelling product (although this is of course ongoing):
      • Design
      • Development
      • Testing frameworks
    • Finalisation of the IGGalaxy brand and brand values
    • Identification and mapping of our users:
      • Galacticans
      • Partners
    • Development of our go-to-market/commercial strategy

Next steps and future (upcoming) milestones:

  • Scalable Launch/Post Launch activities:
    • Hiring additional core commercial team members to support our business strategy and objectives
    • Territorial rollout
    • Execution of Commercial and Marketing Strategies, per identified territory
      • For Galacticans and Partners:
        • Acquire
        • Retain
        • Monetise
        • Optimise
        • Repeat
    • …Then move on to next territory
      • Repeat

Critical Success Factors (CSF)

It is important that the metrics of our success are kept simple and obvious. We invest considerable effort into defining our CSFs and their strategic value; ensuring they are optimised and focussed to our business objectives. The components of our CSFs include:

  • A great team
  • A compelling product
  • Viral take-off:
    • Identification of and adoption by users:
      • Galacticans
      • Partners
    • User Activity (Monthly Active Users):
      • Acquisition
      • Retention
      • Monetisation
  • Token value and holder growth

Market Opportunity and Monetisation

The IGGalaxy has two distinct customer groups, both of whom will provide revenue streams:

Gamers (Galacticans) and our wider community

  • Individuals:

    • Of varied diversity:
      • Age
      • Sex
      • Sexuality
      • Background
      • Ethnicity
      • Income level
      • Physical ability
      • Incl. any single group or any combination thereof
  • Teams:

    • Family
    • Friends
    • Strangers
    • Colleagues


Our Partners will become an important part of what we do, and will cover a vast array of businesses or institutions including:

  • Any commercial enterprise
  • Institutions
  • Media
  • Content makers
  • Advertisers
  • Sponsors

As we build relationships with these Partners:

We will

  • Introduce Galacticans to their products, services, facilities and events etc.
  • Provide Partners with fully integrated analytics and dashboards

They will

  • Provide exciting new products, experiences, and rewards to Galacticans
  • Pay fees/commissions to the IG Team for introductions

We recognise that for our partners advertising spend is not just about exposure, and is ultimately about the cost and ability to successfully convert.

Go to Market Strategy

Territorial (Rollout)

We will roll out IGGalaxy on a territory-by-territory basis. The first territories we will address are Europe and Central Asia; we will follow the same process for each territory to ensure that IGGalaxy has been fully localised and optimised, prior to full launch.

Each territory will have a team focus and marketing plan for:

  • Pre-launch
  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Monetisation

For Galacticans and Partners

The rate of rollout will be determined by relative success and, therefore, budget. Having established ourselves in the major European countries and Central Asia, we will then start a parallel stream of launches in other territories.

Marketing Strategy


This will consist of a mixture of ‘paid for’ marketing (both above and below the line) and organic promotion. Our goal is to facilitate organic growth as a primary driver, however in the early days it will be necessary to have ‘paid for’ marketing as the primary driver, until we achieve enough traction to achieve self-sustaining viral take-off. After this point, 'paid for’ marketing will be used for acceleration purposes only.

An outline of the method and tools that we will use for Galacticans and Partners is as follows:

Method – Galacticans

  • Advertising
  • Organic
  • Galacticans and IGGalaxy created content
    • Shared by Galacticans using:
      • Social Media
      • Messaging
  • Brand positioning, promotion, values, and awareness
  • Tournaments
  • PR
  • Influencers
  • ‘Fear of missing out’ philosophy
  • Partners:
    • Marketing
  • Website

Method - Partners

  • Advertising
  • Organic
  • Social Media
  • Direct contact (Sales team/email/messaging)
  • Brand positioning, promotion, values, and awareness
  • PR
  • Influencers
  • ‘Fear of missing out’ philosophy
  • Partners
    • Marketing
  • Website


Having acquired users (whether they be Galacticans or Partners) it is essential that we then retain them and encourage to use IGGalaxy on a regular basis/as a part of their daily, weekly, or monthly activity.

