Thanks to all of you that participated, and to all of you that have accompanied in 2022.

Keep playing nice, and, Happy 2023!


This year you are fighting it out to be on Intergalactic Santas "Nice List".

What is the nice list I hear you ask?

Well, the nice list is one large prize pool that will be split between everyone who makes it to the end.
So, Galacticans you have a choice on your hands. Will you help your friends on this mission or will you take it on alone for a larger piece of the pie?

Are you naughty or, are you nice? There's more than one way to play!

Follow the clues
to the Pass-phrase
Participate in a
Xmas Tournament
Purchase a
Xmas Avatar


Purchase an IGGalaxy Christmas Avatar

What is Christmas if not a time for giving?

With the purchase of every avatar, a shoebox filled with school equipment and other essentials will be created and shipped to a child in Gambia. We are working in collaboration with The Erenjang Project to fulfil this gesture of goodwill in the new year.
Those who have purchased an Avatar will have access to a private Discord channel to watch the campaign as it progresses.

For your generosity, you will automatically have made it onto the nice list.*Our IGGalaxy Christmas Avatars are available for a limited time only and are here to bring some real life Christmas cheer!

*Please note, Christmas Avatars must have been purchased by 24:00 UTC on the 22nd of December for your name to be added to the nice list.

Participate in a Christmas Tournament

We have some much bigger tournaments happening over the Christmas period than usual. These will take place on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Years Day! However, if you want the chance to compete, you're going to have to keep your eyes peeled for clues as these tournaments are going to be password protected. First come, first served.

Not only will be you be battling out for your share of their prize pools but if you manage to sign up to the tournaments before the 23rd of December then you will also be automatically added to the nice list!

Follow the Clues and Unlock the PassPhrase

And finally, for those looking for another way onto the nice list, we have one final route you can take.
From the 20th of December to the 22nd of December we will be taking you on a journey around the web to find the words you need for the nice list PassPhrase. Each word will be available to find for limited time which means you're going to need to keep a close eye on what we have to say.

At the end of the journey you will be asked to input the sentence that these words spell out, if you've guessed the order correctly, you will make it onto the nice list.

But remember, the nice list is made up of one large prize pool. The more people get to the end, the more the prize pool is split between.

The question remains, will you be naughty or will you be nice?