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28 Aug 2020

Intergalactic Gaming

On Monday 14 January 2019, our IG Gold (IGG) token made the switch from the TRC10 to the TRC20 standard. Since then, holders have been able to swap their old TRC10 IGG tokens on our platform via the IGWallet feature.

With the majority of tokens converted over, there are only a few let to make the change. We will now be giving a final seven-day notice to all TRC10 IGG holders to convert their tokens. After the seven days, the smart contract will cease to be operational, which means you will not be able to convert your IGG tokens.

Convert your old TRC10 IGG tokens before the deadline!Convert your old TRC10 IGG tokens before the deadline!

How do I know if I have TRC10 IGG tokens?


If you are unsure as to what tokens you currently have, paste your wallet address in TRONSCAN and check “Token Balances”. This will clearly show you your TRC10 and TRC20 balances.

IGG TRC10 Token ID: 1000317

How can I convert my TRC10 IGG tokens?

Converting your TRC10 IGG tokens is simple! Log in to your IGGalaxy account (if you don’t have one then you’ll need to create one) and then open your IGWallet. If you have your TRC10 IGG in another wallet, you can import it into IGGalaxy.

Once you have TRC10 IGG tokens in your wallet, you’ll see the option to convert next to it. Your TRC20 tokens will be returned to you in a flash!

Need support?

If you’d like a hand then feel free to contact us at — we’re always here to help!

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