Method – Galacticans

We believe that the best way of retaining Galacticans is to provide them with a compelling product which has considerable value, and by encouraging them to visit the IGGalaxy platform even when they aree not taking part in competitions.

The same methods will be employed for acquisition, plus:

Compelling product:

  • ‘Give them what they want’
  • New place to be Safe, Fun, Social and Together
  • Rewards
  • Collectables (NFTs)
  • Partners
  • Fresh and exciting
  • Fear of missing out

Method – Partners

Partners will return to the IGGalaxy as long as the platform provides them with the tools they need, and so long as it remains an effective way of promoting their business.

  • Effectiveness can be measure by:
    • Cost per acquisition
    • Meaningful increases in:
      • Revenues
      • Exposures
      • Engagement


Creating sustainable revenue is clearly essential to determine the long-term growth, profitability, and value of the business. An outline of some of the methods and opportunities available to us by category is as follows:

Method and Opportunities

  • Galacticans (Freemium, Subscription and Fee models)
  • Partners (Commissions, Sponsorship, Advertising, Data)
  • Direct sales (Goods, Merchandise and Services)

Marketing Methods

Social Media - whether our own or those of third parties, social media will play an integral part to the function and success of IGGalaxy, and is a core part of our acquisition strategy.

Content - As with all social media, content is the pillar around which everything else revolves. Therefore, content creation will also be key to our success.

Creation - Content will be created by:

  • IGGalaxy
  • Galacticans
  • Partners

Type - It is important that our content is rich and comes in as many media forms as possible: Pictures, Video, Audio, Text, Word, Emoticon, Likes, Comments etc.


Having created suitable content, we need to distribute it and make it available to Galacticans, Partners and the public on as wide a basis as possible, using the likes of:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tik-tok
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Etc

Value of content

Our ability to acquire, retain and monetise Galacticans and Partners will be determined by the quality, quantity and distribution of the content that is created and, therefore, the exposures it receives.


Influencers are an important part of any social media marketing, however who we use and how they are used will have to be carefully chosen to match our brand values and company goals.

There are many types of influencers available to us and which ones we want to use will be determined by what we might be wanting to promote and to whom. The main influencer categories are:

  • Celebrity
  • Brand
  • Institution
  • Bloggers/Vloggers/YouTubers
  • Peer group
  • Friends
  • Family

For us the most important influence will be those that are unpaid, the people in Galacticans immediate circle – family, friends, peer groups, institutions – as these will be the most trusted and therefore the most influential. Once we have achieved initial momentum, it is these groups that are most likely to help us achieve viral take off.

Business value

The value of the business will be determined by many factors, the headlines being:

Monthly Active Users (MAU) - The number of monthly active users as Galacticans and Partners Partners - The number, nature, relevance, and the value of the Partners that we have acquired. Revenues - The amount of revenues that we are generating and who and where from.

  • Galacticans
  • Partners (Sponsorship & advertising)
  • Geography

Token Value and Holders

IGG’s value will be inextricably linked to the commercial success of the business.

The more active user we have, the greater the value and number holders of the IGG tokens we will be able to develop, which in turn will create further demand and liquidity and thus value.

Profitability - The profits that we are making and are forecasting to make.

Funds - The amount of cash that we hold and generate and the length of our runway.

Team - The quality of our team

Technology - There are four technological pillars of the IG Galaxy solution. The recommendation platform, the social platform, the Galacticans interface through the application and the Partner facing interface.

Each of these must be:

  • Innovative
  • Compelling
  • Robust
  • Adaptable
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Easy to use

Rate of growth - The rate that we have already grown, are forecasted to grow, and the nature of that growth, i.e., the mix generated organically and through advertising.

Brand Strength

Geographical Spread - The number of territories/countries that we have established ourselves in.

Data- The platform architecture provides high degrees of integrity and performance while the data model is designed to offer a flexible data set that is:

  • Robust
  • Partitioned
  • Granular
  • Flexible
  • Large

Product Delivery


A key principle of the design ethos is to ensure that the product design, business, and technical teams are tightly coupled. The intent is to keep technical delivery in-line with the business requirements and provide the framework in which the user experience can be realised.


