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Why are competitive gaming platforms important for esports?

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Why are competitive gaming platforms important for esports?

Competitive gaming is by no means anything new, but it has only recently gained mainstream acclimation. In fact, competitive gaming has emerged from relative obscurity to become a formalised, fully fledged industry in its own right as revenues for esports surpassed the billion-dollar mark for the first-time last year!

So, what is esports?

Esports — or electronic sports — can be defined as competitive gaming in an organised format and typically with spectators. It is a term that is mostly attributed to the professional circuit.

IGGalaxy: social competitive gaming!IGGalaxy: social competitive gaming!

The purpose of this article will be to highlight the significance of competitive gaming platforms, with a view to how they help galvanise the casual competitive and amateur scene. Going further, we will explore how IGGalaxy offers the perfect solution to an industry in desperate need for a grassroots focus.

Esports: The opportunity

Newzoo, a leading provider of games and esports analytics, record a total of 2.7 billion gamers worldwide. And with huge technological advancements within the wider gaming industry in recent years, coupled with an increase in mobile phone usage, in particular, we are seeing more opportunities for esports competitions to evolve.

The esports ecosystem.The esports ecosystem.

The image above illustrates the current esports ecosystem. Each component is a stakeholder, and all interact in an exchange of value to keep the industry functioning. In this exchange, we can clearly see how value flows from one stakeholder to another.

A shift in content consumption, particularly amongst millennials and Gen-Zers, from traditional television to more content on demand, have naturally resulted in increased revenues for the industry, by and large; now we can watch esports competitions just as readily as watching our favourite football or basketball teams in action.

While there is a lot of optimism surrounding the industry, and rightly so, analysing the current space, we must pose the question: what is the industry doing to support the casual competitive and amateur gamer?

Esports’ glass ceiling

Despite the industry’s meteoric rise, little is currently done to cater to the casual competitive gamer, or those at amateur level wanting to make it professional. Many competitive gamers have the passion, dedication and often the level of skill to make it, yet are forced into giving up simply because passion, dedication and skill does not provide financial stability. It is true that there has been greater inward investment which, in turn, has contributed to a significant increase in total prize pools available, but these are predominantly reserved for professionals; little, if any of this, trickles down to the wider player base.

For the everyday gamer, esports is not as rewarding as the industry’s impressive figures would suggest, and so, such a focus on the professional level merely serves to widen the gap between professional and amateur or grassroots level. And while the proliferation of high-profile events has been a boon to the industry, an esport needs a pipeline of casual players making it to professional circuits to succeed.

To that end, we can conclude that the industry is in dire need for a dedicated space that provides consistency for casually competitive and amateur gamers.

The role of competitive gaming platforms

Competitive gaming platforms do just this, providing opportunities for gamers to compete in esports competitions, with the prospect of rewards and much-needed competitive experience. At the very least, participating in competitive platforms should provide fun and a space for gamers to improve, if the monetary rewards are not as prevalent.

And for the most part, they do. A simple search for ‘esports tournaments’ in Google will provide you with an array of competition organisers, all of which offer a variation of competitive events. From single-elimination daily tournaments, to leagues, ladders and esports series’, with platforms typically providing competitions for anywhere between two and ten esports games.

The most frequent esports games you will find on these platforms include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and PUBG, which considering the audience size of each, is unsurprising. Notwithstanding, game titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty and FIFA are also hugely popular amongst casually competitive and amateur gamers and there is a clear demand for these competitions.

But can more be done?

IGGalaxy, the next-gen competitive gaming platform

In December 2019, our social competitive gaming platform, IGGalaxy, entered its open beta, with the aim of addressing the pertinent issues discussed above.

In the space of a year, we have significantly increased both total registered users and the number of tournaments available. We entered 2020 with fewer than 3,000 registered users and having only hosted two FIFA esports tournaments; we concluded with 142,000 registered accounts, and the ability to host tournaments for over ten esports games, all of which could be held simultaneously!

Choosing esports titles to feature in IGGalaxy requires a great deal of thought. How will Intergalactic Gaming add value to enhance that respective gaming community?

We have spent some time this year speaking with players to understand their motivations for joining IGGalaxy. They had been provided a list of reasons to for why they would sign up to a competitive gaming platform, which we then placed into the following categories: “Rewards”; “Competitive”; “Social”.

We asked our competitive gamers in IGGalaxy what they looked for in a competitive gaming platform.We asked our competitive gamers in IGGalaxy what they looked for in a competitive gaming platform.

We can see that a large majority of gamers look for platforms that reward them. Although the results presented are not yet conclusive, we have received enough feedback to make this data significant.

IGGalaxy: The best kept secret of 2020!

Consistent esports tournament schedules

With over thirty-five esports tournaments per week, there are certainly plenty of opportunities for gamers to satisfy their competitive gaming needs!

IGGalaxy esports tournaments are segmented by region, each with a line-up of titles that, from a marketing perspective, are selected based on the popularity of that esports title in that region.

These schedules operate in six-week cycles, with each cycle broken down into two weekly schedules: “Week A” and “Week B”.

Guaranteed crypto rewards!

IGGalaxy is a social competitive gaming platform unlike no other! One of the key unique selling point that distinguishes IGGalaxy from other platforms is that all competitive gamers that participate in IGGalaxy esports tournaments receive guaranteed cryptocurrency rewards, win or lose; the higher you place, the greater the rewards!

This is made possible by the platform’s underlying blockchain infrastructure; by execution of smart contracts, we can ensure that all eligible players are rewarded. Moreover, we are not limited by the typical difficulties associated with cross-border payments, as our crypto rewards can be distributed anywhere in the world, with tournament rewards paid out automatically after 24 hours.

This 24-hour period means we can verify final placements before rewards are sent out. Even with this delay, IGGalaxy still distributes rewards faster in comparison to other competitive gaming platforms!

How much did IGGalaxy distribute to gamers last year?How much did IGGalaxy distribute to gamers last year?

If this sounds great, then we encourage you to learn more about how you can earn and use IGG tokens!

Wider opportunities

The ability for gamers to create their own teams and squads is an important component to IGGalaxy. Not only does it offer a social space for friends to establish teams to compete alongside each other — an excellent contributor to the organic growth of IGGalaxy — it also serves to provide amateur teams with the tools for building their competitive experience, brand presence and, of course, to earn!

How do we take IGGalaxy further?

IGGalaxy is undeniably primed to take the grassroots, casual competitive gaming and esports scene by storm. The foundations already in place, coupled with the dedication of our team will radically evolve the way competitive gaming platforms cater to the mass-player market.

Our biggest hurdle to overcome relates to the wider efforts for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. It is great that we can use our IGG token to reward gamers for the time they invest in their competitive gaming; however, the process for interacting with cryptocurrencies, particularly converting them to fiat currency, is still quite complex.

This is where Intergalactic Gaming fit in. We remain dedicated to acclimatising our gamers to the application of the technology by virtue of educational content and rewarding features.

Furthermore, the planned integration of a fiat gateway in IGGalaxy will greatly reduce the steps needed for gamers to realise the value of IGGalaxy and IGG!

If you’d like to know more about IGGalaxy then you should take a look at some of our key resources:

IGGalaxy LitePaper v2.0 IGGalaxy Token Economy

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