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Want to become a game streamer?


Want to become a game streamer?

So you’ve been gaming every day during the lockdown. You’ve gamed so much that you’re actually beginning to think that you can take it to the next level; online competition is easy, your friends don’t want to play you anymore because you’re so good — they may even be considering not being your friend altogether. You realise it’s definitely time to take your gaming to the next level.

On the other hand, you could be so bored out of your mind that want to try your hand at something new. Sure, you gamed in the past, but due to work or other commitments haven’t found time to get back into it. But now, you’re in lockdown — and in desperate need of something different to do.

In both instances, you should head over to www.iggalaxy.com and check out the IGGalaxy, our social competitive gaming platform. With online esports tournaments in FIFA 20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, and Fortnite, we’re offering gamers the opportunity to receive IGG token rewards for taking part!

Social competitive gaming.Social competitive gaming.

Now that you’ve set a reminder to sign up to our competitive gaming platform, and have identified some online esports tournaments you want to participate in, it comes to your attention that you can stream your matches directly through the IGGalaxy’s Observatory. Time to set up your Twitch channel!

Game video content is extremely popular, with gamers like Ninja, Tfue and DrDisrespect securing large sponsorship deals, they have come to represent the archetypal twenty-first century celebrity. Thousands of viewers tune in to their streams on a daily basis, which is why we see huge brands invest in these gamers.

In this article, we’ll provide you with steps to follow for getting started on Twitch.

Credit: Twitch.Credit: Twitch.

Choose a catchy username!

Although you think it may be funny to have a rude name, no matter how hilarious, the wrong name will put people off. At the same time, it must be catchy and easy to remember; your fans and broadcasters will refer to you by your Twitch name so make sure you choose wisely. Ask yourself: does your Twitch name best represent you? If you have a story associated to why you chose a certain name, this will give viewers a little insight to who you are!

Time to add flavour to your profile!

Happy days: your username is available! The next step will be to personalise your Twitch profile.

Although completing personal profiles may be daunting to many of us, this is your chance to sell yourselves to viewers — complete your profile. Upload an image of yourself, or if at first you’re a bit shy, it could help to get an avatar or chose a random profile image of your favourite character. If you’re slightly more creative, you could create a logo. Something is most definitely better than nothing.

You will also need to add some information about your stream: favourite games, most frequent game streamed and maybe a streaming schedule. Streaming schedules are primarily important because viewers of your profile will know when they can catch you online. Once you’ve got a little more streaming experience, streaming schedules are pivotal for streamers that have their sights set on becoming Twitch affiliates or partners.

Link your existing social media profiles. You can use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with other gamers. Using social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, means you are responsible for your page. The internet can be very unforgiving, so don’t engage in online topics that will compromise your online presence. Once you have established your fanbase, you can add a Discord channel that will allow you to communicate with your viewers and grow your community.

Finally, don’t forget to include a donation button! Once you start streaming and begin to establish a fanbase, your viewers may wish to donate; you can use this to develop your streaming setup!

Time to stream on Twitch: What do I need?

There a various methods to streaming on Twitch, which will require some equipment first. This may sound obvious, but you’ll also need a good internet connection — you do not want your stream to buffer as you play!

Gaming PC and/or console

You can either stream using a gaming PC or a console. Most streamers, however, stream through gaming PC’s; for those that use both PC and console, gameplay is streamed through a PC via a capture card.

Twitch recommends that streamers have at least Windows 7, an Intel Core i5-4670 processor or better, and 8GB of RAM. If you’re not the slightest bit “techy” and that previous sentence sounded daunting, you can relax; this is standard for most PCs. The graphics card you need will depend on the games you stream, so best to do some research first.

If you don’t have a gaming PC, you can connect your Twitch profile to your PS4 and broadcast gameplay by pressing the “Share” button on the controller. If you want to stream on Xbox One, you will need to download the Twitch app, and once again, broadcast your gameplay. Whilst streaming to Twitch from a console limits your ability to customise streams, it is a good starting point and of course much cheaper!

Streaming softwares

Streaming on your gaming PC will require some broadcasting softwares. Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) is widely used amongst professional streamers, and is very straightforward to use. OBS provides set-up templates created by other users, so it’s ideal if you’re just starting out!

From here, you can now add basic sources to your stream. Gameplay, webcam, microphone and advanced sources like new/top followers and top donators can be added. You can adjust how these are presented on screen the screen. Once you have figured out the best layout, you will be required to add your Twitch key to OBS and you’re ready to go!

Microphone and webcam

A microphone is essential if you want to become a successful streamer. You’ll need to communicate with the viewers watching your stream otherwise they’ll not return. A webcam on the other hand, is not as important, so if you’re shy it won’t be too detrimental to your long-term success as a streamer. The more you stream, the more confident you become, and eventually you’ll feel confident enough to sit in front of your viewers.

Does it cost to stream on Twitch?

Creating a Twitch account is free, and if you already have a gaming PC or console, you’ll already have the core equipment required to get started — you may need to purchase a headset and microphone at the very least.

Establishing your Twitch presence!

Choose your game

Contrary to common belief, choosing the most popular game is not the best way to start your streaming career; there are hundreds of Fortnite streamers on Twitch. If there’s a niche game that you enjoy but feel is not popular enough, go with that — there’s no shame in starting off small! It will allow you to practice your streaming, which in turn will increase your confidence!

Connect with other streamers and learn from them

You’ve already started connecting with gamers and now you have a small group of Twitter and Facebook friends; now it’s time to really go for it!

You’ll want to start reaching out to members of your gaming community and really start trying to establish your brand. Even reach out to your fellow streamers as they may also be happy to help your development — you’ll even pick up more followers along the way!

You should also watch other streamers too, pick up some good tips that could positively influence your streaming style. At the same time, learn from their mistakes. It is also essential that you learn how to be graceful in defeat; remember, the internet can be an unforgiving place, and overstepping the mark may affect your opportunities later down the line.

And don’t bombard streams with announcements that you’ll be streaming — it’s quite disrespectful.

Experiment with your style!

This is the perfect time to perfect your style; be brave, really put yourself out there, but remember that there’s a fine line between being entertaining and being annoying. Again, learn from other streamers, pay attention to what the community respond to, and be yourself!

Twitch streamer, Dr Disrespect.Twitch streamer, Dr Disrespect.

It will take time to master the art of streaming, and you must remember it’s unlikely you’ll become a world-famous streamer overnight. If you keep at it and dedicate your gaming hours to improving and building a connection with your viewers, then it will pay off for you. Considering we’ve been instructed to stay home, right now could be the perfect opportunity to start your streaming career!

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