  • The user experience defines the high-level flow and informs the various user interface design phases. In each case, the goal is to define a fluid user experience where the product is fun and easy to use without becoming a burden on the user.

  • There are multiple facets to the user experience – IG Galaxy users, IG Galaxy providers/Partners, IG Galaxy operations and management – each of which requiring different treatments to meet the business goals and satisfy the needs of the user population.

Graphic Design

  • The IG Galaxy application design will reflect the style guidelines to reinforce the brand whilst creating a visual aesthetic that embodies the fun and experiential nature of the product.


  • The user interface combines the above elements and is the programmatic realisation of the user experience and visual design as applied to each of the user scenarios.


There are three technological pillars of the IG Galaxy solution. The platform itself, the Galacticans interface for the application and the Partner facing interface. Each of these must be:

  • Innovative
  • Robust
  • Adaptable
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Easy to use

Blockchain technology has been seamlessly integrated into the platform where majority, have never used his technology before. We stand by Steve Job’s philosophy that technology should be beautiful or it should be invisible. Therefore, we have ensured we minimised the evidence of using the technology at all. Developments on our wallet and other features across the platform will further demonstrate this direction over the coming year.


Naeem Shabir

We are sorry to announce that having taken a considerable sabbatical and after consulting with the Intergalactic Gaming board, for personal health and wellbeing reasons Naeem Shabir has decided it is necessary for him to step-down as joint Managing Director. He will remain available to act as an advisor as well as his continuing to have a substantial vested interest in the business.

As has been the case over the last few months, Naeem’s duties will be carried out by Josh Robson (CEO, Co-Founder) assisted by other team and advisory board members.

“I have decided to resign as a director of Intergalactic Gaming Ltd. This wasn’t an easy decision but was necessary to allow me to prioritise my wellbeing and mental health.

I am extremely proud of the massive impact IGGalaxy has made since Josh and I founded it. It has demonstrated that it clearly meets the needs of many gamers, enabling anyone to participate in online esports tournaments and earn lucrative rewards. We have had a positive effect on the lives of many gamers participating on our platform in our free tournaments for some of the most popular esport titles. Our team has and continues to go from strength to strength, and I am really thrilled to hear of the very exciting plans for the growth of the business.”

As you would expect Naeem will continue to support Intergalactic Gaming the company that he helped found.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Naeem for everything that he has brought to IG so far and to send him our very best wishes.


As you will have seen above, we are now looking to move the company into the next phase of its growth by build developing the commercial side of the business as we strive to become a truly global business.

We are looking for candidates who are the very best at what they do.


The commercial positions we are looking to immediately fill are:

  • Head of Growth
  • User Acquisition Lead
  • User Retention Lead
  • User Monetisation Lead
  • Accountant
  • Head of Partnerships


On the product side we have the following vacancies:

  • UX/UI Designer
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Back-end Engineer
  • QA Engineer

Further details of available roles will be found on our website later this week.

New Team Members

We are pleased to welcome the following additions to our team:

Product Owner

We are pleased to announce that we have been lucky enough to hire Izzie (Isabelle) Johnson to fill a new Senior role within the company, with the title of Product Owner.

Izzie will be responsible for making sure that our product fully supports the business strategy, and will be the bridge between the user and their requirements, and the commercial, product design and development functions.

Izzie comes with a wealth of experience, having previously been a Senior Manager at Procter and Gamble, and more recently Product Owner at a fast-growing and innovative smart cities company where she was responsible for the end-to-end development of their flagship product. We are sure that Izzie will make an invaluable contribution to the team and the growth of the business.

Mr X

We are pleased to announce that James Millet has joined our advisory board and is providing real and important support to the marketing team as they execute our chosen strategy. He has already brought in experienced heads who have previously worked in companies such as Unilever. James currently holds the position of Senior Vice-President at an international airline, having previously been the marketing director at one of the leading European airlines, after gaining invaluable experience at both Dominos and Audi.

The Numbers

After very careful consideration we have decided that we should no longer publish detailed user numbers in these reports as this information is too commercially sensitive. However, our overall progress will be very apparent for all to see as the user base and tournaments grow, product develops, territories rollout and the team grows.

IGG Tokenomics

For those of you that have recently discovered IGGalaxy, IGG is the official esports and competitive gaming token that powers IGGalaxy. IGG has developed for multiple use cases throughout our competitive gaming and esports ecosystem, from payments between teams and players, payment for merchandise, subscriptions and wider third party goods and services.

You can purchase IGG with fiat currency — using either a credit or debit card, PayPal or Apple Pay — directly via your IGWallet using Transak!

If you hold IGG, you can store it in IGLabs (now available via your IGWallet) to earn ORB tokens! These tokens can be held for later utility or can be sold to IGLabs at a current rate of 5 IGG per ORB token.*

*0.2% of the IGG in each capsule deployed is immediately sent to our token burn wallet to be burned at the end of each quarter. Likewise, 50% of any ORB sold back to IGLabs is also burned.

  • Original IGG supply: 50,000,000,000
  • Total IGG supply: 47,967,815,748
  • Current circulating supply (max. circulating supply minus IGG stored in IGLabs ‘power capsules’ and liquidity pools): 9,299,968,911 IGG ($6,860,029)
  • TVL: 9,805,985,009 IGG ($7,233,286):
    • total 261,194,050 in tracked liquidity pools
    • total 9,544,790,959 IGG currently in IGLabs
  • Max. circulating supply (market cap): 19,105,953,921 IGG ($14,093,315)
  • Total IGG burned: 2,032,184,251
  • IGG to be burned so far: 8,787,966.214000 (since last burn from IGLabs)
  • Total IGG in UniSwap IGG/ETH liquidity pool:
    • V3: 44,569,099
    • V2: 940,547
  • Total IGG in Dfyn IGG/MATIC liquidity pool: 95,655,402
  • Total IGG in QuickSwap liquidity pools:
    • IGGxQUICK: 90,513,416
    • IGGxETH: 29,515,583


  • ORB Original ORB supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Total ORB supply: 747,630,473
  • ORB circulating supply: 722,630,473
  • IGG currently stored in IGLabs ‘power capsules’: 9,544,790,959
  • Cumulative IGG stored in IGLabs ‘power capsules’: 258,597,882,930
  • Total IGG burned from IGLabs: 518,232,098
  • Total ORB burned: 252,369,526
  • ORB to be burned so far: 81,632 (Since last burn)

*Since migrating to Polygon Network, all token burns must be carried out on Ethereum. Therefore, we will be carrying out quarterly burns of IGG (IGLabs fees) and ORB (50% of what we buy).

Burn Baby, Burn!

IG Gold Burn - 9th July 2021) IG Orb Burn - 9th July 2021)


We are not yet ready to announce the adding of any centralised exchanges, as we do not feel that the time is yet quite right. We absolutely understand the benefits of doing so and that this is an important issue for token holders as it is for the business. You can rest assured that we remain focused on this endeavour, and that we are looking to address it in the short term.

The Road Ahead

We are thrilled with just how far we have come since launching on the TRON network back in 2018, and the wonderful and supportive community that has been built. It started with a dream, and the IGGalaxy community has helped us build it. However, the best is surely yet to come!

So far we have focussed on designing and building the rocket and getting it fuelled up; now we are ready to truly launch it. The next twelve months should be exciting!

Next Report

The next formal report will be at the end of Q4, by which time we will have made substantial progress with the development of our product. Between now and then we will keep you informed of any significant developments as they happen. Rest assured, actions speak louder than words, and we will deliver!

And almost finally…

Importantly, we would like to thank you for your ongoing patience and support - we could not have gotten this far in our journey without you. We promise to continue to our best efforts as we work towards our common goal of establishing IGGalaxy as a global household name, making it a force to be reckoned with in both competitive gaming and crypto worlds.

And finally…

A very special thank you to all the Admins and Moderators, who do an extraordinary (and sometimes difficult) job for all of us at Intergalactic Games and in the community. We have listed all users still actively undertaking the moderating roles, and would also like to thank all previous admins who still actively support us.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels: Twitter Instagram TikTok Facebook Twitch YouTube Discord Telegram LinkedIn Reddit

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